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    Rainstorms Hitting G1

    Some of those creek crossings could get ugly with the amount of rain we've had, lots of run off in that lava cap country. Be safe boy's, good luck... should be plenty of deer in there. Mike
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    A Zone Archery Buck

    Damn, those bases look unreal, congrats, and yes more pics. please..... Mike
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    Grape Eaters

    Suitable outcome for thieves........ nice hogs. Mike
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    Mendocino NF Closed

    Years back, was bow hunting in 3b, ran into local warden Cal Albright, ( since retired) he was down to earth kind of guy, he invited us to his camp at Dismal Swamp area, where he had a campfire. I might be wrong, but I would bet he wouldn't enforce this stuff either. Point is some guys work for...
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    Mendocino NF Closed

    "Tex " for governor.... rare in these days, a man in office with common sense... who get's it. Mike
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    Nice Speedgoat Score for Paul

    Nice Goat!... should be some good table fare as well.. Mike
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    Closing Northern California to hunting

    5B's public property is BLM, with some small patch's of state land. Mike
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    failed bullet

    6.5Creedmore?.... ;) Mike
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    061,071 Nevada elk. (anybody with a archery bull tag pm me)

    Stand up offer, hope you get some good karma come back to you! Mike
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    Illegal blinds

    Congrats on the buck! ... know a guy worked at a duck club in the Butte sink in Ca. Had a adjoining club caretaker put up a new platform blind next to one of their better ponds. He approached the guy who he knew, guy commented he knew it was to close, but owners wanted it there. Blind got...
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    Dixie fire

    Yup Steve, and forecasted for higher west, s/west winds tomorrow... feel for all in it's path. Mike
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    Dixie fire

    So sorry to hear man, hope you had good insurance, and had time to get the important stuff out.... feel your pain. Mike
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    Dixie fire

    Looks to be 554,816 acres this am, (867 sq. miles) ..... still 31% contained, looks like they are holding the lines at the golf course on the peninsula, and at Westwood. The fire is around the west side of Antelope lake now. Be safe boys. Mike
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    Dixie fire

    Fire is 517,945 acres, (809 sq. miles) it's got across A-21 north of Westwood, is headed toward the town, and across 36 headed south toward the golf course/ peninsula, the east side is headed into Antelope lake country and the north-west farther into the park. Feel for all in it's path, be safe...
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    Big Tex Trailers

    Bought a Big Tex 16' dump trailer, took it to my local welding shop and had them raise the jack mount, so I wouldn't tear it off going across dips. First time I used the trailer, the pin didn't hold the one side of the tail gate open as I backed back up after dropping some of the load, it dug...
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    GIANT idaho unit 45 deer

    Moonless night and a fast horse, it will look fine.......... Good luck on your hunt. Mike
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    Dixie fire

    Canyon dam went last night too, this thing is headed toward Susanville/ Janesville on the eastern flank, its wrapped around Chester and into the Lassen park on the north end headed toward 44. Clean out to Deer creek lodge country on 36 on the far western edge. It's eat some country, god help all...
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    Dixie fire

    Damn thing is making a run north, Greenville got evac orders again, and its jumped the lines to the west, heading toward 32/36, and 36/89 country, hope all stays safe in it's path. Mike
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    FOUND 1970’s-1980’s hunting and fishing photo album

    Think those guys might be from Ca., stripers from the valley, salmon from the ocean, high sierra looking lakes and Ca. plates on the camp trailer.... they hunted deer in Utah my guess. Mike
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    FOUND 1970’s-1980’s hunting and fishing photo album

    Having lost my dads photo albums like that in the Camp fire, can't fathom somebody not wanting that back, good for you for trying to find the owners. Mike
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    The beast is home

    Damn... some serious talent right there... congrats on the bull, and picking the right taxidermist / crew to do him justice... Mike
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    300 mag 2.5" high 100 yards, 3" high 200 yards?

    Tried explaining this to a younger bud one time, velocity is slowing as soon as it leaves the barrel, hence it's dropping, as said adjusting the scope so the line of sight is intersecting the flight path of the bullet twice, makes some people visualize the bullet is going up, when reality is its...
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    Dixie fire

    Evacuation order for Prattville, Canyon Dam, Almanor west, warning for Chester the Peninsula and Hamilton branch... be safe boys, may god be with you if your in its path. Mike
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    Dixie fire

    Heard last night on local news, that PG&E is possibly responsible for it, one of there workers reported a tree against the line, and small fire where it started. I can't begin to comprehend this, after the 2018 Camp fire. This thing is blowing up, eating a lot of good country.... pray for all in...
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    X6B going up in flames

    I'm sure there are a few deer who makes through the fire, I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of local deer that made it through the camp fire in 2018. That zone like most in ca., has been going down hill, fires continue to burn up winter feed, and predator numbers not kept in check...
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    X6B going up in flames

    Its a shame... lots of good country going up, and the fawns recently dropped, might not stand any chance. Hate to have drawn the hunt, or M3 with this going, hear 395 closed from Hallelujah junction to Doyle. Pray for those in it's path. Mike
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    Archery Opener - Bring on the Heat

    Way to hot, way to early this year.... good luck to all heading out. Mike
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    Decomposing Junipers Causing Fawn Abortions

    Be interested to find out, not like these poor deer have enough problems, the amount of predators in some units is un real, those fawns have a tough enough time once they hit the ground, little lone pre birth. Mike
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    The Saddlebag Buck

    Great story, karma has a way of coming back around, great buck. Mike
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    Looks like the one I passed on a few years back.... I was after a big one. Mike
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    Score guess

    Think the picture is straight, looking at the left edge of wall, photographer wasn't standing parallel to wall, sloptical illusion, and got the young man standing in a dog bed... trying all the tricks... 169.625" Mike
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    Lassen antelope alternate

    Food for thought, think it was 2016, I was a #7 alternate for Likely tables, about fell over when I got a call from DFG, wanting to know if I wanted a tag.... good luck! Mike
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    Fundraiser Draw

    Are you a bow hunter as well as rifle?.. if I drew that tag, I'd be putting some boot leather down in 5b, find the buck that looks good now, along with a backup or two. They have enough horn growth going now to tell who's going to finish out good ones. Start there with a bow, followed by rifle...
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    Fundraiser Draw

    Yea... think it means "Nice".... ;) Mike
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    Who's Excited About Draw?

    G1 for us, good luck everybody. Mike
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    Sheldon, NV, 033

    I'm sure you'll do fine Greg, you got the skills to get it done, I see another good buck meeting his demise. Good luck! Mike
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    Nevada draw

    It's up, good luck, swing and a miss for me... Mike
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    Nice buck for CA

    Boy has some serious mass, that's a hog. Mike
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    Think that and Rosie O'Donnell are a couple...…. Mike
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    Lassen Antelope

    Congrats!.. Nice goat! Mike
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