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    Wanted 22-23" Wyoming or Colorado Mule Deer Cape

    Looking for a later season cape to have an old mount redone. Deer was killed in Northern Colorado and I am wanting to keep the color/hair type similar to what he was when killed. Let me know what you have. Thanks
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    For Sale Semi custom Savage 116 7mm rem mag- $1300

    I had this semi custom 7Rem Mag built about 5 years ago from Fred Moreo at Sharp Shooter Supply. I had hopes of using this as a long range rifle on hunts and the three hunts it's been on I've ended up shooting animals at less than 200 yards. Gun has exactly 120 rounds through it, mostly hornady...
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    Full body mount grizzly for sale

    I am helping sell this mount for my friend's wife after he passed away last year. Bear was killed in Alaska in the late 1980s. It was killed in the early spring, so the fur is long and not rubbed. According to the notes the bear weighed around 900 pounds. In the fall he would have been 1000+...
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    Hey BOHNTR- What is this?

    Why did you guys accept this ugly thing in the book? 75 inch buck with 270 inches of trash is the #2 NT?
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    Credit card update deadline is July 1st
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    Replica set of largest 6x6 bull ever killed- Skoronski bull

    One of the few replica sets of this bull to be made. Replicated by Split Image Replicas. For those that don't know the story of this bull he scores 434 as a straight 6x6. Officially scored he nets 422 5/8" making him the largest 6x6 ever killed and Utah's state record typical. Due to the paint...
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    3rd post of large elk shed sets

    See posts 1 and 2 for more sets. Pm for more info. Can meet in AZ but if needed to ship buyer pays shipping. 5th set- before spread 345 4/8" typical- 385" bull w/40" spread- huge 4ths and 5ths- $1300 6th set- before spread 376 1/8" non typical- 416" bull w/40" spread- insane mass of 83 6/8"-...
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    2nd post of large elk set sheds

    See first post for other antlers for sell If close to AZ we can figure out somewhere to meet. If needed to ship buyer pays shipping. PM for more info. 3rd single 175 4/8" officially scored appx 390 bull- entered into NASHC record book- $500 3rd set before spread 367 2/8" gross non typ...
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    Several large elk antler sets and singles

    I have a couple of large elk antler sets and singles I am selling for a friend's wife after he passed away. Send me a PM if you would like more info. Antlers are currently in AZ. Can meet in AZ if needed to ship buyer pays shipping. 1st single 159" appx 360" bull $400 2nd single 184" appx...
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