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    Doctor 30x80 binos

    I have a set 30x80's on a Manfrotto ART055 seems to work just fine.
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    King salmon 2019 help

    Do you want to fish in the ocean or river.Fishon charters in kenai Alaska does both. Gary Kernan catches as many big fish as anyone on the river. Has accomadations and has access to many different ocean charters halibut,ling cod salmon etc.He also has access to fly out charters. Look at his...
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    Colorado bulls

    I'm going to guess number 6, great bull Jim.
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    How about "Magnum" the buck that was killed in Wyoming a few years ago?
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    B&C typical or non typical

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    B&C typical or non typical

    Wrong,Homer there are several in the boo in both categories.
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    7.1 quake in Alaska

    I live 4 miles from Kenai,right on the Kenai river. Quake was a big roller not real sharp jolt. Cat went crazy, dogs sleep right through it. Wife was in that same safeway as picture at noon was already all cleaned up, much better than those hurricans down south
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    What is your widest buck?

    37 1/2 from New Mexico, several others. 27 3/4 blacktail from Mendocino county, Calif.
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    Guess the score!!!

    183 5/8
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    What has happened to hunter's judgement?

    Tristate, if you watched the whole show Willi recovered his goat before,his buddy who also had a tag shot his.They recovered Willi's goat and the meat, spent a lot of time and effort on the recovery. I have areal problem with all these T.V.hunters mgun or bow shooting all these animals just...
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    Help with a Dall Sheep Hunt

    Go to the wild sheep convention,most of the outfitters are there you can talk to them in person. Talk to others who have hunted with them. Get a lot of very good information right from the horses mouth. I was going to go with an outfitter one time and after meeting him there, I wouldn't have...
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    Non typical outfitters

    Brian go to Long Range Hunting,they killed some nice bucks with NTO.
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    Happy Birthday Dad

    Nice picture Brian, today is also my grandaughters 14th.
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    Luckiest Guy You Know..???

    My wife drew a Nev. desert tag second year,Calif. tule elk first year and Beaver L.E. elk first year plus she got me. Also Calif antelope, Nev. elk and mule deer all within two years.
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    Guess the score 5/07

    242 5/8
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    Somebody help me.

    Mule deer average 18", elk 24" antelope maybe 14". Years ago Redfield had a scope with stadia hairs in it, on their instructions these were the measurements, they used. Several of us had these scopes and over the years measured a lot of animals and these measurements are very close. Look at a...
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    Docter aspectum 20-50x80

    Give Ryan Hatch a call.
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    Big NT posted before

    Were you shooting in Ukiah or where? Brian shoots a .300 and Morgan shoots a .257, good luck on your hunts. Ron
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    Guess the score, I have the anwser

    184 5/8
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    Hunting Magazine

    Muley Crazy
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    Where to hunt in 3-5 years?

    Look at Alberta several outfitters you could probably go with for $5000 and you will see very good deer.Much better on average then most western states.
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    An Old Bull for and Old Hunter

    Nice bull and great story Brian,one more for the "OLD GUYS", congratulations Ron.
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    What were you doing 50 years ago today?

    I was just getting into Grand Junction Colo. with my mom and dad going mule deer hunting. We went into I think it was called Gay Johnson's had a piece of pie and coffee watched the news on t.v. Couple of days later killed a 19 pt. mule deer.
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    kilowatts Big Bull!

    Nice bull Brian,can't wait for the whole story. Congrats Ron
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    2013 NM Desert Raffle Hammer

    Best looking desert I've ever seen. Andy pm me Ron, hope to hear from you.
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    Name This Buck

    I was going to guess 196,but Tri-state did. The main beams are short, not over 22 I scored him several times, I keep coming up with 196-198. I agree with Non-typical most ears are about 8 inches. Still a very nice buck. Flame away BOYS
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    Alaska Jr. Aces

    My grandson's team the Alaska Jr. Aces just won the USHL 14AAA tournament in SAn Jose Calif. They beat teams from San diego Los Angeles, Denver and San Jose all much larger areas. They won all six games by a agregate score of 41-4 not allowing any team more than 1 pt.Congratulations Gunnar.
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    Best Place to hunt ELk

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    Best Place to hunt ELk

    San Carlos.
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    410+ Monster wounded

    How many of you guys would eat a elk or deer for that matter that has been wounded for 3 or 4 days before being killed? I see these bowhunters on t.v. all the leave deer and especially elk out over nite all the time, I don't think I would eat too many of these animals.We shot an elk out over...
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    Allowing a hunting show to film?

    Jim Sessions,who now works with Long range hunting filmed my wife's desert sheep hunt. Great guy never knew he was there,another good set of eyes, good hunter, many of you have probably seen his films. We now have a great film of her hunt best film of bullet travelling over to the ram I have...
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    Nevada Draw Results are up!

    Congratulations, Brian hope you get a big one. Ron.
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    Anyone take all Three?

    I have all three,roos. from Afognak Alaska, many rockies, tule from Bishop Calif.
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    What was the best tag you ever drew?

    I have drawn some very good tags over the years. Mule deer in area 45 Idaho. Wyoming Sheep tag Nevada Bull elk area 24 Calif. Tule elk Bishop Two shiras moose Wyoming. All great tags can't really pick a favorite but would like another 45 tag if I was younger.
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    How many years?

    RE: How many years? 47 years, March 1.
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    How wide is this buck?

    I think he's a little over 30. Most of you are probably using the ear width,this can be deceiving i've measured ears from 21-28 inches wide. On a picture like this I use the length of the ears. Most ears are 6-8 inches in length. Much less margin of error, now if you take this deer 's ears ar 7...
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    Leica 15-56 Geovid ?

    I use the Leica adapter with mine, the one that is a flat plate with the rubber strap. It works great, have used it with spotters also works fine.
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    Mossback antelope island buck

    Anybody else think the buck in the live photo's is a different deer than the one killed. Look at the eyeguards.
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    cache buck, guess the score

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