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  1. Gunnihunter

    Deer sausage breakfast

    You should venture south of Alaska once in a while. 😋 Tapatio is staple, at least in SW USA. Cholula is another. I’m sure it’s good on moose. Enjoy the burn.
  2. Gunnihunter

    CO 4th season deer success?

    Great buck, thanks for posting. I’m glad you took a good one.
  3. Gunnihunter

    No words, enjoy fellas

    WOW, that really made me laugh
  4. Gunnihunter

    No words, enjoy fellas

    I wish there was an emoji for shaking my head. Maybe there is but I don’t want to look for it. Everything is so bad. There seems to be no will to change or make things better.
  5. Gunnihunter

    Colorado Outdoors Magazine

    I enjoy it. I like the fly fishing articles, pp issue, and the photography issue. It’s enjoyable to open every couple of months. Worth the low price for me.
  6. Gunnihunter

    Wide old 4th season buck

    Congratulations, glad the 4th season worked for you. It probably took a boat load of points. Great buck!
  7. Gunnihunter

    Well? Is he going to prison for life?

    Yes I thought it was odd. I think she didn’t realize how bad the situation was. Later in the recording, screaming can be heard. I think it was her off camera when she realized her husband was gravely injured.
  8. Gunnihunter

    CO 4th season deer success?

    I’m kind of surprised there hasn’t been any postings for CO 4th season bucks. Even with the very unseasonably warm weather, I was expecting to see some large bucks being taken. Anyone know of any special deer having been killed?
  9. Gunnihunter

    Well? Is he going to prison for life?

    Yep, I’d vote to convict.
  10. Gunnihunter

    NR should have known...

    I don’t know a thing about it. I have no comment.
  11. Gunnihunter

    NR should have known...

    Where does the “hunt” part come into it? There are hundreds of elk on the Estes Park golf course. Have at it!
  12. Gunnihunter

    NR should have known...

    Not the point. No one is telling me anything to do. What is the hunting experience killing anything in a park, legal or not. People can get away with all kinds of things, but why do it? If that’s what you want, get after it. It’s legal, do it. We put a whole elk in a pickup one time. It was more...
  13. Gunnihunter

    NR should have known...

    You should put in for a tag there next year. You could kill a big bull without having to do any work or any packing or you could hire someone to gut it for you while staying in a resort hotel. You could get a spa treatment after your big kill. A perfect hunt for true hunter.
  14. Gunnihunter

    NR should have known...

    The elk on the valley floor are not pets, but wild elk that are unafraid of people. It’s a hoot to watch them during the rut being elk. You can get out of your vehicle and have an amazing show watching bulls be bulls. Bugling, raking trees, chasing, fighting one another, being elk. Any fool...
  15. Gunnihunter

    3 for 3 in CO

    3 for 3 on good bucks. Congratulations
  16. Gunnihunter

    Colorado Muley worth the 25 Points

    Long wait and a great buck. Congratulations
  17. Gunnihunter

    CO 3rd Season Success

    Good heavy buck. Congratulations
  18. Gunnihunter

    Post One Photo Per Day

    Great photo
  19. Gunnihunter

    Wifes 201" Buck

    Congratulations, many have never seen a 200” buck. Very special.
  20. Gunnihunter

    How rare is this?

    I’ve found two 6 point bulls. Both in pristine condition. Both found in the CO muzzle load season. I wasn’t looking for them, just hunting and came upon them. Pretty cool finds.
  21. Gunnihunter

    Post One Photo Per Day

  22. Gunnihunter

    Post One Photo Per Day

    From the Triangle?
  23. Gunnihunter

    Older Backcountry hunters?

    I was sorry to learn that there is a huge difference between 60 and 70. I am 71 and can still get myself around the woods. This past muzzle season I would not go into our honey hole to kill an elk because I know I couldn’t pack it out. If I can’t pack it, I won’t shoot it. It hurts one’s pride...
  24. Gunnihunter

    Female looking for hunting help

    You’re right. I looked and looked and looked again and again. I’ve lost it. Can’t explain it .
  25. Gunnihunter

    Female looking for hunting help

    I think that’s it.
  26. Gunnihunter

    Female looking for hunting help

    Thanks, but the post you attached is different. The post I’m inquiring about was posted today by someone posting for the first time.
  27. Gunnihunter

    Female looking for hunting help

    What happened to the post/thread from the lady hunter looking for help in Utah? When I first saw it, guys were jumping out of their socks to offer tips. If she had been a man, she would gotten a bird emoji. What happened?
  28. Gunnihunter

    It was 'apizza' ...

    Looks good! Do you deliver?
  29. Gunnihunter

    Late Bull Utah

    Congratulations to Mrs Deerkiller. Really good bull.
  30. Gunnihunter

    Truckers/supply chain

    I’m so glad we have Alfred E Buttigieg on the job to fix this racist problem.
  31. Gunnihunter

    2021 Colorado Buck

    A unique and special buck. Congratulations. It’s good to be friends with your neighbors.👍
  32. Gunnihunter

    2nd Rifle, Unit 66 GOT 'ER DUN!!!

    Congratulations, beautiful buck. Show us your mount when you get it done.
  33. Gunnihunter

    Elk success, Thank you

    Every mistake is a learning experience. Congrats for your bull.
  34. Gunnihunter

    Awesome Idaho bull

    Happy girl! Congratulations
  35. Gunnihunter

    Wild pig mole

    Looks very tasty
  36. Gunnihunter


    It’s all because he’s white. No other reason.
  37. Gunnihunter

    A proud father

    Looks good. Easier than pounding. I miss my labs.
  38. Gunnihunter

    If yer gonna shoot it....

    My mistake and misunderstanding. I didn’t read it correctly. My apologies DW.
  39. Gunnihunter

    If yer gonna shoot it....

    An observation, maybe put it in the shade and off the ground. But that’s just me.
  40. Gunnihunter

    2021 general elk success

    Congratulations, no such thing as an easy elk. Good job young man!
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