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  1. HorseCreek

    338 VS. 325 wsm?

    Unless you handload I wouldn’t even consider looking toward the 325…and even then the 338 will out perform it any day of the week. With that said I’m a bigger fan of the 338 Lapua
  2. HorseCreek

    Region G Activities

    Right...that's why I'm asking how he plans to grab a G tag. Unless he's a Res it's too late
  3. HorseCreek

    Region G Activities

    How are you planning on "grabbing a G tag" They aren't really otc kine tags for non res and It's a gen tag for residents?
  4. HorseCreek

    Binoc case/ one out there?

    I think the only one I haven’t owned and used for 10x42’s, 10x50, 12x50 and 15x56 is the stone glacier. Marsupial Gear is hands down the best
  5. HorseCreek

    Living in or near Star Valley

    When you get ready to build let me know i'll pass on some contacts that youll like
  6. HorseCreek

    Living in or near Star Valley

    Have you seen the prices of the lots you bought now? You’d puke! You bought at the absolute best time. Now your need to get on a builders list. Most are out two years minimum.
  7. HorseCreek

    10 PP mule deer Wyoming What the options

    I think H is more in the 5-6 for non res now but its still better than waiting for G
  8. HorseCreek

    Wyoming unit like the book cliffs???

    There aren't any "easy" mule deer units imho there are def areas of H that are more a gentlemens hunt but the buck quality goes down as the terrain eases up
  9. HorseCreek

    Archery release help
  10. HorseCreek

    10 PP mule deer Wyoming What the options

    Copple nailed it....Region H Isn't far behind G
  11. HorseCreek

    Wyoming unit like the book cliffs???

    Unit H Maybe not the best for a family hunt but lots of great bucks
  12. HorseCreek

    A little bit of Wyoming

    It’s my favorite state!
  13. HorseCreek

    A little bit of Wyoming

    Sony A7RIV
  14. HorseCreek

    Mathews VXR, 28 or 31.5”?

    With that draw length go longer ata
  15. HorseCreek

    A little bit of Wyoming

  16. 407C3257-9CB8-4A60-A882-F621D2B07E75.jpeg


  17. HorseCreek

    A little bit of Wyoming

  18. 09A2C3C9-DDAA-4F6B-89AC-C0716C28F999.jpeg


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  28. HorseCreek

    204 tack driver?

    39 grain smk at around 3950 FPS is a lethal and accurate AF combo...I live mine!
  29. HorseCreek


    That bull may score better than most are guessing imho. bad pics but he has the look of something special. tough to tell mass at that distance. He may or may not have weak 5ths but those 3rds are great.
  30. HorseCreek

    45-1 elk

    Luck yes but also around 200 boot miles and 20 days on the mountain.
  31. HorseCreek

    45-1 elk

    It was a TOUGH hunt this year. I had the archery tag. Spent about 20 days in the unit. I had my chances. Blew a few of them and killed two branches that got in the way of my arrow. Saw one 370+ bull but couldn’t get close enough. Saw a hand full of 350 bulls and a bunch of 330 bulls. The rut was...
  32. HorseCreek

    431” Monroe Bull

  33. HorseCreek

    Archery Elk unit 45

    I’ll be back up tomorrow for the last couple days. I’ll have over 20 days on the unit when it’s all said and done. Good luck
  34. HorseCreek

    Archery Elk unit 45

    Still not talking much or even thinking about rutting. Been hot, dry, smoke is bad and it’s 2020 7j outfitters had two hunter leave three days early because it’s so slow
  35. HorseCreek

    Archery Elk unit 45

    45 is a b!tch this year.
  36. HorseCreek

    What do you think of this bull?

    300-310 tops
  37. HorseCreek

    Trophy Buck on the Wall Photo Contest!

    2019 Wyoming buck
  38. C58CA0EA-37AF-4D31-8ABC-DF535D7811B0.jpeg


  39. HorseCreek

    What bipod do you use?

    But once cry once....ATLAS
  40. HorseCreek

    Wyoming non res tag quota decrease

    Wyom Wyoming is at full capacity. Thanks for looking
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