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    2021 - Who Got Their First Elk?

    First elk for me.
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    Tooth of the arrow broadheads

    Picked up 2 packs of the 1” 100 grain broad heads. I just started testing them out on the target this week. So far they are shooting great no issues.
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    Looking for Barnes Tez 250

    I have a muzzleloader tag this year.I am Having trouble locating any Barnes TEZ 250 in 50 cal. I have hit local shops and watching online with no luck. Anyone else seeing any of this around? Any recommendations where to keep a eye out online?
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    Antlerless CC Hits

    Looks like I drew a cow elk tag. Book cliffs
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    Antlerless CC Hits

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    Old skull cap question

    I have a plastic tub full of a bunch of old deer skull caps horns I cut off the tops of the skulls and did not remove the hide. I cleaned out inside skull and salted everything let them dry outside until they no longer smelled. Some of the hair has fallen out of a couple I was wondering if it is...
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    Which target are you using with broadheads?

    I picked up a block 6x on sale from cabelas. This block is lighter than my bag and so far seems to be working out great. Thank you for the advice.
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    Which target are you using with broadheads?

    Thank you for the help
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    Which target are you using with broadheads?

    What target would you recommend purchasing to shoot broad heads at? Looking to get a extra set of broad heads and a target to practice with and fine tune.
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    San Juan Elk - Scouting

    How many points did it take you to draw? What season?
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    Cali big game statistics

    This is bullshit it takes so long and I hate they cram it all on one page most states this info is several pages long. I have tried printing and zooming in on Cali 2019 statistics and still can’t read them.
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    What does something like that cost of you don’t mind me asking? Just curious
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    Archery release questions

    First impression I felt the strap was comfortable but will not going to last long. (Leather with neoprene lining) I also felt the release fully extended was way to short. After shooting few arrows I think the fully extended trigger portion will just barely fit my large hands. I have not shot...
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    Archery release questions

    Going to try out the spot Hogg tuff guy.
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    Archery release questions

    Looking to buy a new archery release. I have only used 1 release for several years. Really cheap wrist dual jaw caliper release with Velcro strap. I like the design just looking for higher quality. With possibly a buckle style strap. What is the best wrist strap release on the market for 2020?
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    California fund raiser tag draw odds?

    I have heard From a few guys better odds drawing the fundraiser tags then waiting to be in the max points pool and actually pulling top tags in some of these western states. So I was just curious what the actual draw odds have looked like passed few years? I will not win as I do not apply for...
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    California fund raiser tag draw odds?

    I was just curious if they have draw data from previous years on the fundraiser tags? I did not see it in the 2020 big game digest. Have they posted it before?
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    Reload Question

    What chronograph are you using of you don’t mind me asking?
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    Remington 700 sps .270 upgrades?

    any recommendations on small barrel coolers? How about chronographs?
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    Remington 700 sps .270 upgrades?

    I currently have a Remington 700 sps .270 purchased brand new in 2014. I have replaced the trigger with a Timneys trigger. I have a vortex viper 4-14x44 scope with talley rings. I have a aftermarket oversized bolt knob that bolts on over existing bolt. My question is what other upgrades would...
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    Meat grinder questions

    I currently have a cheap electric meat grinder from harbor freight. I have only used it on 3 deer so far. I am looking to up my game and begin making different types of sausage and grind up some ground. What should I be looking for in a meat grinder for home use doing 2 deer a year with a...
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    April Supplemental Hunter Ed class coming in April, 2020 in Kingman

    Great class I attended last year with a friend drove out from Cali well worth every minute of it. I wish other states would take notes on this. Another encouraging note my buddy drew a bull elk tag for this year pending results to find out what unit but I believe it will be unit 10 late rifle...
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    What flash light/headlamps?

    Anyone have a reasonably priced flashlight recommendations? Looking for light weight preferably aaa or aa batteries something for the pack on backpacking deer hunts. How about head lamps? I have been using some super cheap head lamps just curious what everyone else is using these dats with so...
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    Unit 192 Nevada

    Tough unit not as much quality or quantity as surrounding units. Yes I have hunted this unit and I did fill my tag.
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    Vortex binoculars adapter

    I have 2 new vortex binocular adapters $30
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    Score! Any X9A hunters here?

    I pulled a x9a tag for the first time this year as well.
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    Draw done

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    I hate this waiting crap
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    Page McDonald FINALLY has a rifle antelope tag in Unit 10!

    Good luck page and don.
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    NV Speedgoat

    Resident or non resident? How many points? I am sitting on 4 non resident points looking forward to my first antelope tag.
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    Traditions Vortek Strykerfire.

    I have one of these it shoots great with Barnes tez 250 grain copper. I use the triple 7 pellets.
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    Hunters Ed class in April?

    >LAST EDITED ON Jan-30-19 >AT 02:32?PM (MST) > >Based on their answering machine message, >the bonus point hunters ed >course needs to be completed >30 days prior to the >draw date. Must be completed and submitted by instructor 30 days prior to the draw for points to count on that draw...
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    Hunters Ed class in April?

    Great class I attended January. If you get the opportunity go...
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    Hunter ED Point

    Is there a fee for this class? Anything needed other than waiver form? I sent don picture of hunters Ed card. Just want to make sure I'm good before traveling 5 hours to find out I missed something.
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    Archery release question

    I have been shooting this cheap old release for 10 years now. I like the design of how the jaws open never had a issue just looking to upgrade and possibly get smoother trigger. I have never used any other release. Not a fan of the side jaw release judging off the looks of the design. I would...
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    Hunter ED Point

    >Contact Don Martin here on MM >(Arizona Wildlife Outfitters), as he >is the lead instructor for >the NR class. He posts >the info each year before >the classes in December, so >that you can get the >class and have it credited >before the elk/pronghorn draw. Anyone have a email for...
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    Trekking pole advice?

    I have never used trekking poles hiking but looking into purchasing a set for some hunts coming up. Any advice? What to look for what to stay away from? I see them on amazon around $60 just not sure what I should be looking for in a trekking pole? Folding? Telescoping? Thanks for any tips or advice
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    Camo for tripod

    Anyone use a moleskin camo tape on a aluminum tripod? I purchased a vortex pro gt they come with no padding or cover on legs and for those cold mornings in the high country thought I'd wrap the upper 1/3 of the legs for carrying and to silence a little take little shine off of them what's your...
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    Binocular tripod adapter

    Check these out
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    Remington 700 .270 Bolt Assembly

    Is that for exact replacement? Or aftermarket?
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