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    Bull elk killing a cow elk

    That’s graphic to you???
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    Spike elk question

    Sounds like somebody is messing with you...separate draw.
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    161-164 early deer

    Any advice you’d mind offering? Anywhere I can get into in a wrangler and foot power. Thanks!
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    SOLD Swarovski ATM 65

    Where are you located?
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    Went out to unit 262 this morning

    We hunted it last year, elk numbers are way up and deer are down.
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    131, 145 doe antelope.

    Anybody have any last minute advice on this hunt? Unfortunately, due to covid and mandatory OT, I wasn’t able to scout like I wanted to. Hoping a little hard work and miles will pay off.
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    shipping ML

    In my experiences, a lot of these store and hub workers allow their personal opinions/fears/beliefs dictate how they do their job and what they will allow you to ship. They can ship them, glad to see you got it figured out.
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    113 Cow Elk Late Season

    I was just there over the weekend chasing antelope. Like stated that boundary closely.
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    Antelope Rut timing

    Drew a late September into early October tag and was wondering if that matched up. Seems to in other states but wasn’t sure about Nevada. I’ve only hunted antelope in August and early September. Would sitting water still be as effective as it is in August? I have decoys but the kids want to tag...
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    WIN a New Pack! - Easy Entry...

    Heck yes I'd like that pack!
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    268 ewe help

    Anybody have any insite on finding these ewes.... we've been all over the Paiute area to the park, hiked into 5 Ram (it's dry) and Buffington (dry as well). Don?t have major 4x4. Have friends that have not seen anything in the North Muddys. Thanks in advance.
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    WIN a Daypack! Easy to Enter!

    I want that pack!
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    111-114 doe antelope

    Anybody having trouble getting into them like we are? Have been all over northern 111 and 112, no luck and very few fleeing lopes seems, mostly single bucks. Anybody have any ideas on where to find a few? It's a first time antelope hunter or I wouldn't ask :). Have two more days to get after them.
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    5 Res deer points....

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-05-19 AT 11:23AM (MST)[p]Drew 081 I think it was a good trade of 5 points. :)
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    2019 Tags

    081 rifle deer Wife got ewe and lope doe tags.
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    5 Res deer points....

    I think it's time to cash in.....where would you apply and why? I'm ok if I don't draw but think I can try for the better areas, maybe late seasons?
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    Exo MTN gear

    Worth every penny.
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    Late elk 077,081 advice

    Any last minute advice I can use, I'm leaving soon to chase spikes. Where should I look or not look? Thanks in advance!
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    November onX Elite Membership Giveaway

    I need that app
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    Win a PhoneSkope Prize Package ... Easy to Enter

    I'd like to have a PhoneSkope!
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    Taxidermy Negotiations

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-28-18 AT 00:45AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-28-18 AT 00:41?AM (MST) If the cape has been tanned and prepped for mounting (highly doubt it), then the $75 is reasonable. Otherwise, it is the shooters property if it wasn't bought by the taxi. The taxi might have an abandoned...
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    WIN an Eberlestock X1A2 - Easy to Enter as Always

    I need a pack!
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    Spike Reg ?

    On one of the Nevada hunting FB pages...there was quite a debate on interpretation of what constitutes a legal Nv spike versus traditional spike. As defined per NDOW: Spike elk ? any antlered elk having not more than two points above the top of the ear on either antler Pretty easy on the...
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    Win a Scout Pack - Easy to Enter

    I want that pack!
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    076, 077, 079, 081 elk access

    Any issues with getting into hunting areas or elk hanging up on private land. I was looking at a few maps before I hit the hills and it looks like there is quite a bit of private, especially in the southern side. Got a late spike elk tag, December time frame.
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    WIN a Day Pack ... Easy to Enter

    I want to win
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    WIN a SureCan ... Sweet Fuel Can

    I need a Surecan!
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    Youth tag 241

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-27-17 AT 11:09AM (MST)[p]>Well, she is nearly dialed in >with the 243. It's getting >closer, but still haven't decided >where or even what species >we'll be hunting opening weekend. >Leaning towards the sheep though. > What type of taxidermy >have you seen done the...
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    Siege Broadhead Giveaway - June/July

    I'm ready to hunt!!! No really, I'm bowhunting in a few weeks so the timing would be perfect :)
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    Cheaper than Africa

    >....a few months ago, about the >time hwy1 washed of >the Hearst ranch zebras got >caught up in the flood >and was washed down onto >the beach at San Simeon. >Some ambitious person who wanted >a zebra hide skinned it >out on the beach......and then >it was found by the...
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    las vegas bighorn

    Yup...we go all the time. Really cool to see and photograph.
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    Swarovski EL Range

    Vortex doesn't come close to touching Swarovski's level. I've owned both, will never go back :).
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    Win Siege Broadhead's - May Giveaway

    I can shoot!
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    Siege Broadhead Giveaway - East to Enter

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-22-17 AT 11:09AM (MST)[p]I want them! I'm sure I can find an axis or aoudad to try them on and see how well they perform.
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    114-115L cow

    Just wanted to thank everybody so far for your help. I really appreciate it!
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    SKRE Uinta Pants - Win Them!

    I want those pants I checked out their website as well.
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    Hardscrabble Pant - WIN It!

    I need hunting pants! Otherwise I'll be running around naked again this year...:) I took a look at their website as well.
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    114-115L cow

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    Hardscrabble Jacket - WIN It!

    I want that awesome jacket!
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    114-115L cow

    What are the cows doing during that time frame and where? I won't be able to make it out there until mid to late December. Have info I can trade if you need help as well.
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