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    Looking for Barnes Tez 250

    I have a muzzleloader tag this year.I am Having trouble locating any Barnes TEZ 250 in 50 cal. I have hit local shops and watching online with no luck. Anyone else seeing any of this around? Any recommendations where to keep a eye out online?
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    Old skull cap question

    I have a plastic tub full of a bunch of old deer skull caps horns I cut off the tops of the skulls and did not remove the hide. I cleaned out inside skull and salted everything let them dry outside until they no longer smelled. Some of the hair has fallen out of a couple I was wondering if it is...
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    Which target are you using with broadheads?

    What target would you recommend purchasing to shoot broad heads at? Looking to get a extra set of broad heads and a target to practice with and fine tune.
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    Archery release questions

    Looking to buy a new archery release. I have only used 1 release for several years. Really cheap wrist dual jaw caliper release with Velcro strap. I like the design just looking for higher quality. With possibly a buckle style strap. What is the best wrist strap release on the market for 2020?
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    California fund raiser tag draw odds?

    I was just curious if they have draw data from previous years on the fundraiser tags? I did not see it in the 2020 big game digest. Have they posted it before?
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    Remington 700 sps .270 upgrades?

    I currently have a Remington 700 sps .270 purchased brand new in 2014. I have replaced the trigger with a Timneys trigger. I have a vortex viper 4-14x44 scope with talley rings. I have a aftermarket oversized bolt knob that bolts on over existing bolt. My question is what other upgrades would...
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    Meat grinder questions

    I currently have a cheap electric meat grinder from harbor freight. I have only used it on 3 deer so far. I am looking to up my game and begin making different types of sausage and grind up some ground. What should I be looking for in a meat grinder for home use doing 2 deer a year with a...
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    What flash light/headlamps?

    Anyone have a reasonably priced flashlight recommendations? Looking for light weight preferably aaa or aa batteries something for the pack on backpacking deer hunts. How about head lamps? I have been using some super cheap head lamps just curious what everyone else is using these dats with so...
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    Vortex binoculars adapter

    I have 2 new vortex binocular adapters $30
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    Archery release question

    I have been shooting this cheap old release for 10 years now. I like the design of how the jaws open never had a issue just looking to upgrade and possibly get smoother trigger. I have never used any other release. Not a fan of the side jaw release judging off the looks of the design. I would...
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    Trekking pole advice?

    I have never used trekking poles hiking but looking into purchasing a set for some hunts coming up. Any advice? What to look for what to stay away from? I see them on amazon around $60 just not sure what I should be looking for in a trekking pole? Folding? Telescoping? Thanks for any tips or advice
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    Camo for tripod

    Anyone use a moleskin camo tape on a aluminum tripod? I purchased a vortex pro gt they come with no padding or cover on legs and for those cold mornings in the high country thought I'd wrap the upper 1/3 of the legs for carrying and to silence a little take little shine off of them what's your...
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    Accubow questions

    Does anyone own a accubow? What's your experience? Worth the money? I'm 20 min drive from closest place I can shoot my bow. Looking to build muscle memory get in some extra practice what's your thoughts?
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    Arizona bonus points questions

    I searched the Arizona fish and game web site but could not come up with the answer to this. I know every state is different so will I loose my points if I do not apply every year? I'm a non resident I believe in cali it's after missing 5 consecutive years what's arizonas rule for this? I should...
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    .270 win non lead ammo questions

    I recently purchased a .270 win I am getting the gun all setup mounting a vortex HS 4-16x44 with talley rings and thinking about what ammunition I will be using with this setup. I should be drawing a general season tag in Utah as well as a x zone cali tag. Both hunts will be within couple week...
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    Anyone from blanding or Monticello Utah?

    I am looking for some info in the blanding area anyone from blanding? Please pm me I just have couple questions thanks in advance for the help.
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    Rain gear

    What rain gear are you useing? I mainly hunt socal looking for rain gear set pants and jacket light weight nothing to fancy or pricey. Looking for something small I can put in a stuff sack. Any recommendations?
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    What do you do in the off season in ca. To train for deer season?

    I know you average weekend warrior doesn't prepare for hunting season all year long. What are you guys doing to train and prepare for this years California deer season? I have been hunting deer in California for the last 11 years. I have only hunted out of state 2 times. 90 percent of my hunting...
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    Where are you building points?

    All this hunting has me already thinking about next year. I'm new to putting in out of state. I started building points a few years ago in Nevada and California. I am now looking into expanding and trying to put in for other states next year. Not looking for any super crazy hunts just like to be...
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    Ideas and options how to mount these Mille deer.

    My brother and I kilked 2 mule deer in Nevada this year. Nothing huge just decent mule deer. We butchered are deer are selfs up there and read we cannot bring back any spinal cord or brain so we used a sawzall to cut the skoal cap off with the horns we took it off about 1 in behind the base of...
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    Muzzleloader reports?

    It has been quit in here. I know muzzleloaders been open how's everyone doing? Any reports? I haven't been able to get out yet just wondering how its going.
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    Siting in a new traditions striker fire questions?

    I have a brand new traditions striker fire .50 only fired 15 times. I have iron sites setup on this gun I purchased the gun from bass pro shops couple months ago and the sites separate from traditions. I am shooting a 150 grains of powder 3 pellets of 50 grain 777, a Winchester 209 primer and a...
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    Broad head questions

    The passed 5 years I have shot the NAP fixed blade broad heads first 2 deer I hit I had great success with them shot placement was good 1st was a heart shot clean pass through deer went 10 yards second deer was a lungs he went 50 yards arrow didn't pass through the shot was 17 yards neither of...
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    Anyone have any jr's draw j14? My cousin drew it this year just wondering how the zone is that time of year. I've only hunted it in oct. during rifle season. Always seems to be better for me when we got a little weather seems like it should be a good jr tag for him close to home and late season.
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    Interested in Utah big game.

    I have hunted Utah 1 time back in 2006 on a muzzleloader tag. I was 17 at the time. A family friend put us in as a party so I'm unaware of the zone I was in I can't recall. My question is where can I find a map online of Utah hunt zones? How can I get a Utah big game book sent out to me showing...
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    Cali draw

    Counting down the day til results post can't wait. Like a kid on Xmas eve.
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    Archery bull elk tag questions 72,73,74

    My cousin drew a archery bull elk tag for 72,73,74 anyone have this tag in the passed? Any advice? He has a few places to Look but wondering if anyone from the area can share some info?
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    Nevada 192 rut questions

    What months typically are the rut in 192? Is this a good tag to have early or late season? Wondering if its a weather dependent zone? Any advice for this area? Or info I should need to know for a tag in this area?
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    Traditions muzzleloader questions?

    I drew a Nevada mule deer muzzleloader tag for 2014/2015 season I have a early season tag. I'm looking into purchasing a muzzleloader so I can start practicing. I have went to my local bass pro here in Cali to hold a few the 2 TC I held just didn't fit right. The traditions felt good but I had...
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