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    Using a patch over powder with power belt bullet

    Can you use the patch over powder using the power belt bullet we have to use the all lead ones here in Idaho and we have trouble getting them to group with the clean barrel you're right on the second shot God knows where you're at so I was thinking about trying to pass over powder but I'm not...
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    CVA musket nipple for inline

    Okay I have a CVA Elkhorn pro the nipple thread is 6x1 all the ones I ordered online that are 6x1 screw into the beach plug just fine but they are too short when you put the cap on set the bolt pull the trigger all it does is put a big dent in the cap what is the difference in the CVA nipples...
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    How to use a felt wad

    I've seen several post on how people are using these ,some say put it down the barrel by itself some say use the bullet and attach it to it what's the correct way
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    No excuse 420 in a CVA Acura V2

    Has anyone use the no excuse for 420 in the CVA Acura V2. I know CVA recommends not over 400 looking to use the 420 in an upcoming cow elk hun in idaho
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    Palisades Reservoir camping

    if it was me I would camp at riri reservoir above the dam there's a nice little campground and that will put you right in text Creek wildlife Management area
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    1st time antelope

    If you have the opportunity hunt the alfalfa fields, I look for watering holes there's another good option.
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    Bullet weight no excuse 420 grain

    I have a tradition vortex Northwest ultralight Magnum and I want to use the no excuse 420 grain is anybody have any idea if that's too heavy of a bullet for the gun
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    CO elk bullet from Accura v2?

    Try 70 grains of triple 7 FFFg, that well equal about 90 grain pyrodex
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    Unit 30A muzzleloading cow elk

    Looking for some advice from a man who's under this unit
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    CO elk bullet from Accura v2?

    What is your powder charge that you were using
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    Colorado CVA Optima loads

    Just remember if you use loose triple 7 powder ffg must be reduced by 15% and fffg must be reduced by 25%. I was measuring 100 grains fffg play in my brass measure and the manufacturer of triple seven told me that I was not shooting a hundred grains I was actually shooting 134 grains. They said...
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    Leupold CDS

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-19-19 AT 08:47PM (MST)[p]I was wondering if anyone might know what it would cost to have Leupold install the CDS on my vari-x-3. I read that Leupold can refit most Scopes that came without that system
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    Trigger pull

    Has anyone had a trigger job done on their muzzleloader my Northwest vortex has a 4 lb pull looking to lighten it up
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    Sighting in muzzleloader with Hornady 385 bullets

    I wish I could but I tradition vortex Northwest Magnum only shoots musket caps
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    Sighting in muzzleloader with Hornady 385 bullets

    90 grains up triple 7 fffg and I measured it the way the manufacturer said to reduced it bike 25% which came to 67.5 Gr that equals 90 grain
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    Sighting in muzzleloader with Hornady 385 bullets

    Went out today to the range to sight in my tradition vortex Northwest ultralight Magnum, was trying Hornady 385 for the first time shop pretty well one and a half inch group at 50 yards. With a sightmark 1x24 scope
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    Hornady 385 bullets

    Reclaimed the barrel real good scrubbed out with a 20 gauge bore brush and tried the Hornady 385 again with my short starter and it popped right in and load it easy thanks everybody for all the information can't wait to get out and try them
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    CO elk bullet from Accura v2?

    Just got an email back from federal they are not just continuing the federal Bor lock
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    CO elk bullet from Accura v2?

    Who told you Federal Bor locks were being discontinued
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    Hornady 385 bullets

    Yes I have a short started with a Jag, and I gave it a good smack and it just does not want to go this point I think I'm just going to go ahead and order the sizing kit from no excuse bullets and see what happens, I've been shooting the powerbelt 295 all LED and get good grouping with...
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    Hornady 385 bullets

    Just bought some Hornady great plains 385 all LED bullets try to load one in my tradition Northwest mortex ultralight Magnum and could only get it to go flush with the end of the barrel no matter how hard I push it was not going down the barrel mibor is a 502 anybody have any idea what the...
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    Triple 7

    Its measured by grain, so they told me if you want to shoot like 90 grains of FFG just take 90 grains x.85 would be 76.5 grains and if you're shooting fffg you would take 90 grains x .75 would be 67.5
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    Triple 7

    I see a lot of people bragging they're using 150 grains of triple 7 I sure hope they're reducing that and not just measuring it straight, I called the manufacturer and was told if you are using triple 7 ffg to reduce it by 15% and if you are using triple 7 fffg reduce it by 25%.
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    Vortex strikefire

    Just got off the phone with tradition tech support which is very good, you have to do a thorough cleaning of the Stryker system filing will build up in the channel and prevent the striker from locking in place. This should be done probably a couple times a year if you shoot a lot or at the end...
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    Vortex strikefire

    Slide it up to ##### the internal bolt and when you let go it slides back down decocking itself we have no idea what the hell happened
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    Vortex strikefire

    My brother-in-law has a vortex strikefire last year a shot an antelope and clean the rifle and put it up today we went to the range to check to sighting for the upcoming elk hunt but it would not stay cocked you slide the cocker up and you slides back downhas anyone had this problem let me know...
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    Tradition Northwest mortex strikefire

    Has anyone experienced any problems with them my brother-in-law has one last year he shot his channel up with no problem clean the barrel real good put it away today we went to the range and it would not stay cocked
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    Cow elk hunt

    In October going to try a cow elk hunt with my tradition vortex list a no excuse bullet of 420 grains we'll have to see how that works out
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    Bore size

    Does anybody no by chance what the bore size is on the tradition vortex Northwest ultra magnum rifle in a 50 caliber
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    Cow elk hunt

    Thank you I'm taking a look at them right now they look pretty awesome
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    Cow elk hunt

    Looking for suggestions on what bullet do you use for a cow elk hunt it has to be all lead. I was thinking about using powerbelt or the federal Bor lock or Hornady great plains.
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    Measuring black powder triple 7

    I'm using triple 7 fffg in my vortek Northwest ultralight Magnum if I use a CVA adjustable measure and measure a hundred grains does that have to be reduced by 15% which would make it 85
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    Idaho 63-2

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-25-18 AT 07:21PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Sep-25-18 AT 07:19?PM (MST) Hopefully this work I got this bad boy on the 19th in that unit September 19th that is
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    Opening day success

    Got this nice antelope with the tradition Northwest ultralight Magnum and 60 yards
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    Muzzleloader hunting for antelope

    It was a Muzzleloader hunt and I have a permit to use a 1 Power Scope
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    Muzzleloader hunting for antelope

    Idaho Lake muzzleloading season for antelope unit 63 - 2
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    Idaho 63-2

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-20-18 AT 02:44PM (MST)[p]Is your the late hunt September 19th October 24th
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    Sightmark scopes

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-14-18 AT 10:46AM (MST)[p]Does anyone have any experience with sightmark Scopes especially the core SX 1x24
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