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    Wondering about OutdoorWriter

    His account on Rokslide shows he was active this morning .
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    80 years ago

    I've been there and it's a very moving experience. The oil that comes to the surface from the USS Arizona is a stark reminder of what is below.
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    IDFG -- Special CWD Tags Available Dec. 7

    If it turned up that far west, it’s been here awhile. Could’ve been inadvertently transported or …. Come from a domestic elk farm. I don’t think IFG needed to go to the extent of 1500 tags. A targeted kill might have been a better approach. I do have to say that I was whitetail hunting before...
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    IDFG -- Special CWD Tags Available Dec. 7

    Probably so. Most probably don't even know what they are standing in line to get.
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    IDFG -- Special CWD Tags Available Dec. 7

    The way that the hunts are broke down, there is going to be a lot of disappointed people.
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    IDFG -- Special CWD Tags Available Dec. 7

    You're going to have to survive the chit show tag sale first! That has disaster written all over it.
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    Visible musket cap?

    I don't know about the Knight's, but my Traditions NW Magnum has a portion of the breech plug that is machined out to expose a portion of the musket cap.
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    All sorts of mammals are COVID carriers now.With animal reservoirs, we could have been at 100 percent vaxxed and still not escape it. Between animal reservoirs and vaxxed still being carriers, it’s going to be here for the duration.
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    This dude always made me laugh.

    It’s a funny name😂
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    IFG-Dead Deer Results Pending

    It sounds like it is up to over 250 now, with reports up to Kooskia.
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    Favorite rock & roll singer

    “Man, can you change the channel? I hate the f$&&ing Eagles”. Jeffery Lebowski.
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    Favorite rock & roll singer

    I’ve always wondered where AC/DC would be if Bon Scott was still around. He was an original bad ass and second to none.
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    Favorite rock & roll singer

    Randy Blythe joined up with Max Cavalera of Soulfly on "Dead behind the eyes" it turned out killer.
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    Favorite rock & roll singer

    Not quite rock and roll, but mine is Tom Araya from Slayer
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    Who here can drive an 18 wheeler?

    I’ve had my CDL for 28 years. I’m an awful truck driver. The best compliment I ever got from my boss after my trackhoe broke down and he stuck me in a dump truck was “You couldn’t drive a sharp stick up a pigs arse” I blew the driveline out in the first 5 minutes of being in the pos.
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    Draw results/ where is the excitement!!!

    Hey, at least we haven't had to read the "I drew this tag of a lifetime but have never been to Idaho and have no time to scout, Can someone loan me some coordinates?" post.
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    Draw results/ where is the excitement!!!

    I don't think its just the odds or quality driving the lack of enthusiasm. Folks are just in a blah mood due to explosive growth, explosive land and home prices and being beaten down for the last year and a half with a pandemic. Add in unrelenting attacks from both sides of the political aisle.
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    Super Tags?

    Super tags. Rumor is floating around that CH results will be delayed due to this.
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    Hornady GMx out of a X-bolt

    That's good to know RookieWYhntr , I have the same rifle and was kicking around giving those a try. I was starting to get a little anxiety about not finding any 143's eldx but Scheels came through.
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    Fauci the fraud

    It feels like the wheels are starting to come off. There seems to be a shift on the info coming out.
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    Who hasn't done this?

    I've rolled my fair share down, especially while building logging roads. My Grandpa had a pretty good story when he was a youngster. Him and a few friends worked on this boulder for about a week digging it out. When they figured it was close, they "borrowed" a jack from the railroad shed down...
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    2021 OIL Results

    That's Awesome!
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    2021 OIL Results

    Congratulations! Best of luck!
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    Who is happy with new wolf law?

    The history of legislators wanting the ability for landowners to be able to sale tags is well known. IMO, The elk depredation problem in the Magic Valley is going to be used to implement wide spread changes to elk seasons. It may not happen, but past history shows that they will try...
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    2021 OIL Results

    What's your date?
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    2021 OIL Results

    Friday, the 14th @15:30
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    Who is happy with new wolf law?

    For those who are happy, do yourselves a favor and type in "Idaho Legislature" in the search bar and read through the comments and different threads. Adjustments to elk harvest and monetizing and privatizing big game hunting opportunities is next.
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    Work boots

    Whites. Made in Spokane. I still have the first pair I bought in '93, although they told me not to send those back in for another rebuild!
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    Felling trees is Mans Work

    That's one of the biggest hazards of cutting logs. Limbs that break off the tree and hang up in neighboring trees. Most of the time you have your head down while your working the log up and never see it coming. My old cutting partner is disabled due to the same accident. As a former sawyer, I...
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    Boise Area Veterinarian

    If you are willing to travel to Emmett, Dr. Dan at Emmett Animal Medical is a great vet. He has worked on my dogs a lot. Last year, he waited well after closing hours to sew my pup up after he got into a barbed wire fence.
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    Help identifying something please

    With the rounded bottom, it looks like they are used as a cam style latch. I would lean towards some sort of panel latch.
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    What was the toughest job

    My dad pulled green chain. Those were some of the toughest men I knew.
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    What was the toughest job

    Rat packing hay barns. Being a vertically challenged fella makes you ideal for that top 6’ feet of the hay barn. Hooking for a heli log outfit was a close second
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    Ammunition Shortage

    This is why you can't find anything on the shelves.
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    Ammunition Shortage

    Here is what I'm seeing in my area: Older guys waiting in the parking lots of shops before sun up on delivery day.
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    Water Treatment Grit Snail

    Christmas tree in a manhole. Drumsticks in a lift station pump. Cell phones, rings, necklaces. Underwear, bedsheets and bath towels. Wet wipes are the worst thing in the world for sewer operators.
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    Ammunition Shortage

    200 Gr accubonds in front of 77 gr of 4831. With a 24” barrel and a 5 port mbm brake it’s right at 2950 FPS.
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    Ammunition Shortage

    I've got one in a Browning HCLR. As long as I do my part, its sub moa. I've got a Bergara Ridge in 300WM that shoots fantastic.
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    Meat grinder

    I have the same grinder. They are very dependable and will serve you well. I keep my auger and feed chute in the freezer, the colder you keep the meat, the better it grinds.
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    Ammunition Shortage

    Gun broker had a case of Hornady 6.5PRC 143elx for $1265 last week. When I looked at it, there were 3 hours left on the auction and 39 bids against it.
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