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    Desert sheep skull display.

    Is it made by mini muley though? I’m just curious the quality of these
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    Desert sheep skull display.

    Do you like your mini replica? I was thinking of getting one
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    Sheep mount help

    Here’s the pics I took when I went to get him. It looks a lot better in person, but that leg still gets the best of me.
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    Sheep mount help

    I pray I do, where as it’s been glued is there anything he can do to fix it or that I can take to another taxidermist to fix?
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    Sheep mount help

    I did not pick the form, he asked what pose I like. I sent him pics of various other mounts but never seen the form.
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    Sheep mount help

    I was waiting for your response on this as you have a lot of experience. I called my taxidermist today and talked to him about it but he didn’t understand what I was talking about so I’m going to drive up and look at it in person and try and point it out. As a taxidermist is this something that...
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    Sheep mount help

    I agree, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t bugging for no reason. I’m going to call him tomorrow and see what he says and what we can’t work out. Hopefully something can be done.
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    Sheep mount help

    I think the sheep now has a name lol
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    Sheep mount help

    his ears sit low to begin with
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    Sheep mount help

    Here’s a front on picture for ear reference
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    Sheep mount help

    Problem is, I’ve already paid.. but I’m definitely not happy with the finished product. Sadly there’s nothing that can be done to fix it is there?
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    Sheep mount help

    I just got this photo from my taxidermist, and while I love the mount in general I’m not sure on the front legs. If I brought this up with the taxidermist could he go back and fix this or no?
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    Oak Creek vs Newfoundland Mtns Sheep

    Oak creek had a lot of tags this year put out. Still mature rams but you’re going to be looking at rams barely pushing 150. It’s about the same for new foundland from what I’ve seen and heard. Oak creek taking one with a bow is definitely doable. How many points do you have?
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    Man that buck with the split cheater is my dream buck.
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    Let them grow or take them?

    You don’t kill big deer by shooting little deer. I’ve always been taught you have to pass the 180 bucks in hopes they make it to next year.
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    Oak Creek Unit

    They killed off quite a few rams this year, they gave out 14 tags. That unit doesn’t have that big of rams though. The big rams are going to only push mid to high 150’s. Have you seen the buck they were chasing hard up there yet? Rumor is he broke off quite a bit.
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    Oak Creek Unit

    You see any good rams? That units fun for watching deer but is also a circus with as many people that are up there every morning and night now.
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    Sportsman's Tags?

    Cheesey, I would give old Randy Johnson a call. He knows sheep better than anyone around.
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    If I’m correct that was the colorado gov tag
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    He’s not famous, but has enough money to buy whatever tags he wants every year. If you have Instagram look up Brandon Tyndall.
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    2021 Mule Deer Plan

    Utah doesn’t know how to manage any species
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    Hogs on Southwest Desert?

    They have them on unit 24 in Nevada
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    Is this rocky big enough to shoot on Utah.

    I really enjoyed reading your story, congrats on a once in a lifetime ram. Your story telling made me feel like I was right there with you on the hunt. Congrats again!
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    Is this good

    @Slightlysober you are a very lucky guy when it comes to being able to hunt sheep, in Utah people are lucky to get to hunt one in their lifetime. As to your .5 age classification I always was confused by that too but all the biologists and people around here age them all by .5’s. I referred to...
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    Is this rocky big enough to shoot on Utah.

    Excited to hear the story, and congrats on a hell of a ram! No other experience like a sheep hunt.
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    Oak Creek Sheep

    He’s in both of these videos
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    what is your favourite hunting dog

    Black Mouth Cur
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    A Possible Solution to Increase Utah's Muley Numbers

    I don’t think shutting down a state is necessary, however I believe the state shouldn’t be hunting these deer hard from the beginning of August to late November. I don’t think we should be hunting deer during prime rut. I don’t think we should be allowed to hunt with any powered optics on a...
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    Randy Newberg you tube

    I really enjoy Randy’s video as they aren’t all a ego contest. He seems really down to earth. Yeah they can be cheesy but he brings what hunting is all about in all of his videos.
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    Utah OTC Bison Adventure

    Man, the cliff hanger to this story
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    Oak Creek Sheep

    I tried contacting you from your video on there. I’m going to pm you. The videos on your YouTube of him are so sweet.
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    Oak Creek Sheep

    So kind of a cool story actually, I spent all summer looking for this specific ram as I was told he was the oldest ram on the unit. I never could turn him up and I kind of just gave up on him as there was 6 other tags and all the rams were funneling in to the main canyon for the rut. I was going...
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    Oak Creek Sheep

    here’s the ram I ended up getting, he’s a 9 yr old ram and I couldn’t be more happy with him.
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