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    Archery deer 61

    Thank you! Sorry for the late reply we didn't have any service up there we stayed till the end he did get a shot at a nice buck but unfortunately he didn't get one but it was fun saw some good deer.
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    Archery deer 61

    Help for my 70 year old dad archery deer 61. we had a few other limited entry tags in other States this year That we never expected to draw. MY 70 year old dad drew the archery deer for 61 this year we really didn't have much of a plan to make it there because he said he didn't care but we...
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    I drew Monroe muzzy bull!

    Congrats, I drew a archery tag this year. Muzzleloader dates are good this year, not so much for archery but I drew a few year earlier than expected so not complaining. I Have been hunting deer down there my whole life and we have had multiple elk tags. Access is great, lots of roads. Any...
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    Archery elk 76

    I am looking at cashing my dad's points in on 76 archery elk. We have hunted unit 61 A couple times for deer and that was our plan with elk we've also hunted 62 alot for OTC elk planning on hunting elk in 61. No experience with 76. After our OTC hunt my dad told me he don't think he can wait...
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    61 elk trip

    Coongrats!!!! Sounds like a good trip.
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    unit 61 cell phone coverage?

    I had a rough time in 61 with verizon coverage.
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    61 Archery Elk

    Excellent bulls. congrats!
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    unit 61 archery

    Bears are extremely thick in 61. Last year all 3 weekends scouting for deer we had bears come in or right by our camp. saw 3 at one time down Mailbox and saw around 15 all together. only saw a handful during the hunt.
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    unit 61 archery

    Congrats! I had an archery deer tag last year. Hunted the first week and the elk were going nuts. seen about a 330 bull push about 20 cows 100 yards from divide road. Seen lots of elk. I had 18 elk pts going in this year but decided not to put in. If I can help let me know, dont know the...
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    Fishlake or Wasatch archery elk

    he shot a 350 bull back in 2000 on Monroe with his bow so I don't think he really cares if he shoot another 350. I just want him to have a good hunt with as much action as possible. I think he would be tickled to death if you could harvest a 300-310 bull but I don't think he has to really get...
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    Fishlake or Wasatch archery elk

    My dad should have enough pts to draw either and I was curious what you guys thought. He harvested a nice bull an monroe in 2000 and was hoping to do it again but his age is catching up and he dont want to wait. He can get around pretty good but has a problem with long steep hikes. I know thats...
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    Archery Elk 10 or 61

    Point creep is a problem. Looking at stats it looks like 3 years so I'm hoping not more than 5-6.
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    Archery Elk 10 or 61

    Thanks Coloradoboy. I'm not too worried about shooting a 360 plus but I have already harvested a 330 with my bow and was hoping to try to get something as big or maybe a little bigger. When I was in 61 last year I only seen a couple bulls around 330-340 mark all of the rest i seen were just...
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    Archery Elk 10 or 61

    I have 19 elk points and wondering if its worth 3 more years to wait for unit 10. I hunted deer in 61 last year and seen lots of elk and a couple decent ones but not sure if 10 is worth the wait?
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    DWR/Military Big Game Hunting Agreement

    It's more than the 10% we get from the cwmu's
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    Unit 61 archery deer

    Thanks BeanMan and Dominguez, really appreciate it.
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    Unit 61 archery deer

    Just wondering because I have his # in my phone. I have bailed off into a few of those canyons in unit 62. I have been after some big ones in there and honestly wish that I would have had to call him. Im afraid Im going to have to have him pack me out one of these times, some of those canyons...
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    First time posting

    LAST EDITED ON May-15-13 AT 06:27PM (MST)[p]nice props! I cant believe you would pack my antlers up in the mountains and take pictures of them.:-)
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    Unit 61 archery deer

    Are you by chance any part of Dominguez outfitters?
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    Unit 61 archery deer

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    Unit 61 archery deer

    Showing 0 points so assuming I drew. Does anyone know if there is any places to do short term storage in Grand junction area for a trailer. Want to get over there 2 to 3 times this summer. Good luck to all who were successful.
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    Deer back door is up

    Looks like I will be in 61 in early September!
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    Colorado Draw Results

    61 Archery!
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    Monroe Bucks

    They are doing a fawn study. collaring pregnant does and when they fawn they are collaring the fawns to study survival rate.
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    Unit 61 archery deer

    I am pretty sure I will draw archery deer in 61 this year. I have spent the last 5 years hunting OTC elk in 62 and went over and checked out 61 at least once every year. All of my trips have been north of north fork mesa creek. Hate to ask for info but if anyone has anything to help me get...
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    If not 1080 how about......

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-07-10 AT 00:33AM (MST)[p]CAelknuts, your labs were lucky. As brownie said, chocolate is not good for dogs, specifically Theobromine which is a chemical in cocoa beans. Not saying a little will kill them but if it is consumed regularly or a in large amounts, it will be fatal.
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    The loss of the DH program as it is now is the biggest loss out of this. Alot of projects will not get done. Most DH join for there pick of region, now that you have to draw and then apply for DH, it will reduce alot of that free labor.
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    The reason I hate Option 2

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-19-10 AT 04:41PM (MST)[p]Unfortunatly none of these options were created to help the overall deer herd. They are to create more bucks for people to harvest and supposedly increase hunter satisfaction Better habitat is what we need for helthier deer herd, and when we have...
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    Utah DWR Deer Changes - It's all about the $$$!!!

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-29-10 AT 09:53PM (MST)[p]It dont matter if the DWR listens because the wildlife board dont, and they are the ones who ultimatly make the decisions.
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    2011 Utah deer options available

    The "recovery units" would not be closed. They will have reduced tag #s seperate from the reginal tags.
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    Bighorn Mounts

    Got a call from the taxidermist and he is going to be starting on my sheep. I was curious if anyone knows anywhere that i can get some material to start building the landscape. It will be full body laying on a cliff. So will need some large pieces of material to carve the rocks out of. If...
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    Late Pahvant Help

    If u dont know the unit why did u put in. LOL
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    Prescribed Fire Good or Bad?

    Fire is good. The problem now is ingrowth due to all the years of suppression. If the areas with lots of ingrowth are not thinned first it will result in to much heat at the ground level.
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    Its definatly rigged. My brother spent $150 and drew S cache and my cousin spent $150 and drew Pavhant. I spent $330 and drew nada. It has to be rigged.
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    Badlands Sacrafice or the Ox!

    I think the sacrafice would be fine until you had something down. I looked at it at the expo and it was lite and comfy, but with your gear and a quarter I think I would rather have the OX or the 4500.
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    LAST EDITED ON Feb-19-10 AT 07:50PM (MST)[p]25000 at the expo, if everyone put in for only one hunt your odds would be 1/125.
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    DWR discriminating

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-19-10 AT 07:26PM (MST)[p]These tags you refer to are "Quality" tags because they are limited. If they made it so your kids where guaranteed to draw there would be no moose, sheep, or buffalo. I know it sucks, but if everybody drew it would be a bunch of general season tags and...
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    Utah Releases 2009 Elk Harvest Elk Stats, No Bull Age???

    Average age and current year tag #s are usually nat available until mid-late march. Comes out just before RAC meeting when they discuss tag #s.
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    Utah Management Hunts

    I think they should incorporate a management bull incentive into the normal LE hunts and give more tags instead of spike hunts. If you draw a LE tag and harvest a true management bull you either get points back, no waiting period or some incentive that will encourage the harvest of a management...
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    he got a name

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-15-08 AT 09:33PM (MST)[p]when the hunt starts, it will be be the people who know the mountain that may find this bull. This unit is extremely popular in the draw just because all the elk hang in the meadows when in velvet, everybody thinks it will be an easy hunt. Come the...
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