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    Take me home tonight

    Hell, there's always Ruby Starr that sang with Jim Dandy. 5 ft nothing redheaded white chick that sounded like she was a 250 pound black woman.
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    Bloody Pack Help

    I have one of the original Eberlestock All In One packs. Seriously, after every animal I have packed out, I rinsed it with a hose to get the bulk of the stains out, then soaked it in cold water in a large cooler I have laying around For a day or three. Let it dry in the sun. Never had an issue...
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    Social media and the impact of influencers on hunting today. Interesting article on the impact of posting harvest Pics, influencers and social media. Here is a taste: Social media has corrupted our motivations for hunting and is risking the future of the very activity we love...
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    Just read in my local rag that the state of Nv (read, Las Vegas) has a 1000 page "water plan" in the works. They were looking for public comment which we all know means that the plan is in the works. A few years back, So. Nv was looking to pipe water from the northern counties down to that...
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    Cool ricochet

    I was involved in a workplace shooting 41 years ago or so. Dude was pissed off at his wife over their impending divorce. Long story short, he gets himself drunk across the street, grabs his converted-to-.22 German Luger and walks into the store I worked in. Demands to know where is wife is...
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    Crispi vs. Kenetrek

    Thought I would catch up on my review of the Crispi Nevadas for you guys. That sheep hunt I went on was up to 12000 feet of one of the nastiest mountain ranges in the western states. Very steep and flat ground of any kind was rare. Probably put close to a hundred miles on them between...
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    Which Range Finder would you buy ?

    I've been looking for some range finding binos for a lot of the day today. for under 1700, the Sig 5000's and the Vortex Fury HDs are looking pretty good. Skittish about the Vortex as I have an HD spotting scope that always seems a bit blurry around the edges. Might be my eyeball, I don't...
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    Youtube Hunting Etiquette??

    To be honest, I wish all these hunting videos would go away. Cracks me up these hunting “experts” sitting in blinds on stilts wearing camo and makeup, shooting off a tripod at a QDM deer. The antis use these against us, and there are more anti groups than pro hunting groups. They are getting...
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    CVA Accura LR inaccuracy at 200 yards

    Shooting pretty much the same load, same bullet and powder. 90 gr. Blackthorn. 3 of 4 cow elk with know problems. The one problem was shooting the same charge with power belt aerolite 300 gr. Crappy expansion and penetration. Powder down a bit. If you can’t find bh209, get the 777 loose powder...
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    Vaccine experience?

    All you hear is from people is to "follow the science and lets not make it political." Well it definitely became political as soon as Pelosi, Harris, Biden and the rest of those lunatics said they wouldn't take it because it was brought in under Trumps watch. Now they don't want it political...
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    200 Gr. .50 cal load with BH 209

    Good to know EF. I will find this out. I do know that a breech plug on some guns needs to be changed to one that is made for the BH209. I currently shoot mine with without it but once in a great while I will get a misfire or a near dud shot. Thanks for heads up👍
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    200 Gr. .50 cal load with BH 209

    Yeah I have been rethinking those shockwaves. Might return them. They have some 225 Powerbelts there. Not a big fan of, their expansion but they shoot well and follow on shots are much easier than sabots in my experience. As to antlers concern, I just need the load to shoot well to 150, and...
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    200 Gr. .50 cal load with BH 209

    Well Elk, I do have a 12 year kid that I don't want to get bit too bad. Might put him off of wanting to shoot that ole muzzy. I wound up getting scope bit at an early age (though no scopes involved here in Nv.) and it kind of made me a tad flinchy on that recoil till I got in the military and...
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    200 Gr. .50 cal load with BH 209

    Lots of good muzzy info here so what better place to get some ideas? My grandson drew a youth tag (deer) here in Nv. He can hunt all seasons (archery, muzzy, any legal weapon). Looking to work up a load for him and need some opinions. Bought some 200 gr. T/C Shockwave bullets. I have...
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    Saw those for sale at my local gun store just today. Should buy a couple while they last and only because the liberals will want everything banned as soon as possible.
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    I went to our local gun store and thought “wow, there seems to be a lot of 17 HMR Ammo. No HMR guns. Saw a bunch of .45 230 gr. Ball rounds, but no large pistol primers or brass. Someone mentioned A 6mm. If you can find the gun, you should be good. Good luck with that.
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    Crispi vs. Kenetrek

    I have been hiking the hell out of these Crispi Nevadas. I posted about a month ago that I had 15 or so miles on them. I probably have tripled that in the last month trying to get in sheep-shape. they still look new. Still comfortable. No hot spots, Just a review but I am getting to the age...
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    Didn't read everything but my deer meat is always really good. Starts with processing. I skin them, bag them, then let them hang for a 5 days at least. Obviously in a cool place if possible with air movement. My dad used to let them hang till they started getting a green patina on them...
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    For Sale 6" Hoffman Explorer Light

    Says they're made in Kellog, Idaho. If I'd of known that, I may have held off on the Crispi Nevadas I bought about a month ago to give them a try. Same price range for the most part.
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    Bino harness system?

    I favor that Alaska Guide Gear one. Friend has one and it almost like a mini front pack. Keeps binos, range finder, cell phone and some other little things in there. Pretty nifty.
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    They ain't cheap.
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    Yeah the body count is amazingly high in Absaroka
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    Crispi vs. Kenetrek

    I purchased the Crispi Nevada Legend GTX‘s about 3 weeks ago. Never spent that much on a boot before. Glad I did. Very comfortable boot. I have probably 15 miles on them and they broke in pretty easily. 2 friends of mine have the kenetreks but are looking at the crispi’s. Kenetreks have a...
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    Good show but to be honest, I hate the Vic Moretti character. Seems like a teenage ditz most times. Haven’t seen the whole series but am working on it.
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    Nevada Electronic big game permit return/surrender

    If you go to your Kalkomey page, logon. On the left is a menu. Scroll down to applications and points. Click on that. Your unsuccessful and awarded information should come up. click on the down facing arrow of your awarded and the information on your hunt should pop in there. On the upper...
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    New Kuiu?

    Noticed that these high tech clothing outfits seemed to have missed the fact that there are those of us out there taller than 5'10". Hard to find inseams that are 34", and you are lucky to find those. I got to go at least 36" or I am in highwater Going on a sheep hunt with a...
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    Nevada draw results

  28. J

    Nevada draw results

    How many Rocky Mtn. Bighorn tags were issued this year?
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    New Kuiu?

    I do like some of the fabrics on that clothing and that Valo pattern looks made for the western states., but wish it wasn't so cost prohibitive. Just can't see spending 400 to 500 dollars on a set of clothes when military BDU's and a camo shirt will work for me. To each, their own as the...
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    Hunting boots

    Wow...great info and thanks! My podiatrist has me on insoles with extra padding. I've tried various insoles but the ones made by Powerstep seem to work the best. I think I have the problem with having a narrow foot but do need the wider toe box because of a bunion as well as that Mortons...
  31. J

    Hunting boots

    Thanks Sage, I will check them out.
  32. J

    Hunting boots

    I am in the market for some boots as well. I have this damn Mortons Neuroma at the ball of my foot about where the toes attach. Its a bit of a nerve thing that feels like you have a small pebble. Irritating as eff! That said, foot doc says to get something with a wider toe box and that would...
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    You sending an arrow?

    I shoot a recurve. I'd have to knock another 15 yards off to avoid the chance of wounding it, but yeah, I'd take a run at it.
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    Wyoming Guides can No Longer Scout for Outfitters???

    We got some unethical guides/sub-guides/so called "scouts" around my neck of the woods out there almost every day following the bucks/bulls/rams. I know one of these assholes. Wife, kids, has a job, but if he isn't working, he's out "scouting" his home, hearth, kids and wife be damned...
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    Wyoming Guides can No Longer Scout for Outfitters???

    You always hear that these big outfitters like Lemon and Moss "buy" intel from any number of people out there. Are those people considered sub-contractors? If so, then they need to have business licenses. Those big heads coming out of the mountains and ranges are sat on for months till the...
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    Our Governor

    Our gov is steaming POS. He has no plan whatsoever to get this state back on it's feet. The rural counties are starting to get a bit pissed off over this idiot shutting down the golf courses and parks. Hell, I went into our local Albertsons and it was packed with people shopping. The only...
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    chineees stuff.

    Yeah, I try very hard not to buy anything from China. It could be made almost anywhere else but there.
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    For Sale Yeasu FT-252 radio

    Yes I do. embarrassingly enough, not sure how to PM. I did the start a conversation thing, thinking that was it.
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    Any recurve bow hunters?

    Killed some deer, javelina and a couple of African game animals with both recurves and longbows. As mentioned, it takes some dedicated practice. Quality practice though. Not quantity. You can shoot a hundred arrows/day and suck at it, if not done properly. Better to shoot a few good arrows...
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    Utah raises NR fees, a ton! 20 years or so, the sport of kings. Anymore, unless you have your own private property, the argument about feeding your families on a tag is a moot argument in my humble opinion. Just the cost of provisioning for and traveling 130 miles and camping for 5 days, then finally...
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