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    Outdoorsmans compact tripod

    Yes it its
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    Outdoorsmans compact tripod

    Whole package retails and $910 plus tax. Let me know I can send pictures. Doesn't even have a scratch on it like new.
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    Outdoorsmans compact tripod

    Used only a couple times. Compact tripod, micro pan head, and center post extension. Set up is to small for my spotting scope. $700 shipped.
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    Cabelas (Meopta) 15x56 Euro HD

    Just checking to see if you received my PM.
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    NM unit 6B elk outfitter

    pm sent
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    Found bow I-40 by east of Alb.

    My friend found a bow on I-40 east of Albuquerque by moriarty. Give me a call 505-328-8609 if yours and we will get it back to you.
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    Mule Deer Outfitter Recomendation

    pm sent
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    Finally drew....

    PM sent
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    Landowner tags?

    PM sent
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    "ORYX" Guide or DIY

    Pm sent
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    Unit 13 Elk Outfitter

    pm sent
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    LO oryx hunts?

    PM sent
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    unit 6 a elk

    PM sent
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    Dangerous hunting

    I also would like to hear where you got those numbers or where you heard this. I am in Hermosillo and have been for a month and haven't heard of anything.
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    compact tripod

    Thanks for the info what head are you using. Also what did you think of the vortex high country.
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    compact tripod

    I am going back and forth between the slik you have and the benro around that size because of the leg locks. Have you heard anything on the benro. I will be putting a jim white head on either I choose. Thanks for the imput.
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    compact tripod

    I was looking at old threads and am now looking at the slik 613cf. I think I would rather have the quick locking style legs, does anyone know of a similar tripod without twist stlyle legs.
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    compact tripod

    Looking at a compact setup for my pack. I am looking at the manfrotto M-y carbon tripod with the jim white head. Any suggestions or experience with this set up or others. Thanks in advance.
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    tripod for swaro 65

    Thanks for the replies so far. How do you like that combonation kilowatt? Have you been using it long?
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    tripod for swaro 65

    I have been on the site for years and this is my first post. Was looking at getting a new carbon tripod. Cant decide which one, have thought about the swaro travelmodel but not sure about the head. Or the manfrotto just dont know which model. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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    elk bugling in northern nm

    Just wondering if the elk are bugling in northern nm unit 6a. Friend has a muzzle hunt there any info would be appreciated.
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