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  1. Bambam

    Untouchable 2019

    I have been chasing antelope for years and I have yet to harvest one. This year will be my third time hunting them in the last ten years. Each time I have had a tag it just didn't work out. Either because of work or kids or school. This year is different I will fill my tag. I went out...
  2. Bambam

    First time

    Hey all I drew out for an archery tag in Nevada for deer. This will be my first time hunting Nevada. Just looking for some info on what to expect as far as weather and what to pack for clothing? I also have heard in a lot of the units the deer can be down way low and all the way to the top...
  3. Bambam

    Dutton bear

    Hey everyone I have already been looking at options for bear for 2019. I have a few questions about the Dutton bear if anyone is willing to help? I know the Dutton well and have hunted it quite a bit but I know nothing about bear for the unit. Anyone willing to answer a few questions I have?
  4. Bambam

    Match? Pics?

    So my buddy found this shed this year in utah on a popular LE unit. Does anyone have pics or know where the other side is?
  5. Bambam

    Unit 444

    Hey everyone myself and a few buddies drew unit 444 3rd season. We live in utah and have never hunted in colorado. My question is what kind of terrain are we looking at. We are planning on backpacking in and trying to find a good place to find some bucks. We will be taking a few scouting trips...
  6. Bambam

    Unit 74

    Hello all I'm looking into colorado this year for deer can anyone tell me what unit 74 is like? Just looking for general information any help would be great. Thank you
  7. Bambam

    Dutton archery

    Hey guys new to the forum I drew a dutton archery elk tag this year. I have hunted cow a few times down there but that was in the dead of winter. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to point me in the right direction? Anything would help. Thanks in advance.
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