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    CO Buck

    Way cool! Todd
  2. J

    Let's See Those Bucks! Nice Daypack Giveaway

    Colorado 0 point tag. 3rd season rut monger! I’d love a chance at that pack! Todd
  3. J

    CO 21 Deer Tag Filled

    I live in Rangely, work in unit 21 and I just want to say you did well. Congrats! Todd
  4. J

    Got Lucky This Morning!

    Thank you all very much! It was an amazing morning!. The young man is actually my oldest daughter. Seems if you dress them in boy cloths and hide their hair with a hat, it’s an easy mistake. She is as game as anybody. Todd
  5. J

    Got Lucky This Morning!

    Drew a zero point tag in Co., only had 1.5 days to hunt. I didn’t shoot the first buck I saw but believe me when I say my standards were WAY lower than this guy. Got luckier than a monkey that fell on a banana boat! It was a great morning to be outside! 325 yards, Weatherby Vanguard First Lite...
  6. J

    Disabled daughter on elk hunt

    Very Cool! Todd
  7. J

    Buckskinner Stories - Tales of the hunt

    Very cool. Congrats and thanks for sharing. Todd
  8. J

    Muley Ready!

    Great buck! Congrats! Todd
  9. J

    Hornady Bore Driver report…

    Not quite as strict as Pacific NW. Todd
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    Hornady Bore Driver report…

    Punched my Colorado Muzzy tag yesterday evening. 1.5 year old cow. 161 yards, broadside. I didn’t wait for “Colorado approval”. It would be pretty hard to prosecute me over something that meets all the legal definitions and are mirror images of bullets that are approved, as in Bor-Loc and...
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    SOLD Hornady 350 FPB bullets

    I'll take them. PM sent. Todd
  12. J

    Hornady Bore Driver FTX

    I just received two packages as well. Is your 105 gr of BH209 by weight or volume? Thanks, Todd
  13. J

    Ideas for elk and deer?

    Lots of great hunts in Colorado that require 0 points. I'd start there and save myself 4K... if you shop around, 6k might get you a drop camp in an awesome rag-horn unit on private. Don't get me wrong... Those can be super fun hunts. Todd
  14. J

    Book Cliffs Bison-Bull Down!!

    Way Cool! Todd
  15. J

    Co unit 21

    Go high. No migratory deer yet. You'll be hunting resident deer. There are a few around but they are in a smallish areas so expect competition. There are a few deer in the desert above the river on the 21/10 boundary that Bigwiffy is talking about. its no secret. Caught this guy with 3 other...
  16. J

    Would you shoot a calf?

    I had an either sex muzzy tag last year and got a muzzy cow tag off the leftover list. Dusted the cow, calf ran off 40 yards waiting for mom while I reloaded. I dusted her to. Guilt free. I'd do it again with as much guilt as I felt the last time.... Best part is, if I would have passed a cow...
  17. J

    Daughters and Hunting

    The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my hunting career is walking away from this bear with nothing more than a prayer he’d still be there or come back when my best hunting bud was sitting right next to me. No room for putting yourself first if you want them to enjoy it as much as you. When I...
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  19. J

    Daughters and Hunting

    I have three daughters and a baby boy. Make it a fun way of life for them. When they are old enough to realize any different, it will be a part of them. Don’t be afraid to hang your tag on a small buck or antlerless so they can experience success instead of a carrot that never gets eaten...
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    300 mag 2.5" high 100 yards, 3" high 200 yards?

    The bullet doesn't climb. They don't have wings and lift or superman powers. The bullet starts falling as soon as it leaves the barrel. It may shoot high due to the angle of the scope vs barrel angle, but the bullet isn't climbing. Like highlighted above, much more info is needed for us to...
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    Parking in unit 21

    I work for the company that owns most of the wells in 21. Not a big deal at all to park on a pad, just please park out of the way and as far away from the well head, separator and meter building as possible, and be very careful not to back over or hit any piping for your own safety. Like...
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    My Opinion

    I know and fully believe you and what you wrote. The “who’s the better man” line was aimed way more toward the OP. The way he comes across in his original post is very high horseish in my opinion, and he obviously needs validated or he wouldn’t have posted. I never felt that way about anything...
  27. J

    My Opinion

    Grizzly, I mostly agree with you... but only about my own critters & hunts. But, I’m the first to admit I do it to try to remove the violence that has just occurred to hide it from people who can’t handle the truth. Not because I feel it disrespects the animal. In most cases WE “church” up the...
  28. J

    My Opinion

    Somebody that ignorant about hunting isn’t going to know the difference between sitting on said dead animal or sitting next to it. The only people it effects are snobs. How is it unethical? They aren’t poaching or even coming close to breaking any law. It’s not even an un-written rule. It’s...
  29. J

    My Opinion

    I don’t like the sitting on pose either. But I’m not so stuck up that I give two dams if other people want to do that with THEIR animal, bought and paid for. Once they pull the trigger, that animal becomes THEIR physical property. They can “lord” over it if they want. You really ought to...
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    2nd season unit 21 deer

    I went for a ride this evening. It’s pretty scary how few deer I saw. That said, I still saw 4 bucks and one of those was a low 170’s shooter buck (in my opinion). There is still a little over a week for more deer to move in and get some weather. Even so, I think you all will have a good hunt...
  32. J


    Nicely done! good show! Todd
  33. J

    2nd season unit 21 deer

    Saw some doe this morning. They’ll be moving in the next few days. Had a small rain yesterday. Better than nothing but it’s still VERY dry. Todd
  34. J

    2nd season unit 21 deer

    I live in Rangely and work in the heart of 21. The deer aren't here yet and it's 99% migratory herd off the roan. It doesn't surprise me a bit that your earlier scouting didn't yield much. Completely normal for that time of year. I honestly wouldn't recomend coming until your season starts. The...
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    La Sal Summer Bait Tag

    Best hunt of my career. 2018 bear. I’m not diverging any info as I have a buddy with a tag this year but I can’t imagine a better bear hunt in the world. 22”, 8’ cinnamon bear when he was green. Somewhere around 500 pounds with no fat. Good luck, Todd
  36. Utah Bear

    Utah Bear

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  38. J

    HAMS Hunts... No Scopes...

    I'm willing to bet there will be no more than 1 NR tag for each unit. maybe 2 for the Kaparowitz and Summit Units. I shoot a Hawken so I'm not bothered by it either. I only have 14 points and have already settled into the fact I am not going to draw but I'm going to give it hell anyway. Knowing...
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    HAMS Hunts... No Scopes...

    FYI to those of you interested. Could be a gamechanger/deal breaker. None of your weapons can have a scope attached. That is not clear at all in the 2020 Application Guidebook. I looked it up and found this. R657-5-48. Handgun-Archery-Muzzleloader-Shotgun-Only Hunt. (1) The division may...
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    Nice! Congrats! Todd
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