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  1. redwoood

    2020 Family Whitetail Success PLUS going to offer some hunts

    2020 was a great year in the deer woods for my household. Deer season is a year round thing for us; trail cams, food plots, shed hunting, hanging stands, and setting ground blinds. We are blessed with some fantastic deer hunting properties that we have exclusive hunting rights on as well as some...
  2. redwoood

    ISO 215 magnum primers

    Needing some for 300 WM loads. I saw a thread on here the other day with some components but I can't locate it now. Thanks.
  3. redwoood

    For Sale Accurate mag 7 round 300wsm/6.5 prc

    Brand new $70 shipped OBO
  4. redwoood

    For Sale Kuiu guude vest xxl verde

    Good uses condition. $100 shipped OBO.
  5. redwoood

    Wife's Pronghorn

    Finally got my wife's WY pronghorn finished up.
  6. redwoood

    Larkspur/Colorado Springs rut action

    Can anyone in the area tell me if there is any rut action yet? Heading that way Tuesday. Thanks.
  7. redwoood

    Anyone use a sig kilo 2400 abs?

    Curious if anyone on this forum has real world hunting experience with the sig kilo 2400 abs?? I have one and love it but I've yet to use it at different altitudes. It's always dead on here at 900 feet. Would like to know what your experiences are hunting at different altitudes and if the...
  8. redwoood

    SOLD Once Fired PRC brass/6.5mm bullets/ AR mag/Swarovski scope coat and more

    Clearing out some space in the gun room...hopefully. I have 80 pieces of once fired hornady 6.5 PRC brass- $45 shipped Very lightly used(only in safe) Swarovski scope coat size large-$55 shipped I have 95-140 eldx 6.5mm bullets and 100-130 grain berger hunting vld bullets-$57 shipped for both...
  9. redwoood

    Garmin 64st

    I have a garmin 64st with box and all contents. Good condition. $180 shipped obo.
  10. redwoood

    Bullets and AR drum mag

    I have 100 6.5 mm 130 grain berger hunting vld and 97 hornady match 140 grain bullets. $55 for both shipped. Brand new in box iver johnson 50 round 223 drum mag. $85 shipped. Can text or email pics.
  11. redwoood

    Gunnison area snow fall

    Can anyone tell me what the winter has been like around Gunnison? Areas 53 and 54. Curious how hard it was on the elk and deer in the area this winter. Thanks.
  12. redwoood

    Vortex viper hst 4-16x44

    Used in great condition vortex viper hst 4-16x44. Vhs-4309 $450 shipped lower 48. Can email or text pics. Thanks.
  13. redwoood

    Semi custom savage 6.5 creedmoor

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-05-19 AT 10:49PM (MST)[p]I'm selling my model 10 predator that I had rebarreled by Curtis Custom Weapons. He chambered the barrel, threaded it, installed the brake, bedded, and cerakoted it. Criterion barrel. Between 260 and 300 rounds on the barrel. It shoots 130 berger...
  14. redwoood

    Off range oryx

    What do you guys think a nonresidents odds of success are on an off range DIY oryx hunt? I know there are a lot of variables but just wondering if it's doable or if a guy should plan on a guide? Any insight is much appreciated. Thanks.
  15. redwoood

    unit 69 antelope

    Has anyone ever hunted this unit? I'm looking for a unit for next fall that my wife and I can draw with 2.5 averaged points in the special draw. The way the preference points are going I'd like to dump them on a decent unit and our kids will be at a good age to make it into a family camping...
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