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  1. Swivelneck

    2021 Youth Success Photo Contest - Let's See 'Um!

    My eldest son, CJ (13) had a great 2021 hunting season! He got it started with a nice Jake taken on public land at Lake Sonoma during the spring season. He put the icing on the cake by taking his second ever Blacktail on Friday afternoon of the last weekend of season. A week of stormy weather...
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  3. Swivelneck

    B Zone Blacktail

    Hell Ya!
  4. Swivelneck

    Of Paisans & Goombahs

    Right on, thanks for the explanation!
  5. Swivelneck

    Of Paisans & Goombahs

    OW, Maybe you could help clear up a long running mystery for me? The area of west Sonoma County, Ca. where I live is home to a ton of Italian folks. The families of most all of my buddies growing up were either "Swiss Italian" Dairy farmers or Fisherman. I would say to this day 75% of my pals...
  6. Swivelneck

    Dive Bars....gimme a story or two

    A memory from the ol' dark days....... 20 some odd years ago my old runnin partner Joe, AKA "Deep" and I were headed back home after a couple days of crappy hog hunting at his uncles ranch in Boonville. Feeling the need for a dustcutter or two Deep pulls his rig in front of the "Keg Salooz" in...
  7. Swivelneck

    30” California mule deer, they do exist!!

    Well done, that's a smasher!!
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