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  1. desperatehills

    Wyoming Elk unit 111 Type 1

    According to gohunt 111 has a higher success than 24. The special took more points to draw in 111 than the regular draw but I would expect that to correct.
  2. desperatehills

    Wyoming Elk unit 111 Type 1

    How many points do you have?
  3. desperatehills

    What unit for antelope

    I think maybe it is code so searches wont bring up this thread
  4. desperatehills

    What to do with 5 out of state general deer preference points?

    Myself or my friend have been in pine valley 3 of the last 4 years. The drop in deer from 2018 to 2021 is unbelievable. I hope it gets better but I have my doubts. We are going to wait a few years before we go back.
  5. desperatehills

    Banquet fundraising game ideas

    We have a 3D deer archery target that you throw darts at. Depending on where you hit it you get so many tickets. Winning ticket gets a gun.
  6. desperatehills


    I 100% agree with legacy. I have ran as many as 14 cameras before. I have only killed two animals that I got pictures of first. I enjoy the pictures a lot. My phone is filled with them. I will miss putting them up but it wont change how I hunt. Where I run my cameras I rarely see other...
  7. desperatehills

    Sheep Point $$

    I will sleep better tonight have been called selfish by buzzh
  8. desperatehills

    Sheep Point $$

    I guess that is a timing thing. I liked it better when the results were earlier. Not sure the advantage of later results, they still make us apply early.
  9. desperatehills

    Sheep Point $$

    #3 Buzz H will support something that helps NR in Wyoming
  10. desperatehills

    Deer Unit 5 or 6

    PM sent
  11. desperatehills

    Best magazine to rate hunting units?

    They do. Even though I get the paper copies every month some never make it out of the wrapper. I read them online where I can zoom in and read it without glasses
  12. desperatehills

    Best magazine to rate hunting units?

    I get epic and hunting fool. I enjoy both but they generally only cover the trophy units. If you are looking for cow tags they are not much help, you need to learn to use the states websites to get the big picture.
  13. desperatehills

    Sheep lives matter

    Melissa Maier, an activist for racial justice from Cody. Melissa must have too much time on her hands, what is there like 3 minorities that live in Cody
  14. desperatehills

    What are the real reasons we hunt?

    When I was younger I enjoyed the challenge and being successful was more important. Now it has become my excuse to travel. I have been to places and seen things that I never would have if I did not have a tag in my pocket. I enjoy the meat but consider it a bonus
  15. desperatehills

    2021 Pronghorn Antelope Success Phone Skope Giveaway

    This is my wife's antelope. After waiting 18 years to draw a tag the hunt nearly did not happen. While scouting her Jack Russel Annie was bitten by a rattlesnake and died a few days later. She was devastated and it took all she had to return to the desert.
  16. solbritts antelope.jpg

    solbritts antelope.jpg

  17. desperatehills

    Special vs Regular

    Pay the extra, tomorrow and next year are not guaranteed
  18. desperatehills

    Los Cabos

    My buddy just got back from La Paz. He said the boats out of cabo have had some 20 marlin days lately.
  19. desperatehills

    Coati in AZ

    Would people call these ring tail cats sometimes? The reason I ask is I seen a picture on the wickenburg bulletin board that looked similar and that's what they referred to it as.
  20. desperatehills

    chest holster

    I wonder what it would feel like getting that plastic buckle undone while being charged by a grizzly
  21. desperatehills

    Good Budget For A First Bow

    WOW, you are a archery shops dream
  22. desperatehills

    Interstate Youth Deer Hunt

    With the 5% NR cap I am not sure you could have ever gotten that tag. Last years estimate from Ron was 0% at 14 points.
  23. desperatehills

    wolf pups killed by feds

    What was god thinking when he made the Mosquito?
  24. desperatehills

    Trail Cam ?

    Worst part about this law for me....when I leave Oregon and move to AZ I need to sell about 20 cameras. Good chance they could have gone to Utah, not now. I think of these laws like mask mandates. I hate wearing mask. When a private business has a sign mask required I wear one out of respect...
  25. desperatehills

    Utah to Change App Timeline in 2023

    NR have been able to get two applications done with only buying one license. Half the NR wont be able to do that next year. So far as I can tell it would still work after that. This is a loop hole I am surprised they have not fixed
  26. desperatehills

    More money for AZ

    Don't know when or where but there might be some tags, can't tell you if it will be bull or cow, can't tell you what unit or how many tags. Just send us another $13/$15 dollars. Don't call us, we will call you..... Yeah, I will probably send them some money GAME...
  27. desperatehills

    Dream Buck Down

    Not real sure. There was a lot of bare dirt in the area that is not good for spotting blood in. He did cross some bare logs that should of been easier to find blood but nothing. When I found the first blood there was quite a bit like he stood for a moment but that was far from the tree. He piled...
  28. desperatehills

    Bloody Pack Help

    Good ideas here. I normally just hose it off and its fine. This year I packed two antelope. I have washed it 3 times and I can still smell antelope
  29. desperatehills

    Dream Buck Down

    Mine was a pass thru. I was in a tree stand so the shot was a slight downward angle. The picture is from the entrance side. Deer made it 195 yards from where I shot.
  30. buck me.jpg

    buck me.jpg

  31. desperatehills

    Dream Buck Down

    Yes I can. I watched my arrow disappear right in the crease on my mulie this year. I was so sure of the shot I did not even look for blood at first. 2 hours later I found my first drop of blood and he was piled up 30 yards from there. I quit bowhunting there for a bit. Congrats on a incredible buck
  32. desperatehills

    Interstate Youth Deer Hunt

    the hunt as we know it has been cancelled.
  33. desperatehills

    Yellowstone tv show

    He is just mad because you did not misspell anything
  34. desperatehills

    Yellowstone tv show

    Well I was wrong about Jimmy wrecking the truck with the million dollar horse inside the trailer. Glad to see Jamie's dad go. Pretty calm finale compared to last years
  35. desperatehills

    Gun identification help

    I got one similar when my dad passed. It was a 7.7 with a steel butt plate. We shot it when we were younger. Man did that thing kick. My dad thought you could shoot U.S. ammo through it but our guns would not shoot their 7.7 Nothing I ever tried to prove though
  36. desperatehills

    Hunt Arizona In 2022?

    Some good advise here. My AZ hunt I showed up 3 days early and killed my bull (<---- my avatar) on day 12. We heard bugles every day but it was better the second week. I would not try and squeeze this hunt into one week but if I had to it would be the second
  37. desperatehills

    WSMR Oryx hunt January 14-16, 2022

    Been 12 years since I had the tag, I forgot all that stuff. Our hunt was the first that allowed cameras. Only pictures with a person and a oryx were allowed. They went through my camera
  38. desperatehills

    WSMR Oryx hunt January 14-16, 2022

    I do not know if it is still popular but when I had the tag the guide encouraged me to bring my muzzleloader. The books were soft at that time, I think my guide had 3 in the top 10. I brought it but with the threat of snow I put it away after lunch.
  39. desperatehills

    When was the last time you pulled the trigger?

    11/14/2021 Colorado mule deer. Still do not have all my hearing back in my left ear
  40. desperatehills

    Finding yourself and youre wife in NO MANS LAND

    I guess it depends on your age and situation. If you are still healthy then keep chasing your dream. If the clock is ticking you have the points for a great hunt now. I do not consider 25/22 points no mans land. I have 14/15 for most everything, I live smack dab in the middle of no mans land.
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