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  1. HikeHunt61

    Post One Photo Per Day

    Thanks for sharing this one. I invested a few hours reading various accounts of Howland's and Dunn's demise. I spent a couple weeks hunting that area a decade ago and enjoyed thinking about that country and what it would have been like 150 years ago.
  2. HikeHunt61

    Hungry Fella!

    Ya, even at 1/3 the cats are killing about as many as the hunters are.
  3. HikeHunt61

    Hungry Fella!

    Cool article, interesting. I've read multiple sources claiming cougars kill an average of one big game animal per week. Per this one cat's diet- 22 big game sized animals in 66 weeks is a third of that.
  4. HikeHunt61

    Governor tag bull for 2021

    Amazing detective work. Looks like they shot it right out of the Cherry Peak resort...
  5. HikeHunt61

    Governor tag bull for 2021

    And grazed the left antler as well. Wonder if that was the same bullet, or two...
  6. HikeHunt61

    Elk Migration

    Unbelievable sight...
  7. HikeHunt61


    That's pretty cool. I'll bet they cost more than a house tho :)
  8. HikeHunt61

    Sheep lives matter

    Ya. I remember as a kid going to Jackson many times- sometimes to hunt the Gros Ventre, sometimes to canoe the Snake. It was a tourist town, but with a true Wyoming vibe. Today? Good luck finding anything like a Wyomingite there. Sad to see it taken over by rich Cali's. I never spent time...
  9. HikeHunt61

    Hope American Elk Don't Learn This Tactic!

    Dude got gored in the eye per the article in Dailymail. He said he tried to move, but it happened so quick.
  10. HikeHunt61

    Hope American Elk Don't Learn This Tactic!

    Stag hunter in Poland gets a face full:
  11. HikeHunt61

    When did Technology surpass Fair Chase?

    My opinion is that there isn’t a distinct line, rather a spectrum of white to black with lots of grey. Not trying to weasel out, but how do you decide what quality of glass, or accuracy of rifle, or whether 60 yards vs 20 yards is too good? When something comes along that is a step-change, it...
  12. HikeHunt61

    Wondering about OutdoorWriter

    Maybe Founder should run newbies through a quick introduction before joining. Step One: Post one thread about grizzlies, game cameras, hunt quotas or land use. Step Two: Have Hossblur, SS!, Tristate, eelgrass and elkassassin run 'em thru the gauntlet. Step Three: well, maybe the two-step...
  13. HikeHunt61

    Under threat

  14. HikeHunt61

    Wondering about OutdoorWriter

    Fair enough- clearly they are SWAGs. But the gist is correct, there is little doubt that gun based hunting with zero restrictions had a massive impact on game prior to managed hunting.
  15. HikeHunt61

    Wondering about OutdoorWriter

    Funny- I went and read the thread on the article in question. The whole issue appeared to be about the word "today" after numbers of decreased big game animals due to Europeans. JPickett's screen shot clearly shows it. BUT, the article I clicked on from ODW's post does not include that word...
  16. HikeHunt61

    Bloody Pack Help

    Perfect situation for avoiding Griz attack: you wear tennis shoes and give that pack to your buddy :)
  17. HikeHunt61

    area 16 Wyoming Elk 2022

    I've never hunted Shirley Mtns- but have hunted Ferris several times many years ago. They are very popular- but part of that is due to proximity to Casper. Per Eastman's article- Shirley's don't produce many 350 class bulls and may be hard to find good access. Here is the article (a few years...
  18. HikeHunt61

    For Sale Horton Hunter Crossbow with Scope- $100

    Will throw in the Cabela's soft case and an old Eternity target. Must pick up locally- Phoenix North Valley area.
  19. HikeHunt61

    Sierra and Nosler Availability

    No- you might have missed my last sentence where I contacted some guy at Sierra who called BS on the local dude. But who knows- almost a year without supply is nuts...
  20. HikeHunt61

    Sometimes 4.50 a gallon is worth it.

    Freaking awesome!
  21. HikeHunt61

    Someone elses tag...

    On an elk hunt in Unit 10 AZ back in 2015 two "hunters" driving in their tricked-out Jeep with a massive light bar shining into my rearview came up behind us on a two-track as we made our way to the morning's hunt. There was really only one good hunt approach to the area the two-track headed...
  22. HikeHunt61

    Recommend Off-Road Tacoma or Tundra??? Looking Soon!

    Smaller trucks have better maneuverability, larger trucks are more comfortable and have more amenities. If you really intend on serious jeep track-like roads, go small. Otherwise, larger truck will be more comfortable but still pretty capable for most hunting situations. Many folks buy...
  23. HikeHunt61

    Another day, no grizzly fatalities

    Those bears. They've just gotten smarter about it. They learned about humans and their 3S's approach- and adopted their own- the 3Cs. Consume, Conceal, Carry on. Bad bruins!
  24. HikeHunt61

    Good news Bess!

    You should cheer them on, even if it's crap. For every box they sell, it puts less pressure on other manufacturers and improves supply of good stuff. And I really like the good stuff :)
  25. HikeHunt61

    280 AI

    Absolutely nothing wrong with 280 Rem. I got the AI because it was offered and gets another 150 fps, but it's not wildly different. And I truly believe H4831sc is the most consistent and forgiving powder out there (at least in non-magnum 27/28 caliber guns).
  26. HikeHunt61

    280 AI

    I love mine. If you end up deciding to develop loads, I'll be happy to share what I ended up with along with my conservative starting points...
  27. HikeHunt61

    Corner crossing case

    Hmm. I've driven dozens of forest service and BLM roads that pass through private property to public property on the other side. Seems as if the gov't can force access to public lands when they desire to. Also seems like they could force easements for trails if they chose. Corner hopping...
  28. HikeHunt61

    280 AI

    Not that I gave it a lot of effort, but did buy two different boxes of commercial when I first got my Fierce 280AI as I didn't have dies yet. Both were terrible (1.5" groups), which scared the crap out of me. I kind of assumed it was due to the conservative COAL they use in manufactured ammo...
  29. HikeHunt61


    What? Is Utah spraying water on the coral dunes to keep the dust down as all those quads and side by sides cruise around? I knew it!!! (Really, Utah has a serious off-road issue, I've never seen so dang many people with quads- don't they like to use their legs??) -Born In Utah, Raised in...
  30. HikeHunt61

    Wonder if this guy made it?

    A ways south, in Pinedale, they get some similar wildlife fun. First buck has been a regular at my parent's for 4 years- nicknamed "Mr Handsome", the one below visits my sister on occasion:)
  31. New buck 3.jpg

    New buck 3.jpg

  32. Mr Handsome 004.JPG

    Mr Handsome 004.JPG

  33. HikeHunt61

    Sierra and Nosler Availability

    Local reloader store owner told me Sierra was not going to have bullets for reloaders for years (and I should find another manufacturer). That would totally suck since I have years invested in developing loads, with Sierra being 75% of my good ones. I got hold of some customer rep dude at...
  34. HikeHunt61

    Down Jackets?

    Gave up on heavy coats long ago- and went exclusively to layering. Just too many times I'd start out at 5AM at the bottom of a valley where it was zero degrees, then end up 40 degrees warmer and sweating my butt off going up hills. I suppose if I was sitting all day long in 20 degree or colder...
  35. HikeHunt61

    Well? Is he going to prison for life?

    It’s hard to wrap one’s head around idiots bringing guns into situations where there is likely to be an escalation. What is it? Watched one too many vigilante movies? Just finished binge playing Call of Duty? Lost at the casino and figured your luck will turn now? I totally get self-defense- but...
  36. HikeHunt61

    Not normal

    Is it possible he nosedived when he went down? I've had some incredible crash endings on deer and elk over the years...
  37. HikeHunt61

    It's not just predators

    For my education: who is "the brush hippy"? I thought (probably wrongly) that is was Hoss' general term for liberal tree hugger type :)
  38. HikeHunt61

    It's not just predators

    Hoss- I'm not saying that sometimes some rancher does not overgraze an area. Just like in every profession, there are good ones and bad ones. Zero doubt there are those in the industry that don't care or feel they have no choice or whatever it is that leads to a bad situation. What I am...
  39. HikeHunt61

    It's not just predators

    Ya elks96, seems like a pretty far-left org disguised by a former hunter. The articles on carbon emissions from cattle always crack me up. If you count how many bison, elk and other ungulates that used to be in North America before the evil white man came- and compared them to cattle...
  40. HikeHunt61

    That's a weird one

    Slightly deformed elk antler if you ask me...
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