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    Utah Law Change

    Question for Utahns. Should the state be more lenient regarding private ownership of animals such as monkeys, exotic cats, etc?
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    Tribal Hunts on General Deer Units in Utah

    Was looking at UDWR's maps of general deer units and see a ton of hunts listed as 'SouthEastern Navajo Buck Deer' or 'Southern Navajo Buck Deer'. Does anybody know what these hunts are about? The units are not on reservation land. Is this some sort of white guilt thing? Last I checked...
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    Utah Coyote Bounty Reporting App

    Any news of when this 'app' will be released?
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    Bison? Henries vs BookCliffs

    Honest assessment of what you'd do with 18 pts for bison. Wait for Henries or BookCliffs wild horse unit? I've heard Wild Horse unit is a crap shoot and of conflicts with tribal hunters.
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    Support for Chaffetz

    Jason could sure use the support of sportsmen and women whom he supported. 2020: Reports coming in today of millions of "non-citizen voters" praising the latest results from the Supreme Court no longer requiring them to visit the U.S. in order to cast their votes. Democrats are thrilled with...
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    Double Droptine Books buck.

    Archery hunt of 2015 I took some pictures of a double droptine buck on Steer Ridge. I know a few other guys had pictures of him. Anybody hear if that buck was killed that year or 2016?
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    Tripod Buck

    Hunted archery bookcliffs deer in 2015 after a buck I called 'tripod'. If you've seen him you'll understand the name. Curious if anybody has heard of this buck being harvested in 2015/16.
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    Lion Hunter Needed

    If anybody has a Manti tag remaining. Lion spotted in East Point Estates mouth of Ephraim Canyon at 7:10 this morning. Kids walking to bus stop in the morning. This cat needs to be chased at least. I live in the neighborhood and would sure like somebody with hounds to put some heat on this cat.
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    I'm sure all the houndsmen in Central Utah either: A)have bobcat tags or B)don't bother running bobcats. But, if any of y'all want an excuse to turn loose... I have tags. I cut tracks frequently checking traps. Traps that I'm still learning how to use obviously. Anyway... would love to fill...
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