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  1. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Coddling the workforce

    It seems to be a job seekers market right now. However, it is becoming very disturbing to see the “entitlement” job seekers feel they deserve everything for very little in return. As a hiring manager, we cannot find strong candidates fast enough to hire. We struggle to find the necessary skill...
  2. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Age of dad’s bull

    I know some find it interesting to know the age of an animal, so I thought I would share. I looked up my dads bull from his hunt last year. Ended up at 9 years old, (according to the tooth testing) missing a front tooth, and all other teeth ground down along with dished out hoofs.
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    Better ban knives and vehicles too B!D3N...
  4. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Florida bull back from the taxi!!!

    Got my Florida bull back! Had to garage him for now until I get the man cave finished!
  5. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Attn. Utah wildlife management complainers!

    You now have the opportunity to get in on the decision-making action! So? Who’s applying? And whattya gonna change if you get the job?!
  6. BLooDTRaCKeR

    For all you old car enthusiasts....

    the funniest car guy on Youtube. Videos are a bit long...but well worth the watch! Who knows?! Maybe your next mountain repair will be successful as a result of watching this guy! Share your favorite quote from him in this thread!
  7. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Lightning Stories Anyone?

    Anyone have a good lightning story? I’ll be honest, lightning is the one thing that’ll keep me back at camp (now that I’ve had a few really close calls with the lightning demons). I was hunting elk about 10 years ago or so. I was about 5 miles from camp, on foot, when over the top of this...
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    Big Enough for LE Opening day??

    Thought I’d stir things up a bit and see what some consider big enough for a Utah LE hunt. Not saying this bull is from Utah, but since I live in the state, and understand what quality is here, I wanted to throw this picture out and see who would squeeze the trigger on the opener of an LE hunt...
  9. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Ever seen one of these??

    Found this guy today. This young bull busted the antler off in the scull. The antler was hanging off his head, only attached by the skin. Watched it dangle and swing every time he moved.
  10. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Halloween pic

    Took this pic out scouting for my dad’s late season elk hunt while the family was out trick or treating...
  11. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Dad’s Late Season Bull!!!

    This hunt will go down in our family history books as the most memorable and amazing hunt ever! At the age of 73, dad pulled a LE tag. He got the call from the dwr about three weeks after he lost out on his general season opportunity to hunt due to the Covid craze that forced permit sales to the...
  12. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Good taxidermist in Northern Utah?

    Anyone know a good taxidermist in Northern Utah?! Asking for a friend! Possibly my dad!
  13. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Late Season Manti Elk Tag for Dad!!!

    I’m new to the forum! Been a lurker for years! So here goes...... Someone turned in their late season manti elk tag and my dad got a call! Not looking for honey holes but a little help would be nice! I wanna get him a 400” bull but a 380 will do! Anyone seeing any? Got any tied up that I...
  14. BLooDTRaCKeR


    Well??? Who's standing in THIS virtual line?! YA GOT TILL SEPTEMBER 17th TO MENTALLY PREPARE!
  15. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Favorite Amazon Review!

    What’s your favorite Amazon review?! post em up!
  16. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Shed Closures!

    Been out a few times! Been seeing a lot of these signs around!.... What next?!
  17. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Florida general season bull!

    Well folks, didn't think it was possible, but it happened! Gotter dunn down South!
  18. BLooDTRaCKeR

    How's the antler growth? Pics?

    I haven't had a chance to get out in the hills this summer. Just wondering what everyone has been seeing on their trail cams or just out hiking in the hills. With the wet weather and excess snow runoff, are antlers looking better than the average drought year? Post up some pics if you have em!
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    Central Mountains Manti Late

    My buddy and I decided to put in for the Manti late hunt this year. He had 6 points and I had 7. We got our draw results back and looks like we're going to Manti in November with a couple of tags in our pockets! This is the second time I have drawn this hunt in 14 years. Should be a blast...
  20. BLooDTRaCKeR

    The pains of success

    This elk hunt may go down as the toughest and scariest hunt of my career. Dad and I headed back up to sacred hunting grounds to maintain the tradition of a father/son elk hunting trip. I took the week off work and planned to stay until we filled one or two tags. Opening day was good to us. We...
  21. BLooDTRaCKeR

    point system

    Hey fellow MM'ers. Just a quick question on how the point system works. I have 6 elk points and a buddy has 5 elk points. We were gonna put in for a late season elk hunt this year and try to draw it earlier in life than later. However, my dad just came off the waiting list and has one point...
  22. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Another Gen. Season Meat Bull

    It has been a while since I posted up a story. Now that things have calmed down enough to peck at the key board, I thought I would take a minute and share the details of my Elk hunt. The elk hunt this year was much different than any of the previous years hunts. I took a job promotion to the...
  23. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Unit 18 Colorado 3rd season

    Looking for some information on this unit. What to expect for weather. Elevations to hunt? Any experiences to share by those who have hunted it in years past. Not looking for a monster buck, just in it for the experience. (First time hunting Colorado) The hunt starts November 4th. Got a week to...
  24. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Weekend finds...

  25. BLooDTRaCKeR

    12 for 13 years!

    The general season elk hunt is by far my favorite hunt, and time of year. My wife often jokes that I live for this one week out of the year that I get to hunt bull elk. In the past 13 years of hunting this area, I have managed to pull bulls out every year but one. The year I didn't bring home a...
  26. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Gen Season Muzzleloader Deer Success

    I went into this hunt with two goals in mind: 1. Shoot a big buck OR... 2. Shoot a buck at 200 yards to try out the new muzzy. In two days of hunting public land, I saw 29 bucks, and a couple of them were pigs! The big ones would come out across the canyon just before dark with no time to move...
  27. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Retumbo Anyone??

    Hey just throwing this out there. I cannot find retumbo powder ANYWHERE! I am looking for an 8 lb jug. I live in Northern Utah. Anyone know where I can find a jug? I gotta get to reloading the 300 RUM. Thanks in advance!
  28. BLooDTRaCKeR

    General Season Success!

    Well, fellow Monster Muley members, this year was just as kind to me and dad as the last 10 years have been. Dad, at the age of 68 plowed through this trip again, only this time with a bad knee. With knee surgery scheduled for after the hunt, dad painfully worked his way through the hunt because...
  29. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Nikon Monarch 12X42??

    Hey guys, Just wondered what your opinions were on the 12X42's. I've been using a pair of Nikon Actions for the past 10 years and I have really enjoyed them. It's just time to replace with a lighter weight version. They seem to have good clarity for the price...
  30. BLooDTRaCKeR

    european mount for elk?

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-08-15 AT 07:26AM (MST)[p]Anyone know of a good place in northern utah, preferably close to the Ogden area that is reasonably priced? If not, I will attempt it myself, doesn't look extremely difficult, just time consuming. Thanks in advance! Oh, and I will post up pics of my...
  31. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Got my 2014 mount back!!!

    What do you guys think?? He doesn't score well. And the taxi still has a few touch-ups to do, but I think he turned out well.......
  32. BLooDTRaCKeR

    game cart design....

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-03-15 AT 11:52AM (MST)[p]I have received many requests to share my game cart design so instead of sending out a ton of private massages, I thought I would take the time and "pay it forward" to all who want to build one for their hunting needs...... This first photo is just an...
  33. BLooDTRaCKeR

    2014 general season elk hunt with pics

    This year will go down in the books for dad and I as being one of the best times Spent in the hills together. just when you think you'll never top the year before, this happens....... Dad and I arrived at our usual spot the day before the opener. We set up camp and headed to the "cheesehole"...
  34. BLooDTRaCKeR

    How often does this happen?

    A guy at work wanted to go hunting with me. I drew a muzzy tag and he drew a pumpkin patch northen utah tag. I tagged along with him yesterday because it was his first deer hunt, first rifle, first experience looking for deer. Well, I find out his gun is a "Walmart 270/scope combo" he had...
  35. BLooDTRaCKeR

    My 2014 SmokePole Buck

    Well, this year was one for the books for my general season hunts! Dad and I hunted the first three days of a northern Utah unit and saw on average 12 bucks a day ranging from small to BIG four points. We both got a couple chances at some respectable bucks but did not connect. The storms rolled...
  36. BLooDTRaCKeR

    utah vehicle inspections #@%$&!!!

    Ok, so I have a 2001 dodge, it is bone stock. The way it looks in the picture is the way it looked when I drove it off the lot in 2001 (except the tires are now mud terrain). I have maintained the same ride height and tire size it came with (265/75r16) because I do not want the hassle that...
  37. BLooDTRaCKeR

    a good load for 300 ultramag

    I've got a rem. 300 ultramag sendero, 26" barrel. I'm tired of shooting factory loads through it. I would like to see the guns true potential especially after missing a 6x6 bull elk at 236 yards with a dead rest only to find out that my factory loads were all different lengths afterwards. So I...
  38. BLooDTRaCKeR

    How much do you spend???

    With all this talk about the high dollar hunts out their that get all the publicity, I was curious what we (the average hunter spends per year on their hunts). I know with things the way they are for gas, I have cut back on my scouting trips because I gotta feed the family first before I feed...
  39. BLooDTRaCKeR

    2012 dead head, scores anyone?

    Getting boring around the old shed hunting forum so heres a dead head my boy found while we were shed hunting. Any ideas on what he scores?
  40. BLooDTRaCKeR

    Tuning a Bow....

    I've had my bow set up for quite some time. It shoots great but I want to change it up a little. It is currently set up with a 4" overdraw, 65 lbs 85% let off on dual hatchet cams, shooting 2216 xx78 super slams. It has quite a "twang" sound (that I would like to eliminate)when shot. I use a...
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