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  1. buckspotter7

    For Sale Maven b1 10x42

    For Sale - New in Box Maven b1 10x42 binoculars. Camo Muley Fanatic Foundation custom. TYD - $800
  2. buckspotter7

    Curiosity if anyone has seen more Whitetail Deer?

    That looks like the same buck!
  3. buckspotter7

    Double throat patch odds?

    I’m going to guess about. 5% or 1/20 deer. Might be less.
  4. buckspotter7

    Shockey's wife

    That is terrible news. Prayers to the whole family. Seems like an awesome lady!
  5. buckspotter7

    Double throat patch odds?

    CA muley
  6. D43A1708-16A2-4F1E-9051-325C289E6839.jpeg


  7. buckspotter7

    Double throat patch odds?

    CA blacktail
  8. buckspotter7

    Gross score this buck

    I’d guess 175
  9. buckspotter7

    Gross score vs net score which do you use?

    I’ve always used score as a reference for describing general size. Probably go to spread and points more than score. Never had anything officially scored. Use net score when talking typical symmetrical bucks and gross score on funky non-typicals.
  10. buckspotter7

    Guess the score

    163” nice buck!
  11. buckspotter7

    Bullet Performance On A California Big Horn Ram

    Great ram!! Congrats and awesome report. My .270 shot tighter groups with hand loads 140 gr ballistic tips IMR 4831, but 130 gr CoreLokts flat out kill stuff out of it.
  12. buckspotter7

    New to

    Welcome to MM! Thank you for your service! Good luck in CO, timing might be really good. Lots of early snow on the way
  13. buckspotter7


    I don’t think they keep a card on file. You pay as you go, separately each time you do business on the website or pay for something
  14. buckspotter7

    Who's Excited About Draw?

    Struck out here! Just A and B tags in my house.
  15. buckspotter7

    Who's Excited About Draw?

    I’m excited for my kids and wife! I won’t get anything myself. I’m with Fudd. Should be Friday
  16. buckspotter7

    How sad....

    They said they sent them back. Somehow I didn’t get them. I was just happy to get one published and get paid. I didn’t fuss much.
  17. buckspotter7

    How sad....

    Sold one blacktail pic to F&S in the 90’s. Only image of mine ever published by either. I sent them 20 of my best original blacktail slides. Got $200 for the one they used and never got the slides back.
  18. buckspotter7

    How sad....

    That is a bummer! Used to subscribe to 20-25 magazines. Loved reading all of them. Only get a couple now and spend a lot of time surfing the web.
  19. buckspotter7

    Spring Time Hunting Fun ... Photo Contest

    13 year old taking a break from dragging 200 plus pounds of pig
  20. buckspotter7

    Spring Time Hunting Fun ... Photo Contest

    Younger boy with his first wild hog 5/22/21
  21. Youngster and his Hog

    Youngster and his Hog

    This picture was shared in the "Spring Time Hunting Fun Photo Contest" thread by buckspotter7. It's a good one!
  22. buckspotter7

    Spring Time Hunting Fun ... Photo Contest

    Older kid with a nice Merriams gobbler
  23. Nice Turkey Score

    Nice Turkey Score

    A good one shared in the Spring Time Hunting Fun Photo Contest thread.
  24. buckspotter7

    Out the bathroom window

  25. F704E636-84F0-4D23-B673-A1F2E981C23C.jpeg


  26. buckspotter7

    Out the bathroom window

    Nice buck. I have one too
  27. buckspotter7

    Double Turkeys

    Nice birds! Looked closer and saw they were the same birds. Thanks Homer, that explains it
  28. buckspotter7

    Double Turkeys

    Are you CHwino1 or are these guys just making the rounds?
  29. buckspotter7

    A positive thing for CA sportsman?

    Good for 365 from purchase won’t change anything for me. Still going to buy it in May. Too much hunting after Jan 1, ducks, geese , turkeys, quail, pigs
  30. buckspotter7

    Raise them outdoors

    Love all of these pics! Here are a few from last season.
  31. D256BC11-FE36-4975-B036-4EF2F2A74A15.jpeg


  32. 8E059F91-6DFD-46AD-9A80-C517C957CB0F.jpeg


  33. 6B0CE1A2-B532-482C-A77B-51800A8EAB1B.jpeg


  34. buckspotter7

    Sad news about my Best Friend

    So sorry for your loss. Hang in there and may you relive all the good times when you return to your favorite spots!
  35. buckspotter7

    Bear hunting ban proposed in Kalifornia

    Great job to Snoopdog and all who took action!!!
  36. buckspotter7

    Kalifornia proposes bear hunting ban

    SB 252 - has been withdrawn!!!!
  37. buckspotter7

    124 Elk

    Did your son end up killing a bull?
  38. buckspotter7

    Nice buck for CA

    Absolute tank! Huge neck, super thick horns, nice buck!! Also noticed the scuffed up nose. Burnt tree in the background, could be anywhere in CA though
  39. buckspotter7

    10 Days of Desert Sheep Hunting

    Awesome story! Congrats to the hunter. Hope to be in his shoes someday.
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