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  1. TerynItUp

    3 for 3 in CO

    Had a great time in Colorado with my old man and big bro. We set up camp the weekend before the hunt and saw quite a bit of deer movement so we’re pretty excited coming into the hunt. Opening day was fantastic and we saw a total of 18 different bucks, Dad shot the biggest one we found at last...
  2. TerynItUp

    FR250 - Conejos Canyon Winter Access

    Heard that FR 250 that heads North from Hwy 17 to Platoro isn’t plowed/maintained through the winter. Was curious if any of y’all have experience traveling that road December-February and if it is doable or not? Assume it depends on the year but wanted to reach out to you all and see if you had...
  3. TerynItUp

    Not the first to the neighborhood...

    Built a home for my family with plenty of room for my kids to roam and I have been spending quite a bit of time exploring the hills. I guess we weren’t the first ones here...
  4. TerynItUp

    Covered Up

    I know this ain’t the CO thread but I typically only post here in NM because y’all are my peeps. Up in Southern CO last week and we got covered up!
  5. TerynItUp

    NZ Memorialized

    Spent three amazing weeks in New Zealand back in late April and early May. Just got a piece of that trip in the mail today, pretty good early Christmas gift.
  6. TerynItUp

    Colorado Bucks

    My brother and I both drew 4th season Colorado tags this year and had some high hopes for killing some true Colorado giants. We started hunting on Thursday morning the day after the opener and it was clear skies with a low of 32, much warmer than I expected it to be. Only saw a total of 12 deer...
  7. TerynItUp

    Southern CO - Northern NM Mule Deer Migration

    Many of you are probably familiar with the Mule Deer and Elk study done in the San Juan and Chama Basins. I was reading it in a little more depth and found something that I must have skimmed over the previous times I studied it, very interesting and debunks a lot of what has been assumed by many...
  8. TerynItUp

    First Season Bull

    We hunted real hard and were in elk every day, very quiet and very warm. Runnimg and gunning in the mornings and sitting tree stands over wallows/water in the evenings. This bull followed three cows into a wallow at 7pm on 9/11 and the rest is history. My third bull with a bow and my pops has...
  9. TerynItUp

    Slob of a Bear, Nice Bull

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-06-17 AT 08:57AM (MST)[p]This is the best bull I have found yet this summer in all my scouting. This is Northern NM in a unit not typically known for producing big bulls. He only showed up this one time so I hope I can turn him up again. Will he break 300? Sweet bear too! Will...
  10. TerynItUp

    NM Wolves and the ESA

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-02-17 AT 11:26AM (MST)[p]Reading Hank's comments about wolves on the rain tracker thread reminded me of something I wanted to share with you all that live in wolf country. I was listening to the Meateater Podcast this weekend and Steve Rinella was chatting with John Oakleaf...
  11. TerynItUp

    Garmin 64ST vs Montana

    Hey all, hoping to get a little feedback here on your experience with a couple of Garmin Products. I had convinced myself I was going to purchase a Montana 610T while it was on sale at Cabelas for $349 but the sale ended and I missed the opportunity. I am now considering the 64ST which is $200...
  12. TerynItUp

    VCNP Tags

    There is an awful thread going on in the General Forum right now with a discussion (argument really) centered around the expo and conservation tags that Utah has and whether or not those tags should be transferred back to the general draw pools. I didn't read nearly half of it but it got me...
  13. TerynItUp

    Passing it On - 3 Generations

    TAGS There is one day of the year, every year, that my wife loathes. When NM releases it's big game draw results. On one hand she knows full well that we will either be spending a considerable amount of money and an even more considerable amount of time if we are successful, while on the other...
  14. TerynItUp

    Colorado Back Door - Deer

    Hey fellas, for those of you who apply for deer in Colorado, the backdoor is now open. I drew something, I just don't know how to tell whether it is my first or second choice. Good luck! Hunt Hard. Shoot Straight. Kill Clean. Apologize to No One.
  15. TerynItUp

    Trail Camera $85

    Years ago I bought two Bushnell Trophy Cam 6MP for about $79/ea and have been super pleased with them, now the trophy cam's have jumped up to $100 for the cheapest one. My question is, what cameras do yall have experience with that you would recommend for under $85. Are there any? $100 isnt bad...
  16. TerynItUp

    Myth Busted

    Who says you can't eat the antlers? Hunt Hard. Shoot Straight. Kill Clean. Apologize to No One.
  17. TerynItUp


    LAST EDITED ON May-08-17 AT 11:21PM (MST)[p]The year I was going to actually participate in the Hunt Adventure Challenge and it's not here. Ain't that the way it goes? Maybe I am just premature in wanting to start... I need someone to share my excitement about this fall with because my wife is...
  18. TerynItUp

    Easy Access Camping?

    Howdy all, my family and I are going to be in Sedona for a wedding over Memorial Day weekend. We are pulling our camper down and staying at a campground there in town for a couple days, well I booked my days wrong and long story short is I need a place to park the camper for a night. I'm coming...
  19. TerynItUp

    2nd Choice Question

    I found a early season Archery deer hunt that I think I can draw as my 2nd choice so long as I don't draw my first choice. Problem is that I might draw an elk tag here in NM at the same time. If I draw the 2nd choice tag and want to return it, can I get a refund without surrendering my points...
  20. TerynItUp

    Late Season Archery Elk

    Who else is going to be trying to arrow a 6pt. or better bull in a little over a week? This will be my first time hunting in 34 and I am pretty darn excited about the trip. What should I expect temperature wise? I am notorious for dressing way too warm and then peeling off layers after the...
  21. TerynItUp

    Big Goats

    We had a great morning today on two different ranches down here in the Southern part of the state. First buck was on the ground at 7:30 and we found the buck I killed bedded around 11:30. This was both of our's first time chasing speed goats and I am told I will likely never kill one nicer in my...
  22. TerynItUp

    Bear Hide

    Not sure what to do with the bear hide I have and could use some help. I thought I would do a rug with a soft tan until I saw how expensive it is, about fell over after hearing how much that costs. Is it worth doing anything else with for a couple hundred bucks? If not I am just going to find...
  23. TerynItUp

    A week in the woods...

    I struck out this year on all my apps so I am left to OTC species. Luckily my brother drew an early archery deer tag as a non-resident so I would have the opportunity to get in the woods and chase some deer with him. He drew this same tag two years ago and we got our butts kicked. We didn't...
  24. TerynItUp

    Mathews, Prime, Obsession

    Alright guys, it's finally time for a new bow for me. Yesterday I shot the new Mathews Halon, a Prime Rize, and an Obsession M6. I REALLY like the Halon, silky smoothe, but the Prime and Obsession were great as well. Anybody out there carry a Prime or Obsession? Curious as to what you think...
  25. TerynItUp

    Elk Breakfast Sausage

    Hoping someone can help me here. I have a lot of elk that I ground with beef fat for burger. I now want to turn some of it into breakfast sausage. Did I screw myself by using beef fat instead of pork? What can I do? Hunt Hard. Shoot Straight. Kill Clean. Apologize to No One.
  26. TerynItUp

    My Colorado Buck

    Well I wasn't able to hunt deer in NM this year but was fortunate enough to draw a 4th season Colorado tag. Saw lots and lots of deer and looked over probably 30 bucks. Was hoping to find a 180+ deer but just couldn't turn one up. I am pretty sure I passed this buck up on Saturday evening while...
  27. TerynItUp

    Trail Cam Photos

    A few of the better shots my trail cam picked up over the last few weeks... Hunt Hard. Shoot Straight. Kill Clean. Apologize to No One.
  28. TerynItUp

    Bregman Goes 2nd Overall

    Not sure how many guys follow baseball, but, Alex Bregman an Albuquerque native and short stop for LSU was drafted as the 2nd overall pick in the major league draft. Kid got PAID too, $7.4M signing bonus. Houston Astros gonna remain a real contender. Hunt Hard. Shoot Straight. Kill Clean...
  29. TerynItUp

    Colorado Back Door - Deer

    For those of you who apply for deer in Colorado, the backdoor is open. Looks like I will be chasing 4th season deer in 77, 78, 771 as that is the only hunt I applied for. Log in as if you were wanting to purchase a habitat stamp, under the different options to purchase there is a field that...
  30. TerynItUp

    2B 2014 - 3rd Rifle Hunt

    The high school baseball team I coach had just finished beating our biggest rival when I received an email from the NMDGF stating that I drew my 2nd choice deer hunt. That also meant that my Dad drew as well since we applied together. After the game, my wife told me she also got an email from...
  31. TerynItUp

    Same buck?

    What do you guys think, are these sheds off the same buck? I found the one on the left in 2011 and guessed it was shed in 2010. I found the one on the right yesterday day and think it was shed in 2012. Same sage flat. Hunt Hard. Shoot Straight. Kill Clean. Apologize to No One.
  32. TerynItUp

    Poachers Being Tipped Off?

    Check out this article that is in the Albuquerque Journal. I wonder if any of these guys are tied to the heads that were stolen out of the camp near Canjilon. Hope this turns out to be a false claim. SANTA FE ? The State Police and Game and Fish Department are looking into whether poachers in...
  33. TerynItUp

    Looking for GSP Pup

    Hey all, my Wife and I are in the market for a new pup and are looking to get another GSP. You guys know of any breeders in the area (NM, UT, CO, or AZ)? I have a couple messages into Rocky Mountain Kennels here in Albq but have not heard back from them, anybody know good, bad, or ugly about...
  34. TerynItUp

    nmelktrout on "Meateater"

    Anybody else see our very own nmelktrout (Cody Lujan) on the episode of Meateater with Steven Rinella a couple weeks back? They both killed beautiful bucks and Cody did one hell of a job representing New Mexico sportsmen. Good on you Cody, hope the new job and Colorado are treating you well...
  35. TerynItUp

    My Early Archery Bull

    As many of you may know, I have had terrible luck in the NM draw process over the last few years. This year, however, I was more than excited to finally get the opportunity to hunt the elk woods in September. And to make it even sweeter, my Dad (who also drew) and my brother would be right along...
  36. TerynItUp

    Out with a BANG

    I went back to my old stomping grounds of the 4 corners for one last chance to get some birds on the ground. My cousin and I fought the rain all day but the birds didn't seem to mind the bad weather and gave us two limits of ducks and two geese shy of our limit in the morning. Went to a...
  37. TerynItUp


    Well opening morning of the deer hunt on Saturday found us sweating up the hill in the dark to get in a good position to glass. We hiked into a locked gate area at an attempt to avoid the craziness that is 2B. After a 30 min hike we were in place behind the gates and ready for some light to...
  38. TerynItUp

    Shoot Straight

    Just heard that some hunters down in the Manzanos stumbled upon a marijuana plot and were being shot at as they high tailed it out of there. The growers were four guys with AR's and have not been apprehended yet. Make sure you shoot real straight if you are planning on heading down that way...
  39. TerynItUp

    Lovey Dovey

    Dove + Jalapeno + Bacon + Teriyaki + Grill = MMMMMMM A little bit of September fun for some non-tag holders :) I always think I can shoot a shotgun until those Dove remind me that I'm not as good as I think. Hunt Hard. Shoot...
  40. TerynItUp

    Tiger Muskies - UPDATE

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-23-12 AT 10:59AM (MST)[p]Well we went out this weekend and had a blast. I am not a boat owner so all of the fishing I did was from the shore or wading out 30 yds or so. The water where we fished was very shallow, probably 8' deep at 70 yds out. I was using a St. Croix Mojo...
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