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  1. bighorn191

    For Sale Winchester 101 20 ga.

    Really nice XTR Lightweight, Pigeon Grade O/U 20 gauge, factory box, chokes, has a few small marks on the stock, beautiful shotgun! $2250 or trade for Swarovski X5 3-18x50 with 4W-I reticle. Paypal or Venmo and will ship to your FFL for $65.
  2. bighorn191

    Swarovski SLC 15x56 Binos

    2007 Model SLC's - barely used, perfect glass, super clean! I have the case for them but no box. Comes with the Outdoorsman's bino stud and adapter. $1750 shipped/insured. Paypal F & F, Venmo, or cashiers check. Not looking for any trades right now.
  3. bighorn191

    SOLD Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x44 Scope

    Scope is sold
  4. bighorn191

    SOLD Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x44 Scope

    Sounds good - feel free to pm me and I will get you my cell number if he wants to chat.
  5. bighorn191

    SOLD Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x44 Scope

    Nice Zeiss Scope, 1" tube, 17.5 oz, 1/4 MOA adjust, has ring marks, glass is great/no scratches, Z-Plex #20 reticle. $475 shipped. Paypal or Venmo. Will ship the same day.
  6. bighorn191

    SOLD Swarovski Z6 • 3-18x50 BT 4W reticle

    Decided to keep it but thanks.
  7. bighorn191

    Bull Elk Photo Contest ... Let's See Pics!

    NM Muzzleloader with G3 Outfitters!
  8. IMG_5685.jpg


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  11. bighorn191

    2020 BIG BUCK and BIG BULL Contests!

    NM Muzzleloader 10/19/2020
  12. IMG_2243.jpg


  13. bighorn191

    SOLD Swarovski Z6 • 3-18x50 BT 4W reticle

    Drop to $1400 shipped
  14. bighorn191

    SOLD Swarovski Z6 • 3-18x50 BT 4W reticle

    Great used condition, glass is primo, has a few very small scratches on the body as shown in the pics, bought it new, has all the normal stuff they come with, has a couple 7 Rum turrets that I doubt anyone will want but I will send them if anyone does want them. $1450 shipped. Paypal F & F...
  15. bighorn191

    15 muzzy late Elk hunt

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-27-16 AT 07:50PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-27-16 AT 07:12?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Apr-27-16 AT 07:11?PM (MST) Drew that tag 2 years ago. It's a great hunt - you will/should work your butt off getting into some of the more remote country but you will see quite a few good...
  16. bighorn191

    Unit 57 Antelope Success

    Those are great bucks...there were 13 bucks officially scored/entered via B&C over 80" in the state of WY in 2015. All I'm saying is that lots of people on this and other websites claim they killed an 80" buck - it's tough to break 80" as evidenced by the 13 last year in all of WY (how many tags...
  17. bighorn191

    Unit 57 Antelope Success

    9 points for an 80" and 75" buck in 57 - The 80" official buck scored buck was worth it - great job. Anyone that says they killed an 80" buck - get it scored and prove it cuz they are rare! Most all buck pics that are posted here or any hunting site are sub 80" - it takes a big antelope to go...
  18. bighorn191

    WY elk

    Sorry, posted a reply to another website, makes no sense on here.
  19. bighorn191

    WY elk

    Man, I'm about sick of all the political posts...not looking for anything but a good time, a kick ass bull, and a real experience, what the hell unit should I apply for, guided or unguided in WY - give me your recommendation...I ain't no #####, I'm tougher than #####...give me a God damm unit to...
  20. bighorn191

    Stone Sheep - Northern British Columbia

    Awesome video and ram! I hunted there about 6 years ago - same deal, crappy weather, tough hunt, but got a good ram in the end. Congratulations on your ram! The moose, well, I'm thinking that might have been the trophy of the year at Gundahoo.
  21. bighorn191

    OH Wow

    Tomichi, it was 1988 - I been putting in every year faithfully - 27 to be exact, and guess what showed up on my screen today? It'll happen for you too. Keep the faith man...
  22. bighorn191

    2015 Yukon Sheep

    Hunted with Dan twice now. Air North is the only airline going from Whitehorse to Dawson. They have only 1-2 flights a day at that time usually. This year we ran into a couple hour delay in Dawson to Whitehorse flight as the plane was delayed from Old Crow. Other than that, flight times seem to...
  23. bighorn191

    Bighorn in Colorado S9

    Contact Sangre de Cristo Outfitters ( talk to Al Vallejo or Tom Schulze - they killed two great rams during rifle in there last year and have also been successful on archery hunts in S9.
  24. bighorn191


    Man what an amazing video and hunt! Top notch all the way! Headed down there with a friend in Feb. to whack a couple rams. Thanks for posting and for sharing what was an obviously great time! Great job!!
  25. bighorn191

    Lighted Nocks

    Whaletail, thx for that info. Interesting! I called Game and Fish yesterday and they indeed have no regulation on lighted nocks. The lady I talked to said in the next year or two, they will and likely lighted nocks will be legal per official regulation. No matter for this year, I'm going with...
  26. bighorn191

    Opening Day Archery Buck.

    Real sweet buck, congrats on gettin it done on a good one!
  27. bighorn191

    Lighted Nocks

    Searched everywhere and its tough to find the answer - are lighted nocks legal or not in New Mexico?
  28. bighorn191

    How big is this Billie Goat?

    Here is a 50-2/8" billy for comparison. Horn length 10" on both horns and 5-6/8 bases. Officially scored and entered from CO - taken last year. Pretty sure everybody is right on with your pics...
  29. bighorn191

    8" cutters on Lopes?

    Top one 7-2/8"; bottom one 7-6/8"
  30. bighorn191


    Pronghorn refund showed up last night. No sheep refund yet.
  31. bighorn191

    Sheep pix are getting scarce.

    Holy Smokes Greatwestern, those are some sweet pics you got there. Just seeing that one pic where all the rams are bunched up gets me all revved up. Thanks for posting all those fine ram pics! There is just nothing like hunting big rams!
  32. bighorn191

    Sheep pix are getting scarce.

    You got it Mesquite - it will happen someday. You ever get a feeling that a sheep tag is coming your way? Cuz, I got that feeling this year - don't care if it's a Rocky or a Desert - I'll be proud to be sheep hunting.
  33. bighorn191

    Sheep pix are getting scarce.

    What a great thread and collection of ram pics! You guys have killed some awesome rams! I've been dreaming of sheep hunting since I was 7 years old and have been fortunate to take 4 rams - I hope there's more in the near future - simply the best mountain experience out there! Here's to all the...
  34. bighorn191

    Colorado Ram Finished

    We could just nickname it the "Stallion Ram"...
  35. bighorn191

    Colorado Ram Finished

    Really nice CO ram - what unit did he come from? Did you have him officially scored? Thinking S31 but not real sure...
  36. bighorn191

    Christensen Arms

    I've got two of Rifles Inc.'s guns (.340Wby. & .257 Wby.) and I think that they are among the best values in the custom gun industry. He does not miss a detail and they are superbly accurate. I think he is $1500+ less than any of the other big name custom gun builders. You get a perfectly...
  37. bighorn191

    Unit 15D, Northwest AZ Desert Bighorn Sheep

    Good job Don and Crew! There's a lot of types of "cool" with Desert rams and this guy is no exception. Great ram!
  38. bighorn191

    Max Antelope Points

    Well stated Oak - might as well go hunting! There are good and great units all over WY and you can shoot an 80"+ in probably a very large number of the units in the state. Typically it can take some time to find those good heads but not always - we ran across a Booner a few years back on the...
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