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  1. Bambam

    Utah Bear

    Not expecting a tag but I have 8 points in for Beaver summer.
  2. Bambam


    Had the early cow tag this year and I was surprised in how many bucks I saw. I didn’t see any giant but I did see Quite few 20 inch bucks and lots of forked horns. This was the first time I hunted the beaver in almost 20 years and all I have been seeing lately is how much it has gone down hill...
  3. Bambam

    My Utah summer bear

    Beautiful bear! Congratulations!
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  5. Bambam

    Dwr speaks about deer in utah

    I know the phavant has been hurting for a few years as well in the area we use to hunt a lot of the deer herd is gone. I have not been up there this year but my brother in law ad friends have been hunting it and they all have said it is awful. I had a archery tag on the Monroe this year and I...
  6. Bambam

    Hooked on Dutton

    I have hunted the Dutton for almost two decades. It is by far my favorite mountain to hunt. I drew in 2014 for archery. Because of work my scouting was limited. I found a few good bulls. Opening weekend I saw lots of small bulls and cows. I had to return to work on Tuesday. I went back up the...
  7. Bambam

    Plateau pronghorn numbers

    You?re right, I shouldn't complain the only reason I applied for it was to burn my 1 point so I can apply for elk again next year. This is the second time I have had this tag in the last 4 years and I enjoy hunting them. Guess if I can't find them during the hunt I better hunt harder haha.
  8. Bambam

    Plateau pronghorn numbers

    So should I turn in my archery tag then? I went down the first of June and we only saw 4 bucks and about 40 does. I haven't been back since. I saw 1 antelope (which was a buck) in my normal hunting area and I usually see 15 to 25 on past years. The funny thing is you look at there estimated...
  9. Bambam

    2019 Utah Summer Bear

    That is a beautiful bear! Congratulations sir.
  10. Bambam

    Untouchable 2019

    I have been chasing antelope for years and I have yet to harvest one. This year will be my third time hunting them in the last ten years. Each time I have had a tag it just didn't work out. Either because of work or kids or school. This year is different I will fill my tag. I went out...
  11. Bambam

    Fillmore pahvant cow elk

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-08-18 AT 09:09PM (MST)[p]Pm sent
  12. Bambam

    First time

    Thanks for the advice everyone my plan is to hike in and set up camp. I drew unit 141-145
  13. Bambam

    First time

    Hey all I drew out for an archery tag in Nevada for deer. This will be my first time hunting Nevada. Just looking for some info on what to expect as far as weather and what to pack for clothing? I also have heard in a lot of the units the deer can be down way low and all the way to the top...
  14. Bambam

    Antlerless CC

    Got hit!
  15. Bambam

    Dutton bear

    Hey everyone I have already been looking at options for bear for 2019. I have a few questions about the Dutton bear if anyone is willing to help? I know the Dutton well and have hunted it quite a bit but I know nothing about bear for the unit. Anyone willing to answer a few questions I have?
  16. Bambam

    Antlerless CC

    The end of the week is my guess.
  17. Bambam

    2nd draw??

    They called it a ?glitch? and quickly removed them 2 hours later.
  18. Bambam

    2nd draw??

    I wonder what will happen now that I already applied for 121 haha.
  19. Bambam

    Kalkomey showing unsuccessful results?

    Mine also says unsuccessful
  20. Bambam

    Bow Dutton Bull

    You can send me a message if you want I hunted in 2014 and can help out.
  21. Bambam

    Unit 444

  22. Bambam

    Unit 444

    Thanks everyone who helped we were all able to harvest deer. It was tough to find them on public but it was a fun hunt. Can't wait till next time
  23. Bambam

    Unit 444

    Anyone willing to share how there 2nd season went?
  24. Bambam

    Match? Pics?

    >So my buddy found this shed >this year in utah on >a popular LE unit. Does >anyone have pics or know >where the other side is? >
  25. Bambam

    Match? Pics?

    So my buddy found this shed this year in utah on a popular LE unit. Does anyone have pics or know where the other side is?
  26. Bambam

    Unit 444

    Thanks everyone for the help. We will be heading down for a scouting trip soon to get a feel for it. One more question would it be wise to bring a atv with us on 3rd season? Or will we be able to access the roads just as easy with our trucks? Thanks again.
  27. Bambam

    Cow elk pahvant late tag

    Pm sent
  28. Bambam

    Antlerless CC Hits?

    Just got hit
  29. Bambam

    Antlerless CC Hits?

    I looked last night and it said permit for 2017 deer and unsuccessful for the rest and now it is gone.
  30. Bambam

    Unit 444

    Hey everyone myself and a few buddies drew unit 444 3rd season. We live in utah and have never hunted in colorado. My question is what kind of terrain are we looking at. We are planning on backpacking in and trying to find a good place to find some bucks. We will be taking a few scouting trips...
  31. Bambam

    Mt Dutton its official !

    LAST EDITED ON May-23-17 AT 09:30PM (MST)[p]I had a archery tag in 2014 and had a blast. It is by far my most favorite mountain to hunt. Be in good shape get up high and glass the big canyons. If you need help you can pm me if you need too.
  32. Bambam

    Bear points not updated

    No update on mine either.
  33. Bambam

    Cc hits

    I just got an unsuccessful email
  34. Bambam

    Unit 74

    Thank you guys that's what I was looking for. I appreciate the help.
  35. Bambam

    Unit 74

    Hello all I'm looking into colorado this year for deer can anyone tell me what unit 74 is like? Just looking for general information any help would be great. Thank you
  36. Bambam

    2016 utah antlerless CC hits!!

    Looks like we get a cow tag this year.
  37. Bambam

    Dutton Early Archery Elk!

    I had the tag 2 years ago pm me and I will give you some info.
  38. Bambam

    Dutton Archery

    Love the dutton I had the tag in 2014 and it was a blast seen tons of elk. As soon as i can apply again it will be on the dutton. Its tuff,steep,and rocky but i like that lol. PM me if you need any info i can help youthe best i can.
  39. Bambam

    utah cc hits

    Got hit for pronghorn
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