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    You know what else happens now while you’re at work and your cameras aren’t out? Mossback, SSO, SBO, LRO, WLH or some other clown group has guys living in the mountains watching these animals every move. So while you might not have any idea what’s in an area now, the guys making a lot of money...
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    How to bring does back

    Why is it the public that keeps getting the shaft by the ag producers? The public has to tolerate their private livestock on public land, while they dictate the numbers of wildlife that their animals have to compete with in the summer. Then in the winter, they get to dictate how much public...
  3. Bux n Dux

    Too much false information

    You know, cams can still be placed out legally to watch other wildlife, cougars, bears, etc… but everyone these days has to flex their 3” d!ck just to feel important or relevant. 3” might be giving you too much credit though
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    If I Lived in Utah

  5. Bux n Dux

    Utah Trail Cam Restrictions - Archery Point Creep

    You’ll have more archery guys jump ship because of the baiting ban than you’ll have from the camera ban. But even then, I bet the numbers who change won’t be noticeable
  6. Bux n Dux

    Trail Cams Gone

    So, when are they going to ban guiding and/or paid spotters without hunters present? Until that is done, your trophy animals will still very much be targeted, followed and watched every day by people paid to do so, which will ultimately result in these animals still killed. Only thing that will...
  7. Bux n Dux

    Shooting Under Pressure/Quick Shots

    Competitive archery will help develop your mental game, which is what it all boils down to when the pressure is on. Anyone can draw a bow and make a good shot. What makes an archer go from good to great, is developing a solid mental game. And I’m not just talking a one time deal on a weekend...
  8. Bux n Dux

    Pigs in Utah

    Here’s the best part There’s many rumors floating around about how it came to be in Utah, but one of the more believable ones is that it was the state, particularly the DWR who brought it in to the GSL ecosystem, as an attempt as a quick fix to restore vegetation in the marshes, after the...
  9. Bux n Dux

    Pigs in Utah

    Our wildlife is so far managed into the ground, carp and feral pigs might be all we have left in 20 years
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    Utah LE bull elk hunts need to change.

    Entitlement. That’s the problem. Everyone feels entitled to the limited resource. Sitting at 0 points or 25 points, everyone thinks they are more deserving than anyone else of the tags available every year.
  11. Bux n Dux

    Utah LE bull elk hunts need to change.

    If you had 700k+ archers in utah annually and that’s all, yeah you’d still success rates that would shock you. Many people are lazy when given the opportunity and still able to succeed at all types of aspects in life. Take that away and make any type of success hard earned, it’s surprising how...
  12. Bux n Dux

    Utah LE bull elk hunts need to change.

    the comment I quoted from you, specifically talked about archery hunters. Im not talking about rifles, so don’t change the subject. I’ve been bowhunting 20+ years. Taken many animals with archery equipment. I can for certain tell you, that todays “recurves” and longbows, carbon arrows...
  13. Bux n Dux

    Pigs in Utah

    I willingly get out of a warm bed, with a pretty naked lady sleeping in it, at ungodly hours, to go out into a stinky mud hole, in the coldest months of the year, usually in the worst weather imaginable, using gear, trucks, boats and guns I spent way too much money on, to shoot a bird that is...
  14. Bux n Dux

    Utah LE bull elk hunts need to change.

    No, it wouldn’t. If you gave out 7x the amount of archery tags if only recurves were legal, you kill more animals than you do now. People would figure out really fast how to be proficient enough with that bow to kill consistently. The problem would be, lots of younger age class animals would be...
  15. Bux n Dux

    Henrys Bison

    He did. Said he noticed it about the last place you’d think one would be hanging out, bedded on a hillside with some cattle, right off the road.
  16. Bux n Dux

    Henrys Bison

    I know of 1 guy that stumbled into one yesterday on accident. Everyone else he’s talked to hadn’t seen any or heard of anyone else seeing one. Rough year for sure. The lack of feed has them in some strange places this year trying to survive the winter.
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    Pigs in Utah

    They don’t eat phrag (but I wish they did) and pigs couldn’t survive in utah with the “kill everything that moves” mentality the tards have here. There was/is a very small herd around utah lake. Shot one years ago and there were several others with it. Ran into them hunting ducks, by the time I...
  18. Bux n Dux

    Henrys Bison

    Rough if you didn’t have an early bull tag or prior experience on the unit hunting them before. Those archery hunters that are up next weekend are in for a big surprise if they think it’s gonna be a walk up and shoot one type deal
  19. Bux n Dux

    Utah LE bull elk hunts need to change.

    What about muzzy deer hunters hunting the same dates as the LE muzzy elk? Or the mid LE rifle hunters hunting the same dates as the general spike hunt? Lots of hunts over lap. Why are you targeting the archery guys? Of all the groups out there, they should be singled out and restricted last
  20. Bux n Dux

    Recommend Off-Road Tacoma or Tundra??? Looking Soon!

    Both are incredible trucks and will do what you want them to. I’ve owned several of both trucks, loved them all. If you are a solo hunter or just have 1 other hunter going with you occasionally, a tacoma is great. If you have a bunch of people going often or take a bunch of gear with all the...
  21. Bux n Dux

    Utah LE bull elk hunts need to change.

    You’re gonna magically pull 32k+ bull elk tags annually out of your azz and still have big bulls left over after the hunts? Eliminating OTC tags would put that many hunters every year on the side lines every year. How many additional tags would that potentially create for big bull LE...
  22. Bux n Dux

    Utah LE bull elk hunts need to change.

    That’s the biggest lie I’ve heard this week. You think the outfitters paying guys to live on the mountain all summer to follow animals are less effective than trail cams? What about when you have 14 different guys covering a unit every day of the hunt with a hunter in a centralized location...
  23. Bux n Dux

    Utah LE bull elk hunts need to change.

    So you want to essentially cater to trophy hunting in a different way, while telling the GS OTC hunters to suck it. Very sportsman like and considering of you.
  24. Bux n Dux

    Southern RAC for the 2022 season

    Tell me what I said is wrong. Then back it up with the WB meeting where they discuss it. I’m waiting. The public voiced their opinion. That’s the route they went with. We made our bed, we are having to lay in it and it’s not what we expected. But, it is what it is. It’s not what it’s not. And...
  25. Bux n Dux

    Southern RAC for the 2022 season

    About 5 years ago the division surveyed the public on what direction they wanted to see utah wildlife management practices to go. The majority voted for opportunity over quality. That’s what we are getting. You are far out numbered still on that vote. Guys would rather hunt and see empty...
  26. Bux n Dux

    Southern RAC for the 2022 season

    It wasn’t agreed on by many of the public. It was agreed on by a very select few inside the room while it was being proposed. The public, was surveyed and the results of that was they didn’t wan any more restrictions. Don’t get the 2 confused. The good ol boys circle session combined with the...
  27. Bux n Dux

    Pigs in Utah

    Yeah there are still a few to be rumored to be running around out there. Supposedly some airboat hunters saw some last month while coming back in the dark. They killed one on the causeway several years ago… if they take hold in the phrag abyss, they will do well in the coming years.
  28. Bux n Dux

    Henry Mountain Deer

    Lots of 150-160 bucks killed. Some smaller than that. It’s certainly not living up to its reputation or hype currently
  29. Bux n Dux

    DWR moving in the right direction,thanks!

    That’s the case with any weapon these days. Rifle, bow or muzzleloader. But then your debate of ethical kills comes into play, and a rangefinder definitely does help with killing game more quickly and humanely. I wish they’d make all centerfire rifles go to open sights, no semi autos, no rifles...
  30. Bux n Dux

    DWR moving in the right direction,thanks!

    I’m all for restrictions, if the data supported the recommendation. But the published data for muzzleloader success suggests that scopes hasn’t increased harvests significantly over all. Take the Nebo for example, in 2015, the last year 1x scopes were required, they offered 778 muzzleloader...
  31. Bux n Dux


    Giant 3x3 taken last week by a lady. Like 180s class buck. Also taken was a Wide gnarly buck, almost has 2 different beams on the one side. Weird looking, but over 30. Few other nice bucks too.
  32. Bux n Dux

    Youtube Hunting Etiquette??

    I wish YouTube, Facebook and Instagram would ban all hunting related content on their platforms. That would fix a majority of the issues we are having in the hunting world today, literally over night.
  33. Bux n Dux

    Curious what others think.

    is this no mans land immune to infections that can potentially be fatal, as well?
  34. Bux n Dux

    Curious what others think.

    If you shoot and completely miss, you’re done hunting? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read all week. And there’s been some really dumb things posted on MM this week
  35. Bux n Dux

    Curious what others think.

    This is what you get when guys are hunting for Instagram and likes. That bull is dead. They know it’s dead. But paying clients cutting tags is all these guys are worried about. side note. Look how long it took that arrow to travel ‘56’ yards. That is either the slowest hoyt on the market set at...
  36. Bux n Dux


    Pretty sure that’s an anybull area, but if you wanna limit yourself to spikes and cows, that’s your choice
  37. Bux n Dux

    Pine Valley Pronghorn

    That post was made over 12 years ago….. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  38. Bux n Dux

    Something to get the spike hunters excited

    The first 2 are legal. The 3rd is not… not sure where you’re seeing a branch above the ear on the 2nd “spike” cuz I’m not seeing one
  39. Bux n Dux

    Utah Points Game

    There’s conversations always remind me of the little kids that always want to change the rules in a game when they can’t win playing the normal rules. They want to change things in hopes it will benefit them more than others.
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