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  1. bucktags

    2021 mule deer success

    yessir thats a good one!
  2. bucktags

    Son notched his deer tag

    good for you!!
  3. bucktags

    Unit 242 opening day bull success!

    got to love Nevada!
  4. bucktags

    Finished up 2021 for Deer

  5. bucktags

    Barbwire Buck

    thats a good one!
  6. bucktags

    Got Lucky This Morning!

    good job! i like your rifle!
  7. bucktags

    Exceptional buck

    good for you!!
  8. bucktags

    CO 21 Deer Tag Filled

    way to go!
  9. bucktags

    Any grand slammers?

    how about 2 deserts. and a cali.
  10. bucktags

    Wyoming Unit 90 Deer Failure

    yep. them pigs are crafty!
  11. bucktags

    Opening Day Nevada Buck

    Way to go!
  12. bucktags

    My 2021 Idaho Buck

    got to love this buck !
  13. bucktags

    Daughter’s CO buck

    that smile says it all !!! nice shooting.
  14. bucktags

    X zone guys

    that*s a beauty!
  15. bucktags

    Early Rutting Activity

    good luck with that! should be getting close.
  16. bucktags

    Nevada Muzzy Muley

    thats what were here for!
  17. bucktags

    A couple tags filled 😎

    looks to be very old, from the teeth?
  18. bucktags

    Ruby Mountains Deer

    4x2 rite on! 🤠
  19. bucktags

    Nevada muzzy buck

    hell yeah !! better than chicken!
  20. bucktags

    A couple tags filled 😎

    good job!! i love wyo. !
  21. bucktags

    Henry’s Muzzy Buck

    very nice!!!
  22. bucktags

    unit 091 elk

    we got a couple of cow tags this year ! should be fun with the rut. starts oct2.
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