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    Hornady Bore Driver FTX

    The new Hornady Bore Drivers are the most accurate full bore Bullets I’ve tested. I tried a few different full bore bullets this summer with disappointing results. These Horandy’s shoot 1 inch clover leafs at 100 yards with 105grains of BH out of my knight muzzleloader. I’m looking forward to...
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    WTB Colorado unit 14/214 elk landowner permit

    WTB Colorado unit 14 elk or deer muzzeloader permit.
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    Deer 67 vs 22 third season.

    I've about decided to cash in my points for one of these two units. A buddy of mine hunted 22 a couple of years ago and thinks I should apply there. Him and his dad killed average bucks but they had a great time and think they could have done better with a little more time. However, I'm not...
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    baca county antelope access

    I've drawn an antelope tage for Baca county units 137, 138, and 144. My 14 year old son drew a second choice doe tag and I'm hoping to pick uo a leftover doe tag in the area for my 12 year old now that he has completed his hunter saftey. I'd reallly like to line up some private land before...
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    Deer Hunting 76

    I'm interested in a muzzeloader deer hunt in 76 but have a hard time finding good information regarding deer. Sounds like deer numbers are low, but that some good ones can be found at timberline in september. I'm particulary interested in hunting along the divide and would appreciate any...
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    Deer Numbers in redbud

    I've read all the bad news on the deer numbers the last couple of years and wanted see if any one could offer some intel on the deer numbers along red bud creek south of Forsythe. I hunted there in 09 and had a good hunt and loved the country. My friend wants to go back again, but I'm trying to...
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    A couple of unit 61 bulls

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-01-12 AT 07:18PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Nov-01-12 AT 07:15?PM (MST) The bottom two bulls were taken in 61 during the 1st season. I did the skull mounts for a couple of customers and was told they were taken on public land accessed through private. Just thought some of you...
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    1st season 49 bull

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-30-12 AT 07:12PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-30-12 AT 07:11?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Oct-30-12 AT 07:10?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Oct-30-12 AT 07:09?PM (MST) Dad and I had a great hunt and both manage to fill our tags. There were elk everywhere untill the snow hit friday and...
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    Any luck in 49?

    I have a 1st rifle tag and was curious how the hunting has been so far. Has the drought affected horn growth and has the rut been on schedule or late. Were going in a couple of days early so hopefully we'll have some time to size up the bulls before season opens; giving me an idea what kind of...
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    OAL problems with rem 700

    I purchased a used rem 700, 7mm mag and have started prepping some once fired brass to reload. I fired 17 rounds of hornady 154 gr sst, shortly after buying,and noticed that the bolt was hard to close but shrugged it off. The reloading manuals give a oal of 3.290 which is about what the factory...
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    Icebreaker merino wool & asolo boots

    Has anyone had any experience with the Icebreaker merino wool underwear sold on the sierra trading post? How about the asolo sasslong boots? Is the quality of these products comparable to other name brands. Thanks in advance for the info. I am trying to gear up for a pack in elk hunt without...
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    boots in october

    I will be hunting the first rifle season and am debating how much insulation I should look for in a new pair of boots. I prefer to avoid the added bulk of 400 or 600 grams of thinsulate, but worry about having to little. we will be hunting at 10 - 12k feet, weather permitting. Any suggestions?
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    where to hunt 49 1st rifle

    I am trying to line out a packer to haul our gear into the wilderness and would greatly appreciate any pointers. Is the south end of the wilderness any better than the north end since it is more vast? It's kinda tough to pick a spot on the map when I've never been to the area, but the packers...
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    Help with unit 49 please!

    Dad and I applied for unit 49 muzz because we hoped to time the rut in addition to nicer weather. However, I happened to notice that the first rifle hunt has nearly twice the success rate and wonder if we should change our application. I would appreciate some input as we are trying to make the...
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    TC pro hunter or bone collector

    I hope to purchase a new muzz loader before elk season. Which do you prefer. I am leaning towards the pro hunter for its weight and balance, plus the stainless. Does anyone have any experience with accuracy with these guns?
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    muzz elk 81?

    Dad and I have 8 elk points and are weighing our options for a muzzle hunt. with the point creep we may never catch some of the better units and Dad is not getting any younger. Is this unit worth 8 points? I did bow hunt it 7 years ago with out much success, but probably could have done better...
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    hunting unit 122 vs 121

    I have 8 points for deer and 5 for antelope and have decided to apply for one of these units. The antelope hunt would double as a scouting trip for the mule deer hunt and I would like some input on the quality of the access properties. I am leaning towards unit 122 and applying for the late deer...
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    Mule Deer in Extreme southeast Colorado

    I am interested in hunting southeast colorado's public grasslands for mule deer. Is the quality worth burning points on, or would I be better off in the high country of southwest colorado?
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    300 wby mag

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-26-10 AT 10:56AM (MST)[p]Is anyone here good at appraising a 300 wby mag left hand. I have not seen it yet since the seller is out of town. However, he says it is japanese made with a fluted barrel and a muzzle brake. supposedly the wood is perfect with a small spot on the...
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    2007 bowtech tribute

    I wanted to know if anyone had any experiance with a 2007 tribute. How does it compare to hoyt or mathews. I currently own a single cam hoyt.
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    unit 23 elk

    I'd like some advice on unit 23 elk muzz. I was considering it as 2nd or third choice based on a recommendation. I can't seem to get any good info though. Thanks.
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    barbary sheep questions

    I have always wanted to hunt barbary sheep, do-it-yourself, but have found it hard to get good information on public land opportunities. It seems as if everyone wants alot of money for tresspass or guided hunts. I seen unit 30 mentioned and some discussions on were to look. Does anyone know what...
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    kenetrek mt boots

    Do the boots run true to size? I normally wear a 10.5 in my work boots(uninsulated)and 10.5 danner pronghorn(400 grm). Would you recommend I order a 10.5 or an 11. Thanks.
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