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    Hunt Arizona In 2022?

    If I draw this tag I will be sure to clear my schedule for a full two weeks to hunt. You just don't get these types of tags everyday! Thanks to everyones insights!
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    Hunt Arizona In 2022?

    Sound advice. Thanks for the insight!
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    Hunt Arizona In 2022?

    Thanks appreciate you weighing in. Even at 19 it's not 100% so I think I'll put in and whichever year I draw I'll give it the old college try as they say!
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    Hunt Arizona In 2022?

    I've been waiting to move back to my home town for 30 years and my house I'm building is delayed to now be done around then. But at 55 by the time I go I'm not getting any younger so the move might have to wait.
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    Hunt Arizona In 2022?

    I know it's not 100% but think maybe 50/50 thanks for your thoughts on it.
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    Hunt Arizona In 2022?

    Sorry, I should have clarified archery. I think its 9-8 to 9-23 or something like that.
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    Hunt Arizona In 2022?

    Hello Arizona, I have 19 NR points for elk and have been waiting to draw unit 1. I was thinking of waiting one more year because I may be moving around that time but I heard AZ might be in for it first decent moisture year in quite awhile so now I'm think I should just make it happen and go in...
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    CO 3rd Season Success

    Just watched your Utube video, thanks for sharing and congrats.
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    Cow hunt

    Looks like a great hunt and great time with the boys!! Congrats.
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    Ate the tag

    Calbuck, Good for you. I believe as people mature as hunters it can take on different meanings for people. Whether it to hunt more mature animals or to simply help other get theirs if your having fun and enjoying the outdoors that what matters. Sound like a good hunt by anyone's measure!
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    My 2021 Idaho Buck

    Great buck! Thanks for the pics.
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    Unit 11 Whitetail - Craig Mtn

    Still looks like great success and a lot of fun! Congrats!!
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    Ochoco Mule Deer

    I saw a few more deer this archery season than in the last few years so hopefully a good sign but still a fraction of what it used to be but here's to hoping this year was the start of a rebound!!!
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    Murders Creek Hunt, Oregon

    It would be worthy of the name little Caribou. Cool buck for sure.
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    My '21 Arizona archery elk

    Nice bull, I hope to hunt AZ soon so your just fueling the fire. Congrats.
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    Ochoco Mule Deer

    Just noticed your new. Welcome to the site.
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    Ochoco Mule Deer

    I don't have much to add but I grew up there to. In 1982/83 at 16 I would head up around Walton Lake archery hunting and would see between five and twenty bucks a day with deer everywhere. Also lots of deer in the crooked river national grasslands 15 minutes from home and everywhere else. Its...
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    Good luck! Area has incredible history so hope you have a great time. Good luck and hope to see some picks!
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    2021 Wyoming and Idaho Success

    Two great trophies, congrats.
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    Bro's Wasatch Bull

    Nicely done!! Tell him congrats!
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    On the Board!

    Is this basically an invite to all of us to come over for a backstrap dinner? Great job!
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    "Big 3" Tag- Punched

    Sweet, Great to draw a big three tag. I had mine in 2016 killed a nice bull but not that nice. Great job and Congrats.
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    Oregon Archery Buck, Second Choice Success

    Nice job, I don't see a lot of Oregon bucks like that anymore. Well done.
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    Wife's First Archery Elk

    Great bull and congrats!!!!! Hope it the first of many great times hunting with the family.
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    Unit 51

    No your correct I got going to fast and thought I was still on the Wyoming forum. There are a lot of grizzlies in 51 Wyoming. My apologies.
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    Unit 51

    If I had a map in front of me I can tell you exactly where I saw them. I can also tell you where the grizzly was I ran into! Keep after me to get a map in front of me and I'd be happy to PM you with the locations.
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    Unit 51

    I hunted this archery elk in 2019 and saw a couple of bull moose. One nice one I have video's on my phone and another smaller one, However I saw them both driving from one area to another. Be happy to share the info but I just saw them driving around and was there almost two weeks.
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    Unit 11 Whitetails

    PM, sent. Thank you for replying.
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    Unit 11 Whitetails

    Thanks Brdhuntr, appreciate the info and advice. Will absolutely report back after the hunt.
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    Unit 11 Whitetails

    First off I know these type of questions about general area's aren't looked upon real favorably by some so if you don't care to give information then no problem. I just purchased whitetail only tags for unit 11 for my son and I. We've killed a fair amount of elk and Muledeer but neither of use...
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    Second Drawing

    Thanks for all the replies. I knew about the youth but this makes it sink in and may alter what I apply for. Good luck everyone.
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    Second Drawing

    Thanks for the info!! Can't help myself. I always say if it ain't broke don't fix it!! Good luck this year to you to.
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    Second Drawing

    I applied for a deer tag today in the second drawing. It seemed like it went through but it didn't ask me for any payment nor did I get a email confirmation. This is the first time applied for a tag in the second drawing, is this normal or did my application just not go through?? Thanks.
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    Big game draws

    It's not becoming a joke it's already a joke. I second your thoughts.
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    WTB Colorado 3rd season unit 70 buck voucher

    Never tried this before so thought I'd throw it out there. Looking for CO unit 70 3rd season buck vouchers. Thanks.
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    Valles Caldera 2nd Archery Elk!

    I drew this tag the second year that it was offered with a lottery tag through the RMEF fundraising event. I think it's ran a little different now days but then you had to sit through an orientation two days before the hunt and you got one day before to scout. You also had to draw a subsection...
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    Early Velvet Bulls

    Thanks for posting!! Always love the start of antler growth and now the anticipation gets stronger and stronger 😁
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    Do Point Get Reinstated????

    Hey you all, the fact you can change your application to a point code up to June 1st just made up my mind. You guys really helped out on this. It's either 76 Colorado archery and then change the tag application to point code 299 or Sled springs we average out to 8 and a half resident so should...
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    Who are you picking?

    I really don't know enough to say who'd I'd pick but I do know one things I'd take any on the list over some celebrity hunter.
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    Do Point Get Reinstated????

    My son and I are thinking about using our points for Sled Springs Archery this year but I also put in for a Colorado unit that takes many points and I think I have about a 35 to 40% chance of drawing but won't find out tell about two weeks after the Oregon application deadline. If I draw...
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