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    Utah Law Change

    Question for Utahns. Should the state be more lenient regarding private ownership of animals such as monkeys, exotic cats, etc?
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    Pass along

    It'll end up in the courts at some point. i.e. somebody becomes paralyzed and can't utilize the points they have invested years and $$ in. I do believe eventually there'll be some way to transfer points as not doing so will create a liability to the state. When the points to draw exceeds the...
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    Watch or attend today's Wildlife Board meeting

    Anybody wondering why they don't simply separate trumpeter and tundra swan permits? IMHO there will always be a few guys that will pursue trumpeter species to fill a spot on the wall in spite of hunt being shut down. I'd suggest a mandatory check-in on harvest and a 99 year waiting period for...
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    Big game rule change recommendations

    Read something yesterday... I think it's applicable. "Tell me the rules and I'll figure out how to win." The problem, as I see it... they keep changing the F'n rules. You spend decades accumulating points so you can finally have that hunt of a lifetime.... (trophy jackrabbit, or something...
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    Big game rule change recommendations

    My concern is regarding bear permits. Whereas some hunters have been applying for over a decade to obtain a multi-season bear permit and now they are going to dump otc spot and stalk bear hunters on top of those hunts. I'm sure those spot and stalk guys will totally be respectful of bait...
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    Deer and elk are overgrazing 😂😂😂😂

    The deer are eating the young trees.. Get out there and do your part guys!
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    It's not just predators

    Soooo.... congrats to the author on inflaming his audience. ;) Read it again Hoss. Read it again. I'll even attempt to be clearer: The author, in my opinion, is lazy in their reporting. Literally presenting a snapshot and using it as evidence of a persistent problem. Might as well take a...
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    Paunsagaunt issue

    Ok Dari Dari Ok.. I'll bite. Do you think the egg can differentiate between sperm from 2 year old buck and a 5 year old buck? Or is it that you're convinced that big two point is a genetic dead end? He'll never get bigger? Grow more points?
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    Lawbreaker fined!

    Black Timber??
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    Tracking a shed

    Independence. struck a cord with me.
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    North end of a certain mountain in so. utah you can glass down and see piles of chalk. Hiked down the first time I saw them only to learn why they've been left there.
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    It's not just predators

    I find this article inflammatory. Not arguing that overgrazing doesn't occur.. there is always room for improvement. But, the picture appears to me to be taken along a road in an area where livestock would congregate. I highly doubt it is representative of the entire grazing allotment...
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    Tribal Hunts on General Deer Units in Utah

    He'd probably have a thing to two to say about it. *shrug*
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    Tribal Hunts on General Deer Units in Utah

    Think of slavery as wages being reserved for a particular group of people.
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    Wasatch Moose Moment

    Good job Dan. Be a dry world if we didn't melt some snowflakes.
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    Tribal Hunts on General Deer Units in Utah

    Ok Dari, Dari ok.. historically I was able to hunt every year archery, muzzleloader and rifle. At what point will those 'historical' hunting rights be restored to a white man?
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    Tribal Hunts on General Deer Units in Utah

    On non-tribal land? Public land? Sounds like a violation of civil rights to me.
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    Tribal Hunts on General Deer Units in Utah

    Go check out the UDWR map tool. Select, for example, unit east of Skyline drive from Sanpete into Carbon and Emery county... results list several hunts that Utah citizens, Americans.. those who are taxed to support public land, are not eligible to hunt.. on public land. Hmmmm.
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    Tribal Hunts on General Deer Units in Utah

    Was looking at UDWR's maps of general deer units and see a ton of hunts listed as 'SouthEastern Navajo Buck Deer' or 'Southern Navajo Buck Deer'. Does anybody know what these hunts are about? The units are not on reservation land. Is this some sort of white guilt thing? Last I checked...
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    Wall Tent rental

    It's the cabbalas Alaska outfitter tent with vestibule, stove, etc. Probably sleep 6 in it. How long are you needing a tent? When?
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    Book Cliffs Muzzy Advice

    Eastern Utah north of I70. From what you say... great unit for you.
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    Manti Pack Out Service

    I've got good boots a pack and room in my wallet.
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    Book Cliffs Muzzy Advice

    Pray for drought and find water.
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    Wall Tent rental

    Have one I'll rent you with a stove.
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    Utah Coyote Bounty Reporting App

    Any news of when this 'app' will be released?
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    CWMU poaching?

    Keep things simple... just tell everybody which CWMU it was right right right now!! Let the public know which guys are stealing their wildlife. As if 90% of the wildlife permits on the private land isn't enough... they sneak off and poach on adjoining lands. Some of these guys (not all)...
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    It is difficult to sit back and watch this happen eh. Was on Henrys last weekend. There's no feed. But, cattle are still there. Here's the problem as I see it. Cattle can be pulled off the range, sold or fed. Easy to replace feeders when range improves. We cannot do that with bison. When...
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    Buffalo Lawsuit

    Does the action not establish precedent? Will the extension of season for 2017 hunters not negatively impact 2018 hunters? I applied for this unit based on the fact that I will be in top points group. Now, after application is completed, I am informed that there will be an additional 40%...
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    Bison? Henries vs BookCliffs

    Thanks for response.
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    Where would you apply with 8 points?

    8 points.... Manti Archery Only way I see him having both a chance of drawing and a chance at a good bull.
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    Bison? Henries vs BookCliffs

    Honest assessment of what you'd do with 18 pts for bison. Wait for Henries or BookCliffs wild horse unit? I've heard Wild Horse unit is a crap shoot and of conflicts with tribal hunters.
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    Western Hunt Expo Transparency?

    I hesitate to jump into this.... not sure what to call it. However, I think it's worthwhile to point out that there are those in this state who question. Those who understand that, constitutionally, wildlife is a state's right. The wildlife of Utah belong to, and are the responsibility of...
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    Support for Chaffetz

    Jason could sure use the support of sportsmen and women whom he supported. 2020: Reports coming in today of millions of "non-citizen voters" praising the latest results from the Supreme Court no longer requiring them to visit the U.S. in order to cast their votes. Democrats are thrilled with...
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    Money - All Powerful

    Bye Felicia!
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    There. There. oops.. not their.
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