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    SOLD Remington 700 LA B&C stock

    Remington 700 stock with bedding block lug was bedded at one time but has been cleaned up. 140 OBO
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    NM unit 53 Elk update

    Just wanted to see what was going on with the hunting and how hunters were doin. Feel free to share pics. My hunt starts next Month. Good luck to you all
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    NM unit 53

    Wa wondering if anyone has gone up to 53 this summer. Was wondering what it was like and if it was green. Plan on goin up in another week.
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    Nm Taos area pack service

    Was wondering if there was anyone doin wild game pack out Service if needed this year. Any help would be appreciated
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    Any NM unit 53 elk rifle success stories

    I had my chance at two awesome bulls second rifle hunt. I had them at 486 and 500yds. Needless to say I missed my opportunity. I had a small 1/2 inch mark on my scope which looked like it was bumped pretty good. And was shooting way high. I didnt take a back up and ended cutting my trip short...
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    Unit 53 Cell service.

    Just wondering if there is any service around the Katie?s or greenie peak or cabresto area thinking about getting a sat phone if not. Any help would be appreciated
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    NM unit 53

    Wanted to see how the archery guys did this year up there. I know they had a lot of moisture. Let's see those pics guys.
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    Phoneskope for IPhone 6S

    I have a phoneskope for an IPhone 6/6s. It has the universal adapter. Asking $50 shipped.
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    NM unit 53 elk scouting and conditions

    Hello everyone just wondering if those with an elk tag have been able to get away and scout. I will be goin next month and wanted to see what you guys were seeing as far as quality, quantity and weather conditions up there food vegetation etc. Very excited to go out and scout especially for this...
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    NM unit 53 rifle elk 19-23

    Well as luck would have it I drew this for my 3rd choice. Not being successful in drawing a tag for the last eight years I'm very excited. I have hunted the southern end of the unit for elk but not up north. Just wanted to get some information I really don't know where to start. I do have...
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    NM unit 30 Updates

    Any update on unit 30 mule deer. What have y?all being seeing. How?s the weather and has the rain affected your hunt. My two boys drew our youth tags and they're getting really excited. Good luck to all of you hunters
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    Youth hunt no unit 30 second hunt advice

    My boys drew this unit for mule deertjis year. I hunted this unit about 20 years ago even before it was a draw hunt. I'm not trying to get anyone?s honey hole just wanting to see what the hunting was like in the quality and quantity range. I know of some bruisers coming out of there but not a...
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    Nm unit 29 Muley help

    Hello everybody Well as luck would have it I drew unit 29. I haven't been I. The area and planned on scouting this weekend. Unfortunately I got called out at 1am. And just now getting out. I'm in desperate need of help on where to start and a good solid place to camp. I was thinking south of...
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    Unit 11 general season

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-27-17 AT 09:09AM (MST)[p]Hey there gentlemen. Just want some info on this unit as far as pros and cons of it as well as quaility and quantity. I'm just trying to have a fun hunt and see some bucks. Any help would be appreciated. Also it would be a rifle hunt.
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    Muzzleloader opinions

    Well I decided to do a muzzle loader hunt this year for deer. I wanted some opinions on different muzzleloaders that you gentlemen use in Colorado and powder bullet combos. Any help would be appreciated
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    Colorado gmu 74 la plata mountains mule deer

    Well gentleman. It's that time of the year again for applications and homework. I haven't been able to get drawn in New Mexico and have been exploring my options for Colorado and have decided to focus on this mountain range. I know the elevation is pretty gruesome and am willing to work my butt...
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    Colorado gmu 78

    Finally narrowed it down to this unit for 2nd season elk hunting. I'm not looking for any honey holes just want numbers and what I an expect on this hunt. I will be hunting off west fork road goin in to the wilderness. Just want some opinions and maybe some pointers on the area. Any help would...
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    CO unit 80/81 elk

    I've never hunted elk in these units before just 71/711. Not looking for any honey holes by any means just an idea on where to start. I'm not against hiking miles to find them just ready to get back outdoors and have fun. What's the pressure like the terrain etc... Any help would be appreciated...
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    cahnging a unit on an application

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-11-16 AT 08:31AM (MST)[p]I messed up and put the wrong unit on my application. Need help on how to change it or what to do. Any help will be appreciated Regards B
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    NM unit 30 Barbary sheep info

    Just looking for a little info. I've put tons of posts on monster muleys with grateful help from all members. I'm in need of some sheep info for this unit for sheep I've hunted mule deer in the unit but not once seen sheep. I will be goin for the February hunt. I'm not looking for any honey...
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    nm unit 13 late youth cow elk hunt

    Just looking for some info on this unit for cows in late December. I've hunted it in archery seasons but not the late. It will be my oldest boys first cow hunt and hoping to bag his first animal looking at the area northwest of magdalena. Not looking for any honey holes. Just a chance at an elk...
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    nm unit 30 private landowner permission for youth hunt

    Wanted to see if anyone knew any landowners willing to give me permission to hunt on there land for two youths the Nov 8th- 12th. any help would be appreciated. Thanks Albert Roblez
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    youth second hunt gmu 30

    I havnt been to the area in over 10yrs. My 11yr old son has a tag for this area. just looking to see what the are is like and has been producing since the draw. Not looking for any honey holes just a starting point. We have two days to get it done and hoping not to disapoint since its his first...
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    Colorado 72/73 Muley help

    Been searching high and low for information on these units. So far I have hay camp mesa to sharktooth in 73 really needing some in info. Getting a little discouraged but am supposed to draw 4th season this year any help would be appreciated.
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    Mule deer info gmu 72/73

    Been searching for some info on these units. So far only have a couple leads but looking for more. Can really find anything on the net looking at fourth season this year not looking for any honey holes just a starting point for some scouting any help Would be appreciated. Thanks B
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    72/73 71/711 or 62

    Looking at these units for 3rd season mule deer. I have enough points for all of them just debating with myself on which way to go. I'm really leaning towards 71/711 because I've been in the area but am up to suggestions and comments from you fellow hunters. I just wanna shoot a mature buck...
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    have faith and keep your head up

    I know alot of you are out there hunting your hearts out. I killed this bull the last day of the second hunt. I was beat mentally and physically sitting at water holes walking mile after mile and hearing one bugle the whole hunt before the morning of the last day. I have to admit i had just...
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    Leftover licences

    Just wondering if anyone has heard when leftover licenses will be available.
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    Gmu 60,18,25,27,74,85

    Hello all I'm currently seeking to draw one of these areas for mule deer. We're just trying to get lucky so I don't have to use my points. Looking to have a fun hunt and have an opportunity to see some game and shoot something. We are in shape and willing to stray away from the open path. Any...
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    unit 78 2nd or 3rd season mule deer

    from the odds it looks like i can draw either one my question is which hunt would be better i am a nonresident and will be spending some time scouting the area. also looking for some info on quantity and quality. wanting to just have a good fun hunt with family. any info would be appreciated.
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    any success in unit 13

    just wondering what the weather was like and if anybody had any luck. heading out on friday heard the weather is rolling in friday night. good luck everyone.
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    Nm unit 13 deer

    Just got back from roaming the hills in this unit. Didn't see any deer and barely any sign. Are you elk hunters seeing any deer out there. I have a nov 10-14 hunt and just looking to see if you guys are seeing any deer.
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    2011 unit 13 success

    Anybody have any luck in 13 last year? Let's see some pics deer or elk
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    Unit 13

    I drew elk and deer in this unit. I've heard alot of bad about it but wanted other opinions on this unit I'll be hunting second season archery for elk and second season rifle deer. I wanted to know what the beards were looking like and how moisture is so far. I have very little info on both and...
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    unit 62 and 65

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-16-12 AT 11:01AM (MST)[p]i am a non resident hoping to draw one of these two units this year. just wanting some info on quality and quantity of deer in these units aswell as places to camp and if they have hookups. i havnt hunted deer in a couple of years just looking to have...
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    mule deer hunt help

    i have one point for colorado i have been unlucky in the draw in nm and want to hunt colorado. of course you all know whats going in nm next year with the regulations so nm is out of the question im looking for a unit i can draw with one or no points and just get out and finally do some...
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    stolen binoculars looking for new pair

    i had a pair of steiner binoculars stolen out of the truck couple weeks back along with some oakleys. i am looking for a new pair of lightweight binoculars 8x30 40 or 42. open for suggestions and a good place to buy some from any help would be appreciated
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    unit 29 32 38 archery mule deer

    just wondering if anone knows how the deer are doing in these units looking to get a leftover if im lucky. i dont know if southeast new mexico had been getting any moisture.
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    unit 74 and 82 archery elk

    looking for a little info on these units for archery season, i may or may not be able to get to scout before then. im not looking for anyones honey hole just somewhere to start. gonna be camping out so i can early start in the morning any help will be appreciated. thank you all al
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    colorado archery unit 82 elk and muley hunt

    looking for some info on this unit looking for quality and quantity and just a good archery hunt. not looking for anyones honey just an idea on where to start scouting. any info will be appreciated.
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