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  1. eshunt

    AK Float Hunt

    Here's a couple photos of the Alaskan Float Hunt I took my Dad and Brother on back in 2013. We were after moose and caribou. Didn't end up with a moose even though we had an opportunity. But came home with plenty of meat! And even more great memories! Flight in with Wright Air. Amazing...
  2. eshunt

    For Sale Horn Hunter Full Curl Pack

    Horn Hunter Full Curl pack system, $150. Used but very good condition. I have changed pack systems and haven't used this one in a couple years. Packed out a number of elk and deer with system. As well as used on multi day backpack hunts. A few extra straps and buckles included.
  3. eshunt

    Ca black bear

    Hey all, First bear I have killed. I initially thought it was right about 300lbs. But after getting the skull and hide back I think it might have been closer to mid 300's. He was a beautiful boar that had been feasting on pine nuts. Skull was just over 19". Hide squared to a few inches...
  4. eshunt

    Good Weekend

    I've read a lot on the forums but haven't really posted much. This last weekend was such a great weekend that I just had to share. I was lucky to grow up in a family that hunted. My Dad and Brother have been a couple of my best hunting partners. We have spent too many days chasing deer, elk...
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