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  1. Dioni

    Mule deer age?

    It's so subjective. I've sent in all my teeth for years now and it's really hard to anticipate what numbers will come back. I've seen teeth like that on a few 4 year old deer and last year killed an 8 year old buck that looked like that or better. All you can accurately say is that he was...
  2. Dioni

    Idaho Sawtooth Planning

    The deer in the upper end of 43 migrate if it rains too hard. Good luck hunting it high at the end of season
  3. Dioni

    Let's See Those Bucks! Nice Daypack Giveaway

    General Idaho buck. It was tough staying in during the big storms we had, but it paid off.
  4. High Country Buck for Dioni

    High Country Buck for Dioni

    New member, Dioni, shared this big buck photo in the Big Buck Photos thread in the Mule Deer Forum.
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