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    How to hunt without trail cams

    Determine the area, and species you want to hunt. Go to the area as often as time will permit before the season. While there, hike and glass early and late (scout). This will familiarize you with the country, and the game. When the hunt rolls around... hunt the area you have spent time scouting.
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    Let's See Those Bucks! Nice Daypack Giveaway

    Here you go podini
  3. Screenshot_20211027-201520_Photos.jpg


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    Favorite Mule Deer Print

    The best in my opinion
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    One hunt, one Animal...

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    Alaska last minute cancellation Hunt

    Wrangell Outfitters has a last minute cancellation Hunt for Sheep, Moose, Grizzly, or all three. Regular price is 34k. He's selling for 13k plus trophy fees. Sheep 7500, moose 6500, grizzly 6500. My buddy and I went with these guys last year, we both got our Rams! Top notch Outfitter...
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    2 1/2 Seconds On No Tellum Ridge, Leon Parson

    Tried to send you a pm, not sure I did it right?
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    What happened?

    I've been packing my open sight, pre-64 30-30 the last couple years on the deer hunt. It's awesome!
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    Wade lemon outfitters

    Unfortunately this is what it's come to. These deer do not have a chance! Every move they make is known, they seem to never be out of range. People will do anything to get them for a big payday, or to be famous on youtube.
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    2019 Wyoming Deer now on the wall !!!!

    They look really good! Who does your taxi?
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    ISO Leon Parson print

    Not sure how to PM you non typical?
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    Weatherby Misfire

    Thanks to everyone for the advice, and knowledge! I appreciate it! Hopefully I can get it figured out.
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    Weatherby Misfire

    Yes, I would say it happens more often in colder temps. But 20- 40 degree temps is not that cold. It's happened in warmer temps too. I've disassembled the bolt and checked the spring, and fireing pin. Cleaned it... It really was not dirty, or too much lube. I've just never had a rifle not go...
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    Weatherby Misfire

    I purchased a new Weatherby Accumark a couple years ago, and had trouble with misfires.... When it misfires the primer either has no mark, or very small mark. Sent it in to "their gunsmith", and it still misfires. I've never owned a Weatherby,and this will be my last. Has anyone had, or...
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    Rabbit Fight

    Is the sound on... I couldn't stop laughing. I wouldn't want to get to close the action!
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    6.5 Creedmoor

    I consider myself a knowledgeable gun person, and I would say the CM lives up to the hype. I bought one a couple years ago, have been reloading, and shooting it, and I've been really impressed! It's not the only caliber in the world, but a great deer cartridge. Probably wouldn't use it for elk.
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    What's in your Rafters?

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-21-18 AT 06:13PM (MST)[p] The Wall of Shame
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    RAAP making some progress...

    Thanks for all your efforts elks!
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    Easy to setup tent w/stove

    We've had the 12x12 alaknak with the stove for at least 10 years. It's been a dang good tent. Four people and all their gear is tight. We don't have the vestibule.
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    Incase you need help... Rifle/NW Colorado Areas

    Elks I drove out to unit 22 early this morning, to check it out. I looked at some nice country. I have a 3rd season tag, and would like to send you a PM, but not sure how?
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    Wyoming Region H

    +1 Check out granite Creek!
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    Trail cams

    +1 runamuk!
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    scout to hunt?

    Scouting might be the best part of hunting. This has to be a Utah outfit.
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    Winter Unit 70,61 area

    How many points did you have to draw 70 4th?
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    Unit 22 3rd season

    Thanks for the advice guys I really appreciate it! I have 8 points so I'm trying to figure out what to do.
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    Unit 22 3rd season

    Does anyone have experience in unit 22 3rd season? I could probably draw. Would appreciate some input. Thanks!
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    Winter conditions

    Nontypical Have you been up around Big Piney, and Labarge?
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    Winter conditions

    >Winter is beginning to loosen her >icy grip here finally. We >have had milder temps and >less snowfall over the past >week or so. The 10 >day forecast looks mild as >well. > >Unfortunately, the damage has been done >in many areas already. I >conversed with a local rancher >yesterday...
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    NR point sharing and tag allotment.

    >What's your opinion on Non-resident hunters >jumping to the front of >the line by sharing points >with someone who has a >lot of points built up >every year? > The same guys hunting (Region >G)the greys river for 5 >or 6 years straight is >crazy when it takes 6 >points to draw. >But...
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    Thoughts on scouting for others

    >HB229 is currently going through the >legislature in Wyoming and will >make this practice illegal. It >has been coined "Founder's Bill" > > > Jm77 Good for WYOMING!
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    Bloody buck

    That is a DANDY!!!! Wow! Did founder find that for you? I'm kidding, congrats!
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    I think guys are leary of posting they're pics on here anymore.
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    Wide Stud Right Here! How wide?

    You must be one lucky hunter, how do you keep getting G tags?
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    Wide, Long-Tined, Heavy Buck

    Founder, do you get to hunt G again this year?
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    Christensen arms HELP

    I had a custom rifle made by CA about 7 or 8 years. I didn't like the the stock, so I had them change it for. They were good to work with then. And the rifle shoots great by the way. Just my experience with them.
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    She must have really long arms, any further back and she'd be out of the pic.
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    Wyoming Hunt Consulting/Scouting Package

    A guy will also have more company in those areas, when he goes back to hunt there.
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