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    Hornady 270 reloading die set - $40

    Still for sale
  2. deadI

    Hornady 270 reloading die set - $40

    Yes I could mail them but i would need the money (including shipping cost ) first. Where are you located at?
  3. deadI

    Hornady 270 reloading die set - $40

    I don't need this die set anymore. I have only put about 100 rounds through them so they are pretty much brand new. I live in Utah County, Utah and I am willing to meet you here in Utah Valley. Asking $40.
  4. deadI

    Utah late bull

    Congratulations! What a grat looking bull.
  5. deadI

    Maine Moose 2021

  6. deadI

    Backpack suggestions for Christmas

    I bought my boy a Mystery Ranch pop up 28 and really like it. LIght weight, a few pockets to orgainze, plenty of room for scope and jackets and esentials and then if you do need to pack a quarter out it will handle this just fine as well.
  7. deadI

    Utah Pronghorn on the ground

    Very nice goat. Congratulations.
  8. deadI

    2021 Utah Muzzleloader Antelope success!

    My son was able to take this Buck with his muzzleloader yesterday morning here in Utah. 60 Yard shot. Proud Dad right here.
  9. IMG_2830.jpg


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    Nine Mile, Anthro-Myton Bench antelope

    Congratulations. Great looking goat.
  11. deadI

    Southwest Desert Pronghorn Help

    Congratulations on a great buck. The light color horns are really unique.
  12. deadI

    Nine Mile, Anthro-Myton Bench antelope

    So was your son able to tag out? How was the hunt. My son has the muzzle loader tag that starts this week. Wondering what the heards were looking like this year and how they were acting. (Spooky or Rutty)
  13. deadI

    Utah Youth Any Bull - Scouting Service/Semi-Guided

    That is awesome. Congratulations.
  14. deadI

    Wasatch Early Rifle Elk

    Great looking bulls. Congratulations to all of you.
  15. deadI

    2020 AZ Archery Antelope (pics)

    Awesome buck. Congrats.
  16. deadI

    Unit 1 rifle elk

    My brothers father in law drew this tag this year. I think he had 23 points. He is in a position in life where he can and will be hiring a guide. My brother asked me to post this and ask you guys who and or what guide services would you recommend for this Unit? Thanks.
  17. deadI

    I bought some Crispi's - I have a question now.

    I bought a new pair of Wyoming's yesterday. I have been using Danner Pronghorns for the last 12 or so years so this boot buying is alot to chew on. While trying them on I only had my street socks and a size 13 felt really good. But when i put a pair of thicker hunting socks on they were...
  18. deadI

    Utah Nine Mile Anthro myton bench

    Yes Antelope. Sorry I though I had that in the post. Thanks for the reply
  19. deadI

    Utah Nine Mile Anthro myton bench

    My 16 year old daughter drew her first Utah LE big game rifle tag this year. I am hoping that one of you out there might be willing to share some info into where you might start scouting. In looking at the area on Google earth and OnX it looks to be covered with oil rigs. Does this limit...
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    WIN Tickets to The Big Outdoors Expo!

    "I want to go"
  21. deadI

    Drag and Drop Images

    Just trying this drag and drop out. Lots of new features on this site. I have been away for a little while but Im back.
  22. deadI

    Everyone Needs an Avatar!

    changed mine.
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    onX Elite Membership Giveaway ... Win It!

    I want the Hunt App! DeadI/Jared
  24. deadI

    Wasatch Archery

    Congrats on the tag. I love the wasatch. My Dad drew the muzz LE tag this year. This will be the 4th time him and I have hunted it since 2006. Two rifle tags and now two Muzz tags. Good luck to your wife. DeadI/Jared
  25. deadI

    onX hunt app ??

    Thats to bad. I was hoping for the 30 you would have a couple states. Its hard to choke the 100 for a year for the entire country when all i want is 4 or 5 states. To bad they don't have a package deal that is a little cheaper. DeadI/Jared
  26. deadI

    onX hunt app ??

    I am looking into paying for this app. My question is can you switch between diffent states with the 30 $ plan or do you have to pay for the premium plan for that? Does the 30 $ plan only give you one state? DeadI/Jared
  27. deadI

    Past wasatch bulls

    This was my 2013 Muzzle loader bull. Goes about 345. DeadI/Jared
  28. deadI

    Share Some Photos - Nice Bino Case for Winner

  29. deadI

    Helping a buck out.

    Anyone now how to get the video to host inline in the message body. DeadI/Jared
  30. deadI

    Helping a buck out.

    So this morning I was on my little run and when as I run past the canal by my house this 2x3 buck was in the canal and stuck up against the catch bars. I called Cory Page to bring a rope and help me out. He brought his boy Tyler Page. We were able to get the rope around its antlers, got it to...
  31. deadI

    As it Lay 2014

    2013 Muzzeloader Bull. DeadI/Jared
  32. deadI

    Boys first successful hunt

    I decided to try a new area this year on a recommendation of a great friend. And this year would be my 2 boys first over night hunting trip. We drove in on Wednesday afternoon and had high hopes for our opening morning. After walking through a few areas and only seeing does we walked into a...
  33. deadI

    Fun Family Elk Hunt

    Great looking bull. Congrats to the hunter. DeadI/Jared
  34. deadI

    state records

    I am looking for Utahs records however I don't really want to buy anything or subscribe to anything. I was hoping to find something like you can find with the fishing. DeadI/Jared
  35. deadI

    state records

    Does anyone now where I can find online a list of the state record big game animals? DeadI/Jared
  36. deadI

    Hunters and Campers BEWARE

    Jim, Just saw this story on 2 News. DeadI/Jared
  37. deadI

    140gr 7mm too light for Elk?

    That is what I use and have had no problem. The last bull I show went 20 feet and tipped over stone cold. DeadI/Jared
  38. deadI

    Wasatch Elk Muzz Hunt

    Here is my 2013 Muzz Wasatch Bull. Good luck to you and have fun. This was the funnest hunt I have ever been on. DeadI/Jared
  39. deadI

    Wasatch Mountain questions

    I had the Muzz tag last year. I scouted it pretty good to find the area that I wanted to focus on. Not to find a particular bull. I shot my bull opening afternoon. the bulls were bugeling still. There are some very good bulls on the wasatch but average from what I have seen over the years...
  40. deadI

    Tooth Data Results

    Wasatch Muzz 2013 was 8 years old and scores 345. DeadI/Jared
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