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  1. elkantlers


    Should have picked up the phone and give him a call then. Maybe you can learn something from him.
  2. elkantlers


    What the he!! is that about? You don't know the simplest of regulations like adding an archery permit. @tailchasers gives you a solid lead to those regulations and you do this crap. That's pretty weak.
  3. elkantlers

    OTC bear spot and stalk

    That's a brute.
  4. elkantlers

    Cutting arrow shafts

    Get him a saw. That's the way to learn. and, so what if he cuts one wrong. that's the way you learn.
  5. elkantlers

    Utah Muzzy tag for next fall?

    There is no shortage. I've bought CCI209M, Federal 209A primers and BH209 powder recently and have seen it available several times.
  6. elkantlers

    200" Bucks & 400" Bulls

    Yep, I'm a stalker. An Internet sleuth you might say. I lurk in the back pages of MM's looking for the opportunity to expose blowhards. And you threw me a softball. :LOL:
  7. elkantlers

    200" Bucks & 400" Bulls

    You've posted 2 pictures during your time on MM, Both are of other people's deer. Until you put up, shut up.
  8. elkantlers

    200" Bucks & 400" Bulls

    I absolutely do not give a **** what others think of the animals I shoot or if they considered them Trophies.
  9. elkantlers

    Sheep Point $$

    Are we starting a list of things that will never happen? #1 Wyoming will refund money spent on sheep points #2 Elkass will draw SJ elk. #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 feel free to add others
  10. elkantlers

    Hungry Fella!

    The Porcupines too. Jeez.
  11. elkantlers

    Finding yourself and youre wife in NO MANS LAND

    I know you have used outfitters in the past, so your reply is expected. I don't begrudge outfitters from making a living but when they get to the point that they are out of control like they are now something has to give. You know as well as I do that the all-mighty dollar will cause outfitters...
  12. elkantlers

    Finding yourself and youre wife in NO MANS LAND

    This is exactly we really need to push for some extreme regulations for guides and their high school minions. It is literally ruining other peoples hunts.
  13. elkantlers

    A beauty of a Sonoran buck!

    Oh ya. That's a dandy.
  14. elkantlers

    CFS and Fried Red Spuds

    I'm literally drooling. lol
  15. elkantlers

    Posse, Search & Rescue or Lynch Mob?

    It's good to take a break once in a while. I do it frequently, but no one notices. :D
  16. elkantlers

    UT LE Late bull hunt change

    Exactly... There are 400 less bulls per year which gives room for 400 more cows to make more elk. I absolutely believe that we should have to pick a season. The multi season was stupid from the start.
  17. elkantlers

    UT LE Late bull hunt change

    Using that number, if we carry those spikes over until they are 6 years old, adding a similar amount each successive year, we now have approximately 2500 extra bulls in the herd. Are you willing to kill an extra 2500 cow elk to fit those extra bulls? Cause the management plan is pretty straight...
  18. elkantlers

    UT LE Late bull hunt change

    Before the spike hunts and limited entry tags it was open season. I guarantee you don't want to go back to that. You won't be hunting every 5-10 years. The numbers just don't add up. There are too many people wanting tags Last year there was 3849 applicants for 136 Early Manti tags. That is 1...
  19. elkantlers

    UT LE Late bull hunt change

    Sure, we want more big bulls. I'm just not wanting to wait a decade or two in between elk tags. Most people don't archery hunt. Thats just the way it is. So, saying people can just do that really isn't an option. The other thing is that each unit has herd objectives, The maximum number of elk...
  20. elkantlers

    UT LE Late bull hunt change

    The only problem with getting rid of the spike hunts is that you would get rid of all your opportunity. Most people would rather hunt spikes every year than a bigger bull every 15.
  21. elkantlers

    Sheep lives matter

    I'd say that is very appropriate for Wyoming. lol
  22. elkantlers

    Colorado Lion Hunting Ban SB22-031

    I said to the south and east, Thats directly towards Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. It was a figure of speech so just settle down., I'm on your side. SMH
  23. elkantlers

    Colorado Lion Hunting Ban SB22-031

    Colorado is screwed. The majority of people who live south and East of Craig will be happy as clams if this bill passes. I will send letters to all the legislators for all the good it will do.
  24. elkantlers

    Wondering about OutdoorWriter

    jPRICKett, since you know it all, you should know when to be quiet.
  25. elkantlers

    UT LE Late bull hunt change

    Do both. No reason they can't hunt at the same time.
  26. elkantlers

    UT LE Late bull hunt change

    It seems to me that one way to help a few big bulls make it through the late hunts would be to make them muzzleloader instead of any weapon (rifle). I believe there is a greater amount of "long Range" shooting going on during those late hunts than the early season. I know there is some LR...
  27. elkantlers

    Wondering about OutdoorWriter

    I would rather have one OW than a dozen jPRICKett's.
  28. elkantlers

    I miss the Political Forum

    Lets go BeanMan..
  29. elkantlers

    Federal 209A primers available
  30. elkantlers

    For Sale Milsurp Rifles

    If I want to buy a rifle, can I just give you my credit card and social security number? I normally wouldn't do this, but you seem legit.
  31. elkantlers

    Utah Trail Cam Restrictions - Archery Point Creep

    Trail camera ban will make zero difference in anyone's application strategy. The big difference is you will now be able to draw a LE elk or deer permit in 3-5 years. lol I'm glad trail cams are banned, but it will make zero difference.
  32. elkantlers

    Utah LE bull elk hunts need to change.

    Comma #sendit :ROFLMAO:
  33. elkantlers

    How to bring does back

    96 hour trap check law
  34. elkantlers

    Utah LE bull elk hunts need to change.

  35. elkantlers


    I plan to bring this up when they start taking comments and hope others will do the same. I had a Paunsagunt Muzzleloader tag last year and the "Guides" were out of control. between WLH, Virostko and Roundy they had the whole place covered. They act like they own the whole freakin place. They...
  36. elkantlers

    Watch or attend tomorrow's Utah Wildlife Board meeting

    There's going to be alot of pissed off people. Seems like the WB is going to go scorched earth on all technology.
  37. elkantlers

    Utah to Change App Timeline in 2023

    Application period will be March 23-April 27. Results should be out no later than May 1st. May 31st is unacceptable in this day and age.
  38. elkantlers

    Utah LE bull elk hunts need to change.

    Long ranger #sendit shooters wound more than their fair share. You just don't hear about it. They only post the neck shots and gut shot follow ups. I'll stand by my round ball and recurves wound more critters than bore-drivers and compounds.
  39. elkantlers

    Utah LE bull elk hunts need to change.

    @Ultimag Pretty simple really. If you make people use a less lethal weapon, Such as muzzleloaders with round ball ammo or recurve bows, you will inherently have more wounding loss. Multiply that with today's #sendit mentality and there will no doubt be a much higher wounding loss.
  40. elkantlers

    Truck Tire Chains

    Rule #1. Chains are for getting out, not getting in.
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