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    Hunt Arizona In 2022?

    Hello Arizona, I have 19 NR points for elk and have been waiting to draw unit 1. I was thinking of waiting one more year because I may be moving around that time but I heard AZ might be in for it first decent moisture year in quite awhile so now I'm think I should just make it happen and go in...
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    Unit 11 Whitetails

    First off I know these type of questions about general area's aren't looked upon real favorably by some so if you don't care to give information then no problem. I just purchased whitetail only tags for unit 11 for my son and I. We've killed a fair amount of elk and Muledeer but neither of use...
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    Second Drawing

    I applied for a deer tag today in the second drawing. It seemed like it went through but it didn't ask me for any payment nor did I get a email confirmation. This is the first time applied for a tag in the second drawing, is this normal or did my application just not go through?? Thanks.
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    WTB Colorado 3rd season unit 70 buck voucher

    Never tried this before so thought I'd throw it out there. Looking for CO unit 70 3rd season buck vouchers. Thanks.
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    Do Point Get Reinstated????

    My son and I are thinking about using our points for Sled Springs Archery this year but I also put in for a Colorado unit that takes many points and I think I have about a 35 to 40% chance of drawing but won't find out tell about two weeks after the Oregon application deadline. If I draw...
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    Rounding points up or down????????????????????

    I have a good buddy of mine that has 21 points and I have 20 points for both deer and antelope. We are thinking of applying together but I can't remember if Oregon rounds up or down or if we will just average at 20.5 any help is appreciated. We are both residents.
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    20 Resident Points Antelope

    I have 20 resident points for antelope and I'm planning on burning them this year. I'm looking at East Beaty's Butte or West Beaty's Butte First Season or Warner first season. I know they are all good and it looks like W. Beaty's takes the most points to draw so that would seem to lead you to...
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    Arizona Archery Dates

    Was thinking about burning my points this year for archery elk. However many on this form said to early of dates this year wait until next year when the dates are later. However I was just listening to a podcast with Jay Scott and Steve Chappel and they said that 2022 will have a day earlier...
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    1 or 27 Bow Elk

    This may be a little early but I can't help but ask. I'm a non res with 17 points. I'm not sure if this will get me unit 1 in 2021 but could get me 27 which I know is a more physical unit. If unit 1 is worth it I can try to get my hunters ed point to have 18 point but if 27 is as good or better...
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    Hunters safety point with COVID

    I've been procrastinating getting my hunters safety point due to needing to travel to Arizona. With COVID has AZ put in place a virtual class or some totally remote way to gain this point?
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    Any Options for $2,500 or less?

    My whole life I've been a pretty hard core DYI hunter "mostly archery". However in my mid 50's I just had a mass removed from my spine and a cage built around the lower spine. Not sure where I will be at recovery wise by archery season. Is there any rifle mule deer options in the west for $2,500...
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    Worth buying an elk tag 2

    The first "worth buying an elk tag" post was for 3rd season unit 70 because I drew the deer tag which will be the focus of the hunt and one I've done twice before. I've never bought a 3rd season elk tag to go along with it however. After the responses being very mixed on the first post of if...
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    Seeking First Whitetail

    Growing up out West I've killed many elk and muledeer. I have never killed a whitetail and would like to. Due to my schedule I'll need to hunt past NOV 10th so units 1 through 6 would be the focus. I can't afford a guide so I'm just looking for suggestion on where to focus for access to public...
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    Worth buying an elk tag?

    I will be hunting Colorado 3rd season deer in unit 70 this year. It will be my third time doing so. A friend who has hunted it more than me said he always sees some elk on this trip where I've only seen cows the first time and no elk the second time. He says the elk tag that coincides with the...
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    Meat Donation

    As I get older and don't have kids at home anymore to feed and my wife say she wants salmon not another elk after 25 years of eating it over and over I find that going through the meat from a hunting season is getting hard. I tried to look up a local Oregon chapter of hunters for hunger but...
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    25-06 Ammo

    I know there is more than one answer to this but I've only went on three rifle hunts in the last 30 years everything has been archery. That said I just bought a 25-06 from a family friend that is in financial trouble and this rifle had been in the box for 10 years never fired so just thought...
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    When to expect my license and tag

    I drew a CO deer tag this year and it's hasn't come yet. Just wondering roughly when should I expect it to be in my mail box?
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    Card Hit

    My card just got hit also. 3rd season buck unit 70. I know not the unit it used to be but I've hunted it a couple of times and know the area so am excited to go back.
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    Fixed Blade Braodheads

    I've been shooting Shuttle T's for awhile now because I feel they fly true like a field point but I also feel they don't come out of the box feeling sharp like other broadheads I've had. I'd really like to go to a fixed three blade broadhead that I can hand sharpen to my razor sharp...
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    Which one of 3 for bucks

    I have 4 non resident points and plan to use them this year in Colorado. The units I'm looking at that I should be able to get with four points are 70, 62, (52,411,521) I'm looking at 70 just because I have hunted it twice and know the area better. Before you say they have all gone down hill I...
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    Missouri breaks Boat Type

    A friend and I have wanted to do a breaks hunt by boat for either deer or elk for sometime and are looking to put in for that now. He has a 22ft willie predator sled but it's a prop not jet. He was wondering how deep the water runs in the river and if it would be deep enough to run his boat. I...
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    Help me understand hunter numbers!!

    First of all I understand we need young folks hunting and need hunter numbers for political clout in a number of ways. The question I have however is I keep hearing hunter numbers are going down but at the same time tags are getting harder and harder to come by and as I've hunted across the west...
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    Averaging Points

    I know this question has probably been asked a million times but does Colorado average points for deer and elk? I have 13 Non res points and am looking at unit 76 archery elk. It's seems like my odds are still low with those point but I have a friend with 16 non res point that would be willing...
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    3A/3C Changes ELK

    I have been saving points for archery elk 3A/3C and have 15 points. I just saw in one of the magazines that they put in early rifle hunt in this unit so pushed the archery dates back later than the other archery hunts. Something like Sept 20th to Oct 3rd. And now it's taking like 17 point for a...
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    Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Steps Down

    I just saw on the news that the Idaho fish and game commissioner steps down after posting pictures of his African Safari. I'm not sure I have a strong opinion on his photo's he did everything legally but one thing is for sure if you post photo's of a bunch of dead critters more specifically one...
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    Back From 51-9

    Beginning of the year I reached out to those of Monster Muley's for help on 51-9. Rightfully so I got info that this is a very difficult unit and it was. After spending almost two weeks there here's my two cents on it. Tough country with not a high density of elk and grizzly sign everywhere. You...
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    Plan B for Bighorn Ram

    My son drew the 2nd season for West John Day Bighorn Ram tag. We are planning on floating the river but am nervous of the lower than normal water flows. We are not rich and a guided hunt is not in the cards and I know much of the area is landlocked by private. Was wondering if anyone had advice...
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    51-9 fishing

    I head out on Sept 8 and will hunt through the 22nd for archery elk in unit 51. I've already received valuable information from several folks on this site and want to say thanks again. When I was younger I would have spent every minute of all 14 days hunting but now that I'm in my 50's I may...
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    To bear fence or not to bear fence?? Thats the questions!

    I drew a Wyoming unit 51 archery type 9 elk tag. Every call I make to gather info is greeted with the same advice, be prepared for bears!! I am a do it yourself guy and non resident so I will not be hunting the wilderness. Will be staying in my wall tent and was thinking of buy an electric bear...
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    105 & 106 Deer?????

    This is really three questions. I found out I drew a 51-9 tag for elk. I already know about the wilderness and Grizzly's. But I have some questions on deer since I'll be there anyway. 1. Since 51-9 falls in unit 105 & 106 Region F I was thinking of getting a deer tag as a second choice since...
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    Might as well be the first one to ask for help 51-9

    Well I might as well be the first. I drew 51-9 and do not plan on hiring a guide. I already know about the bear's and not being able to access the wilderness but was wondering if anyone has knowledge of this unit they would be willing to share "if not no worries". Would be glad to return info of...
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    What happened to unit 70???

    In 2006 I drew a 3rd season rifle mule deer tag for unit 70 with just a couple of points and it was a awesome experience. I think I so 20+ bucks the first day and deer everywhere. Three of use took a 180, 171, 159 class bucks in two and a half days. I meant to come back to that unit sooner but...
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    Non Resident Wyoming Wilderness access

    As some of you know from another thread I drew a unit 45-1 elk tag this year. I have a friend that is a Wyoming resident but does not have the tag but said he thought if he came up with his horses and went with me it would be OK to go into the wilderness since he is a resident. He is also a...
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    3 choices which to pick for elk, 24, 38-9 or 45

    I'm newer to the site not because I don't like to share info but just not a big internet guy. Get enough of it at work so I'm not looking for anyone's top spot but looking for an opinion. I thought I had max point but learned this year that I spaced it in 2014 and now have one less than max...
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