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    Good on you being able to stick with it, even better that your wife allows it. I have a hard time getting 7 days gone from the family! Since you have been gone, I caught covid, recovered, and returned to work for a full week…I like your last 16 days way better than mine lol. As overkill said...
  2. TerynItUp

    Mule deer rut

    What a stud, congrats man. I’m always impressed when someone can follow a buck for years and then seal the deal. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a buck that I could tell you for certain I had seen before. Very cool, congrats again!
  3. TerynItUp

    Boys bat .1000 on their deer hunts.

    If they keep up that hard work and humble attitude, tell ‘em to reach out to me when they turn 18 and I’ll give them all a job. That’s a hunt they’ll remember for decades and likely tell their grandkids about. Nice work men!
  4. TerynItUp

    Son's AZ bull

    Outstanding. My goodness, those fronts and thirds….
  5. TerynItUp

    3 for 3 in CO

    Thanks fellers, now if I could find that kind of success with stick and string I’d be pretty pleased!
  6. TerynItUp

    Caught a deer in CO

    Nice buck, Paul. Were the mature bucks still solo?
  7. TerynItUp

    3 for 3 in CO

    Had a great time in Colorado with my old man and big bro. We set up camp the weekend before the hunt and saw quite a bit of deer movement so we’re pretty excited coming into the hunt. Opening day was fantastic and we saw a total of 18 different bucks, Dad shot the biggest one we found at last...
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  15. TerynItUp

    A big muzzy buck for Cody!

    Good to see Cody pop back up in these circles, especially with a sweet buck. Nice work fellas.
  16. TerynItUp

    Where did the Deer Go in Unit 6

    Sounds like I got the same buck texted to me, absolute stud. I was told grossed 213, which actually seems like he could have been. I’m not a big score guy but this buck was giant. Here is a buck I found up there 5 or 6 years ago.
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    Just got a photo that a friend took today of another bull moose in Aztec, across from the post office.
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    1st Season Archery bull

    Paul, great bull. Y’all are some of the most consistent killers, year in and year out. I too, was surprised that it wasn’t until 9/22 that the NM forum got its first bull posted. Still haven’t seen any muleys posted either (unless I missed them). I’ll be honest, I used to spend a lot of time...
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    So, uh, any hard horned bulls yet? Lol
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    I know there is an ongoing debate about the pros and cons of damming rivers, and I don’t want to get into that here. However, I do believe the presence of these reservoirs and the different purposes each of them serve make it difficult to use water levels as a gauge for drought. Since we are...
  22. TerynItUp

    FR250 - Conejos Canyon Winter Access

    Heard that FR 250 that heads North from Hwy 17 to Platoro isn’t plowed/maintained through the winter. Was curious if any of y’all have experience traveling that road December-February and if it is doable or not? Assume it depends on the year but wanted to reach out to you all and see if you had...
  23. TerynItUp

    RE: bear

    Here is a pretty plump bear I had show up on a camera a couple years ago.
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  25. TerynItUp

    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    Emails are rolling for deer now. Just got notified with a nice Congratulatory email. Finally, a deer hunt to look forward to.
  26. TerynItUp

    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    Credit card hit and Import Point Deduct of -1...assuming that to say I drew my 1st choice.
  27. TerynItUp

    Some advice to any and all posting for help in units they drew and never been in.....

    Fishing sure sounds nice right about now.
  28. TerynItUp

    Cabelas closed til 4/30

  29. TerynItUp

    Cabelas closed til 4/30

    You actually think a for profit retailer would voluntarily close? They were shut down by the State due to # of rapid responses. Just because a business is closed doesn’t mean they “playing politics.” Unfortunate that businesses have to do shut down and then face criticism from folks who...
  30. TerynItUp

    Unit 77-78-771 Deer

    It is paralleling 2B just across the border to the South. Not scientific, just my own observations. Has been disappointing for me the last several years.
  31. TerynItUp

    Senate Bill 32 SB NM

    Even for those of us who don’t trap now, or likely ever will, educate yourself in all things trapping. Take the course required by NMDGF, befriend a trapper, learn the different traps, understand the arguments, etc..., so we can be properly equipped with the knowledge to speak intelligently...
  32. TerynItUp

    Not the first to the neighborhood...

    Hey man, the two on the left are both obsidian for sure. I think the ring finger is quartz and not sure about the other. It’s definitely an opaque material. I haven’t seen any of this material naturally around here, I am pretty sure it came from a mountain range about 20 miles to the North where...
  33. TerynItUp

    Not the first to the neighborhood...

    Built a home for my family with plenty of room for my kids to roam and I have been spending quite a bit of time exploring the hills. I guess we weren’t the first ones here...
  34. TerynItUp

    Covered Up

    We decided to head down once the snow hit. We had all the right gear but we were unsure about future forecast and decided to play it safe so we ended the hunt early. The morning before the weather moved in we got into em and called in a couple bulls but just couldn’t string it all together. I...
  35. TerynItUp

    Covered Up

    I know this ain’t the CO thread but I typically only post here in NM because y’all are my peeps. Up in Southern CO last week and we got covered up!
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  37. TerynItUp

    Heading to Unit 80/81 this week

    Be ready to get wet. We were up in the wilderness and had 30” of snow up top where we were camped.
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  39. TerynItUp


    Probably had enough whiskey that you stumbled right into em! That you Russ? Hunt Hard. Shoot Straight. Kill Clean. Apologize to No One.
  40. TerynItUp

    Unit 45 elk

    ?It always amazes me how people can put in for units hundreds upon hundreds of miles away and never stepped foot in the unit.....? You must have a ton of time on your hands if you are able to go scout every unit before you apply. People do this every year, and every year someone like you makes...
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