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    Youth encouragment hunt success!

    Miss those days. Enjoy it they grow up fast, then you have the best hunting partner for life. 😂
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    Unit 32 Mule Deer Disappointment

    Way to many cats! I too have many pics as well. One is a female with three kits that are at least 40 to 50 lbs each. She not feeding them mice or bunnies.
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    Legal question

    Not to follow through and verify weather it will live, or I need to finish this is unethical, do what’s right. I hope I am Never in this situation. If I am, I know what I would do and I would accept the consequences as I have to live myself.
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    A big muzzy buck for Cody!

    Very cool congratulations on a great buck!
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    Mailed license??

    Received today
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    Mule deer 2a rifle

    Definitely beautiful country and a fun hunt Good luck.
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    Hog hunt

    Any body have recommendations on a hog hunt for my son and I. We are DIY hunters that have only hunted big game on public land. Never could afford to hire a guide, but would consider if it’s not too expensive. Was thinking more of a trespass fee to hunt on land. We would be driving from New...
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    That’s the way those old timers are tough as hell. My dad is 83 and said that’s it I am done hunting. All I have now are beautiful memories. Continue to enjoy that partnership thanks for sharing
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    Lets see those NM archery bulls!

    Do not measure the success of your hunt on the harvest. If you do, you miss all the little amazing things you experienced and did not even know it. Great post freaknasty for reminding us what is really important. Tag soup for me but had a blast. Good luck to the muzzle hunters go getter done...
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    Hunter etiquette and being a sportsman

    Yep 60 is it for me and has to be perfect conditions.
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    Covered Up

    Yep grew up in Colorado and hunted elk their for 25years you don’t know how good we have it hear in NM however Mother Nature can through some nasty curve balls even in NM
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    Hunter etiquette and being a sportsman

    So you judge all New Mexicans as a lack of respect for wildlife? Not even knowing if this was a resident or non-resident! How about when you draw blood ! Tag is punched! Don't you think that is a better way to judge all hunters instead of the whole state?
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    NM Bugle Report

    Any talking out of 13,10,or 12 headed that way Friday
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    how would you handle this

    Don't hire a guide problem solved you said you were happy. At least maybe for further hunts..
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    AZ gov tag produces a public land 470

    Wow blood money. What money can buy?
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    New Mexico Bound

    Glad you see the big picture great memories that will last a life time. You and your son will harvest animals but these are the hunts my son and I re,ember the most.
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    Went scouting

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    Bulls & Cows...September

    Sure hope the fires were not in your area
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    Bulls & Cows...September

    It's geting close good luck to everyone!
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    Kinda like the golden rule S just go hunt be invisible try to camp on forest land good luck on your hunt.
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    Summer Sausage

    Name of business do they have a website?
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    Another one bites the dust

    Anything that crawls on its belly is not worth a s#!+
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    2020 is one mother of a year so far!
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    Should not have trouble finding a cow that time of year get off the roads a mile or so you will find elk. Best of luck enjoy your boys.
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    Quarantine in effect now

    Yes they have given fines but most officers have more important things to do and give you a warning
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    NM Fish recipes

    Thanks guys now I want to go fishing instead of scouting. Great recipes can't wait to try them all.
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    Fire in Las Uvas

    Dam that sucks
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    Fire in Las Uvas

    What unit is that Buglenmin
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    Fire in 36

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    NM 16C

    Thanks bugle nm that is what I heard about outfitted in 16c Never had any problems last year in 16a with any one plenty of room. Looking for 280 and up. Had one last year at 60yds but did not fell comfortable with the shot had plenty of rag horns. Any spots to stay away from? Thanks, Jack
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    NM 16C

    Looking for some insight from anyone that has had the 1st bow hunt in 16c. I do know the area as I hunted 16a last year. I have an idea where I want to begin summer scouting with cams. I will be hunting the last 9 days of the hunt any experience you could provided would be extremely helpful...
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    Lakes, Campgrounds & Picnic Areas Closed.

    Too many Liberals in this state to swing it.
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    6a archery elk

    Congrats great hunt. Spend some time looking at maps and pm me and I will share what I know had this hunt last year. Jack
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    6a archery elk

    Is a man not aloud to change is toon? Or maybe we was having a bad day? But really calling him out on social media? JMO pm would be better.
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    Turkey hunting

    No and its chicken sh$! Give them a fair chance would be like shooting elk in enclosed fences
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    Post up what you drew

    Sorry Paul what's the back up plan.
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    Post up what you drew

    About what we got as residents 1 out of 7
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    Post up what you drew

    16c elk bow for me 9-1 to 9-14 nothing else I feel blessed. Jack
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    Turkey hunting

    Any report on Forest roads in the Jemez? Are they open
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    New Forest ORDERS

    Well thank you provides some insight. However road 10 is usually opened by this time. Maybe their is still snow up high or they will enforce to end of May.
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