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    How to hunt without trail cams

    Determine the area, and species you want to hunt. Go to the area as often as time will permit before the season. While there, hike and glass early and late (scout). This will familiarize you with the country, and the game. When the hunt rolls around... hunt the area you have spent time scouting.
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    Alaska last minute cancellation Hunt

    Wrangell Outfitters has a last minute cancellation Hunt for Sheep, Moose, Grizzly, or all three. Regular price is 34k. He's selling for 13k plus trophy fees. Sheep 7500, moose 6500, grizzly 6500. My buddy and I went with these guys last year, we both got our Rams! Top notch Outfitter...
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    Weatherby Misfire

    I purchased a new Weatherby Accumark a couple years ago, and had trouble with misfires.... When it misfires the primer either has no mark, or very small mark. Sent it in to "their gunsmith", and it still misfires. I've never owned a Weatherby,and this will be my last. Has anyone had, or...
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    Unit 22 3rd season

    Does anyone have experience in unit 22 3rd season? I could probably draw. Would appreciate some input. Thanks!
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    8 colorado points

    Looking for some advice on a deer unit in western colorado. I have 8 points. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! 35huntdeer
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    South east Idaho general deer

    Planning on buying an over the counter deer tag. Have never hunted Idaho, this is a spur of the moment hunt and am going in blind. I was interested in hunting somewhere along the Wyoming border. . Area 66, or 66a. Somewhere I could park and hike in. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!
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    Anyone have an idea how much snow hit the ground in the region G/H areas? Thanks!
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    Deer on Winter Range yet?

    Was thinking of riding up through Kemmerer, LaBarge... tomorrow was wondering if the deer were on the winter range at all yet? Thanks
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    LAST EDITED ON Nov-17-12 AT 11:28PM (MST)[p]I know you guys are pretty dang good at guessing scores... So what do you think?
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    wyoming bucks

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-07-12 AT 07:53PM (MST)[p]couple of wyo bucks
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    Mild winter?

    Was just wondering if the winter has been mild in western wyoming, as it has been across much of the west? How are the deer doing?
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    Wyoming buck

    Just wondering, does anyone knows if the big non-typical buck killed in Wyoming this year is at the expo?
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    2011 General season

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    Region H

    Just got back from a scouting trip to the area that we have hunted in Region H for the last 17 or 18 years.... It looks more like the middle of June than the end of July. It seems that even the animals are 4-6 weeks behind schedule. Saw a herd of at least 100 elk all grouped together with...
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