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    Cutting arrow shafts

    I got a Weston last year since nobody around me cuts them. Works well. Has a jig to to quick straight through cuts or precision roll cuts.
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    Looking to buy Rifle Scope

    I have a 300 wsm and use a swaro z3 with ballistic turret. Works great for my needs.
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    Worst part of making jerky… Ideas?

    I just used the judge shooter to make 10 lbs. I sprayed the cylinder with cooking spray and also mixed bbq sauce in the meat to make it more shoot-able and easy to roll into cylinders. Worked great. I used a Meat! 10-tray dehydrator.
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    SOLD .257 Bullets FS

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    CO 4th season deer success?

    So let's see a pic of this ram.
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    Hunting/meat pack

    I have been impressed with the mystery ranch design and ability to pack meat. I have sent my kids down the mountain with a quarter on one of those popups several times now. They work well.
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    Down Jackets?

    I just got a Gerry brand from Costco for $25. 650 fill. Using as an extra layer. Better than spending 2-300 bucks in my opinion.
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    muzzleloader only hunting seasons in wyoming

    Nonresidents, muzzleloader only.
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    NR should have known...

    Can anyone guess how they would vote regardless of this incident?
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    NR should have known...

    I don't have a problem with it. Re above: the hunts that take place outside of Estes Park are mostly quite difficult and real hunts, unless you're hunting right next to town by someone's yard, which isn't common..
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    Colorado Muley worth the 25 Points

    Great buck. Congrats! Let us know what he scores.
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    Offseason Broadhead Storage?

    I have a broadhead box I hot years ago with some foam in it. They go in there until August.
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    Area 7/8 4th season

    Check your pm's.
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    CO Moose down!

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    CO Moose down!

    What's he score?
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    300 WSM

    Keep your eye out for the 168s too, they shoot similarly.
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    Kenetrek Gators

    I'll be 3rd in line.
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    4th Season Gunnison Basin-Camp or Hotel?

    I shot a buck 525 feet from a wall tent door in 66...
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    No hunter carrying a firearm in WY?

    Hunting coyotes would make you a hunter.
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    Obvious Poaching Problem In Wyoming?

    You need warden permission to get a head and you need an interstate game tag. That area is winter range, lots of kill the last few years. You're not seeing much because deer are spread out at the moment.
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    CO Moose down!

    Congrats! Those palms are something else...
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    Next up: Implementing the CWD plan

    Colorado (then the CDOW) attempted to eradicated cwd in Northern CO back about 20 years ago by issuing lots of bucks tags, 2 for one Doe tags and culling. Deer numbers tanked, of course, and cwd is still around...
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    Elk Unit 11

    Every year is different. I've seen end of sept/October 1 be pretty good and I've seen it stink. Around the opener it's hard to tell the difference from a general area.
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    Moose, how wide

    Mid 40s width. He squeaks into awards, but not all time. Going to need forking brows for all-time book. I hope you find one...
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    Bonus Pts for Deer, Elk, Antelope

    Maybe we should do a WY resident poll on the draw system. I bet random draw wins, hands down...
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    6 of 7 Wyoming Big Game Species Below Objective

    From what I have seen, antelope numbers are a lot worse than what the above percentage indicates.
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    When are tags mailed?

    Yes, it's that time of year... few more weeks and we'll be hunting.
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    Pronghorn's smell

    I'v had such great times antelope hunting, I've come to look forward to the smell. How to describe it? Let's say sorta like a real spicey version of deer or elk?
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    Best Antelope Hunting in Colorado

    Find water!
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    Skre Gear Memorial Day Sale

    I bought my boys gaiters on a sale a while back. Just picked up a pair for my wife and I!
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    The phone sideways trick worked! It was hard rolling over in my chair, but I got it done. Thanks SHB!
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    "It's there but hard to find. " - yeah, that's what the old timers told me about snipe hunting... This is what I see... And there ain't no button...
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    Anyone know the skinny on the modify/withdraw app? Asking for a friend of a friend... Truthfully, I wanted to make one change to one of my choices and found the modify/withdraw deadline posted on the g&f site at June 1, but there's no option in my applications. I'm near cross-eyed now. Any G&F...
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    Unit 63 Antelope

    "Is the fishing really good or is this just media hype." Better question to ask on the Colorado forum...
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    Traverse with Nugget

    Amazing! Now how in Sam heck do you get the ones you keep - including the dead bull - out of there?
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    Nosler 30 Cal. 190 Grain Long Range Accubond Blems

    I will take them if you are planning on passing through Laramie.
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    2021 Tag Quotas

    Those higher second season quotas + the late dates into Nov ... yikes!
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    2021 Tag Quotas

    Gotta take the landowner tags off the top...
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    How old is this buck?

    Not surprising at 5.5. You just don't know until you cut those teeth.
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