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  1. elkantlers

    UT LE Late bull hunt change

    It seems to me that one way to help a few big bulls make it through the late hunts would be to make them muzzleloader instead of any weapon (rifle). I believe there is a greater amount of "long Range" shooting going on during those late hunts than the early season. I know there is some LR...
  2. elkantlers

    Federal 209A primers available
  3. elkantlers

    Trade 2008 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 for Honda Rubicon

    I'd like to trade this really nice 2008 Kawasaki 750i Brute Force V-twin 4x4 fuel injection for a Honda Rubicon 4x4 of equal value, miles and condition. 2400 miles 341 hours Warn 3000 winch Hand warmers Street legal kit Let me know what you have. 435. Six 09. 1603
  4. elkantlers

    new Vortex 4-16x44 FFP scope

    Brand New Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4-16X44 FFP, With low profile turrets $310 435-SIX 09-1603 Located in Utah
  5. elkantlers

    Blackhorn 209 in stock

    Blackhorn 209 in stock at midsouth shooters if you hurry
  6. elkantlers

    It's hot...
  7. elkantlers

    Gun control coming?
  8. elkantlers

    Hornady 6.5 140gr match

    For sale or trade 192ea Hornady 6.5mm 140gr HPBT Match $140 Shipped Or trade for .224 40gr or 50gr Vmax, Zmax, Ballistic tip .243 85-95gr HPBT, Ballistic tip or Berger .257 115-120 Ballistic tip, Accubond or Berger
  9. elkantlers

    7mm, 6.5 bullets

    For sale 100 Speer 7mm 145gr $50 shipped 94 Lapua 6.5mm 123gr $50 shipped Or trade for .224 40gr or 50gr Vmax, Zmax, Ballistic tip .243 85-95gr HPBT, Ballistic tip or Berger .257 115-120 Ballistic tip, Accubond or Berger
  10. elkantlers

    B&W Companion fifth wheel hitch

    B&W companion fifth wheel hitch $900.00 Description New B&W companion Fifth wheel hitch. Quickly and easily convert your gooseneck hitch to a sturdy 5th-wheel trailer hitch. Wide-stance base offers fore/aft and height adjustments to fit your application. Dual-jaw hitch removes without a...
  11. elkantlers

    270 brass

    For sale once fired 270 Winchester rifle brass Lot 1: 156 once fired, Cleaned, Remington, 270 Win brass $55shipped Lot 2: 140 once fired, Cleaned and De-primed, Winchester 270 Win brass $55 shipped $100 shipped if you take both lots, 296 pieces total Paypal or Money Order prefered.
  12. elkantlers

    Vortex Talon HD 10x42

    For sale, a pair of Vortex Talon HD 10 x 42 binoculars. They are used but they have not been abused. They have light marks on the glass from normal use but are still very clear. They come with the Vortex Unlimited lifetime warranty. Anything happens to these binos and they will be repaired or...
  13. elkantlers

    WTB 25-06 brass bullets

    Looking for some 25-06 brass, New or Once fired. As well as some 115-120gr bullets. PM me with what you have. Thanks.
  14. elkantlers

    Ohaus powder measure

    For sale is a nice Ohaus DU-O-MEASURE powder measure for reloading. Measures from .5 to 100 grains. For pistol and rifle. Comes with box and instructions. $77tyd
  15. elkantlers

    New Utah Wildlife Board Members

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-18-19 AT 03:07PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jan-18-19 AT 03:07?PM (MST) I watch every board meeting on Youtube. I won't be sad to see some of these...
  16. elkantlers

    bear results

    From Utah Proclamation, "The results of the black bear drawing will be available on or before March 10" Should start seeing some CC hits anytime.
  17. elkantlers

    Hey Knuckleheads

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-14-17 AT 09:23AM (MST)[p]Any of you Knuckleheads going to swing by the Expo and see if WL is there in person. Maybe tell him how much we appreciate how much he does for the wildlife of Utah. I wish we could all do as much as him, but at least we buy our $25 deer tag. .
  18. elkantlers

    expensive rifles

    Why would someone pay $5000 plus for a rifle. I guess if you have lots and lots of money you could do it just because. But honestly what makes them worth that kind of money? I bought a Savage 111 6.5x284 last year and put a pretty decent Vortex scope on in and can get .6" groups with little...
  19. elkantlers

    Drones- and so it begins

    Harassing sheep in Zions. Somebody must think they are going to draw a tag and they want a jump on scouting. Hope they find a giant cause it's going to cost them five grand if they get caught...
  20. elkantlers

    Steve Rinella (meateater) VS Vegan

    I think Steve makes a great point.
  21. elkantlers

    Charles Barkley spot on.

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-20-13 AT 07:22PM (MST)[p]Love him or hate him, Chuck tells it straight. Watch the video.
  22. elkantlers

    1000+ yard rangefinder

    Which rangefinder would you guys choose for 1000+ yards? I have a Leupold RXII that I can barely get out to 450-500yards consistantly and would like to get 1000 yards or better. Thanks,
  23. elkantlers

    Utah Once in a lifetime points change

    I have been thinking about going to the RACS to try and see if I could get the resident OIL points changed from species specific to a general OIL Point that you could switch around to different animals from year to year. I started putting in for Desert sheep 17 years ago but now I have changed...
  24. elkantlers

    Leupold VXII 4x12x40 ballistic turret?

    Is there any place I could get a ballistic turret for a Leupold VXII 4x12x40 scope? Thanks
  25. elkantlers

    Questions on Unit 100 elk

    My son and I have max points for elk. He starts college this fall so he will not have alot of spare time. My questions are: if we draw unit 100 is this a unit where we could get into elk on an extended weekend? How is the archery hunt in this area? that would give us a little more time to hunt...
  26. elkantlers

    California has wolves

    Lone gray wolf crosses into California...
  27. elkantlers

    Navy seal pics.

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-12-11 AT 11:04AM (MST)[p]I was looking through KSL and saw this news article on the Navy seals that were killed. There is a picture of each and a short bio. I spent about 1/2 hour looking and reading. one pic made me realize these are just good old boys that are doing...
  28. elkantlers

    Garmin Oregon 450t GPS ?

    Anyone have a Oregon450 or 450t GPS and how do you like it. Any likes or dislikes? I am thinking of getting one and just wanted some feedback before buying one. I specifically want it for mapping for hunting. Has anyone downloaded the property ownership maps (private, BLM and State). I think it...
  29. elkantlers

    Buckhorn Archers 9th Annual 3-D Shoot

    Friday, May 13th 2011 12 until 6 pm Saturday, May 14th 2011 9AM until 4PM Bear Creek Campground, Huntington Canyon Drive to Huntington UT. Turn west on SR31, Drive 12 miles to the Bear Creek C.G. Competition- $30 50/50 pay back Fun Shoot- $10 20 Rhinehart targets.
  30. elkantlers

    Mako shark fishing

    Anyone fish for mako sharks out of Huntington Beach? How was it?
  31. elkantlers

    gas prices and draw odds?

    What do you guys think the high gas prices will do to the NR antelope draw odds? Do you think some people are going to change their applications to points only? I usually put in for one area that takes a point to be guaranteed, but last year was only 50/50 odds with one point. I put in for a...
  32. elkantlers

    Go Daddy CEO elephant hunt and PETA

    He sounds like a good guy and tells PETA to stick it.
  33. elkantlers

    SE region LE turkey

    I got a SE tag today that was turned back in. I am kind of short on time with the hunt starting Saturday. If anyone has any info on landowners that are willing to allow hunting I would appreciate some info. Thanks,
  34. elkantlers

    sturgeon fishing trip?

    Can anyone reccommend a good sturgeon guide? I want to add a day or two of sturgeon fishing to a family vacation in June. I have never fished for sturgeon so we would need a fully guided trip. Thanks, elkantlers
  35. elkantlers

    17 points, Where?

    If you had 17 point for elk in Utah, what tag would you put in for? I do archery hunt, but I don't know if I dare put in for an archery only tag. The Pahvant muzzy tag is kind of where I am leaning. What are your thoughts?
  36. elkantlers

    African hunting... ""Graphic""
  37. elkantlers

    help me decide 30, 31, 32, 100 elk

    My 16 year old son and I have Max points for elk. Which unit would you reccomend for us to have a good hunt for 300" or better bulls? We don't have horses and would hunt from a base camp. We do have atv's. Also, would you put in as partners or individual? Thanks, elkantlers P.S we live in SE...
  38. elkantlers

    Plateau Doe antelope hunt canceled

    My son drew a doe antelope tag for the Plateau unit. Today we received a letter informing us that The DWR is placing an emergency closure on these hunts. The letter says that the unit is well below the 1500 antelope population objective. From what I have heard this is probably a good thing. I...
  39. elkantlers

    Extra week for Utah archery elk

    I haven't noticed an increase in the amount of bulls hitting the dirt for the archers now that they have the extra week in the peak of the rut. How long until we start hearing the whining for another week for the LE archery elk hunters?
  40. elkantlers

    Unit 45 Antelope info

    Can any one give me some info on unit 45 for antelope, specifically the Strouse hill WMA. Number of goats, water holes, Number of other hunters or anything else? I am thinking of hunting this unit during the archery hunt. What is the chances of being successful on this HMA with archery...
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