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  1. WiscoKid

    Hunt Montana 2020

    I have a buddy who is looking to take his wife and kids on an antelope hunt and preferably sit water if they this something you could accommodate? I sent him the message and told him to give Lynette a call. Thanks
  2. WiscoKid

    Which arrows?

    Have been shooting the Easton FMJ 5mm for quite a few years now and have never had any straightness issues that I can notice in my shooting and the penetration is just wonderful.
  3. WiscoKid

    Unit 74

    Archery hunted it in 2019. Saw deer everyday. No giants. Stalked 2 150-160 bucks. Saw 3 bull elk and a lot of cows.
  4. WiscoKid

    Scenic train rides

    Also, may I recommend the ribeye at the Bent Elbow in Silverton
  5. WiscoKid

    Archery Hunting at 8,000-10,000 feet (advice needed)

    No surprise there!
  6. WiscoKid

    Finding yourself and youre wife in NO MANS LAND

    A lot of time between now and then with some dedicated practice...and nothing motivates a person like a 35 yard shot at a 220" velvet muley ;)
  7. WiscoKid

    Colorado Muley worth the 25 Points

    Guys can buy a lot of sitka and flat brims for what you old timers dump into side x sides ;)
  8. WiscoKid

    2023 Mule Deer Hunt advice

    Epizootic Hemmoragic Disease.... kills a lot of whitetails during drought years. It's a midge that infects the brain. Kills quickly and is almost always fatal. A good hard frost kills the midge though....
  9. WiscoKid

    Finding yourself and youre wife in NO MANS LAND

    I'd have the wife cash in on the Henry's archery tag personally :) :)
  10. WiscoKid

    Got tired of waiting

    Great buck, congrats!
  11. WiscoKid

    Archery Hunting at 8,000-10,000 feet (advice needed)

    As a Wisconsin, guy I have definitely considered a treestand as these will be mostly day hunts anyway if things play out the way I am thinking. DW as long as you are buying the beer, I'll listen to you for a few hours ;)
  12. WiscoKid

    Archery Hunting at 8,000-10,000 feet (advice needed)

    Hey guys, I started hunting mule deer in 2015. Since then, I have shot 2 with a rifle and 6 with a bow and arrow. I am usually hunting them either in open canyon country or above tree line. I have gotten some access to some land locked public in Colorado that I know holds some good deer. My...
  13. WiscoKid

    Best Wyoming unit with 6 pp???

    Maybe there is something I am missing, but I believe he said he's a non-resident. That late season hunt in 128, in the SPECIAL draw has draw odds of 9% with 14 points. With 6 points, he has a .34% chance of drawing that tag. You could hunt region H 4 times before you draw that 128 tag....and...
  14. WiscoKid

    wyoming deer outfitters-9 pts

    Maybe the most thoughtful response I have seen on this site in quite a while. Merry Christmas to you as well. My other question...if 9 is no man's land, and a guy wants to harvest a 170-180"+ buck with either a bow or a rifle and isn't afraid of a gnarly 10 day hunt...does it make sense to hold...
  15. WiscoKid

    Crossbow broadheads

    Muzzy Trocar Hybrid G5 Deadmeat for expandables Fixed: G5 Striker Muzzy Trocar 3 blade
  16. WiscoKid

    Almost forgot about this place!

    After recovering my password from an old email, it's nice to be back. I apologize if I didn't respond to some of the messages over the last year, but I hope to do better going forward. For me 2021 wasn't so bad. I didn't get many trips in but was able to take a nice late season archery mule...
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  21. WiscoKid

    Mule deer, Utah, Pine Valley unit, General rifle

    I'm headed there in Thursday for the next 9 days ....ill see what I can come up with. I think i have a "plan". Any local boys wanna PM me, id be happy to run my plan by you and see what you think. Long haul from Western Wisconsin ☺🤎🦌
  22. WiscoKid

    Pine Valley Bow

    PM Sent
  23. WiscoKid

    Pine Valley Bow

    Hey Jake, I drew the archery tag as well, I have a pretty good starting point I think but I'd love to pick your brain on a camping spot or water needs given how dry it is this year. I may shoot you a message
  24. WiscoKid

    Utah bear back from the taxidermist

    That mount looks incredible, well done.
  25. WiscoKid

    Pine Valley Map?

    I shot you a PM Wis...thank you!
  26. WiscoKid

    Pine Valley Map?

    Wiszard, what tag did you pull? I drew the archery tag for the pine valley this year. Heading out August 13
  27. WiscoKid

    POLL: What Utah tags did you end up with for 2020?

    Pine Valley NR Archery Deer :) Pretty excited...never been
  28. WiscoKid

    Wide Buck Photo Contest ... Nice Prizes!

    29 1/2" Sodak
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  30. WiscoKid

    Would you send an arrow?

    He's big enough, but at 62 I need him to turn
  31. WiscoKid

    Cellular Trailcams

    I know this is old, but the Spartan GoCam has just been fantastic for both cell service and picture and video quality. Customer service is pretty decent too.
  32. WiscoKid

    More general season pisscutters - pt.4

    Thanks for posting, Ridge, pumps me up for the season!
  33. WiscoKid

    Link to bill that limits nonresident tags for 2022

    Does anyone have email addresses we can start shooting messages off to?
  34. WiscoKid

    2020 Big Game Regs Book

    Yeah that's the deadline, but is it open now for colorado mule deer?
  35. WiscoKid

    2020 Big Game Regs Book

    Did the deer application opening date change? I feel like I applied by this time last year
  36. WiscoKid

    2019 Wisconsin Whitetail

    Haha you didn't know what was who? Lol
  37. WiscoKid

    2019 Wisconsin Whitetail

    This year was a struggle. Extremely cold temps to start my rut vacation had temps around -8 on November 7 and 8. I had seen a few food bucks on the 5th and 6th and I had rattled in a giant to 30 yards but never had a clear shot before he busted. November 9th, I saw this guy cruising a bottom...
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