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    Hog hunt

    Any body have recommendations on a hog hunt for my son and I. We are DIY hunters that have only hunted big game on public land. Never could afford to hire a guide, but would consider if it’s not too expensive. Was thinking more of a trespass fee to hunt on land. We would be driving from New...
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    NM 16C

    Looking for some insight from anyone that has had the 1st bow hunt in 16c. I do know the area as I hunted 16a last year. I have an idea where I want to begin summer scouting with cams. I will be hunting the last 9 days of the hunt any experience you could provided would be extremely helpful...
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    Post up what you drew

    16c elk bow for me 9-1 to 9-14 nothing else I feel blessed. Jack
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    Draw on? Already happen?

    I noticed this morning the delete app option is missing from my apps 😛
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    Trai Cam

    Anyone else have pics to share? Here are a few of the better bulls
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    Rut help NM unit 16a

    Drew the first bow hunt September 1 tru 14. I can only hunt 8 days. What are your experience in this situation? Should I consider weather, Labor Day, what else might help me decide? Thanks for your comments. Jack
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    16a bow 1st season

    Finally drew this tag. Hunting. Mostly in 13 and 15 and thought not getting any younger so here we go. A few questions for those of of u that hunt or have hunted this unit. First off I will only be able to hunt 8 days due to being a teacher. Will be scouting all Sumer and looking forward to...
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    What a day

    Starts off with a 16a bow 1st Season elk tag for me a 13 cow hunt for son and a 37 mule deer hunt for daughter. Then her car stolen at UNMH and son Breaks his hand at work. Bitter sweet! Got to life life!
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    Unit 13 cow

    Hey guys, Got it narrowed done too two areas after many scouting trips usually hunt 15. Can any give me information on hunting east of the el malpais off hwy 117 compared to hunting west of hwy 53 just south of the malpais. Road conditions, snow, number of elk/hunters any ifno would help to...
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    Proposed new core unit 13

    Hey Guys, Can any help find the proposed changes on the elk core area in unit 13 maps info? Thanks for the help
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    Unit question

    Bought a cow hunt for my son. It's in unit 13 hunted 15 many times looking to start scouting around magedlena or Datil to Quemato. Not real sure where the elk will be in December. Going to choose a spot to start next weekend. Going to set out some game cams and I am willing to share info on...
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    Texas School Shooting

    Not sure how to start this thread. I have been an avid Hunter/Fisherman my entire life. I am also a teacher with 27 years of service in the State of New Mexico. Both of my children a son/daughter were both raised with guns in the home secured of course and are now adults that love hunting. I...
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    Something weird today

    So went to the range to site in new 50 cal TC bone collector with Nikon 3x9x40 inline xr scope,using 90gr Blackhorn 209 with TC 250gr shockwave. Gun was very sporadic grouping around 4 to 6 inches. Gun did better when I swapped every 3 rounds starting gettin 1 to 1.5 groups nevert had this...
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    Unit 52 archery

    Going up on Thursday for second half of the archery season. Anybody hearing anything about the unit. Elk talking much? Cool or still pretty warm. Fell free to pm if you wish hope you tag a good one. Jack
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    I am afraid something is quite wrong. I am having trouble staying focused at work, I don't want to shave, before I went to work today I sprayed my self with scent control, I awake in the night in a cold sweat as I envisioned my arrow flying over the back of a 360 Bull! Has anyone else...
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    Bucks and Bears

    Getting very excited for upcoming Deer hunt. May have to put a bear tag in my pocket seeing 4 different bears with some really nice bucks. I thought I would share a few pics with everyone. Good luck Bow hunters could use a report on 52 bow elk first season have my Daughter hunting 2 half of...
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    Looking for help!

    Ok so I am ready to try Buckhorn 209. Gun is sighted in now for pellets 130 gr. Tired of cleaning gun all of the time, from what I have read on here buckhorn is the way to go. I am shooting a TC omega with 250 gr. TC and 209 primer. What would you recommend for my Load? Buckhorn 209? Any...
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    Post your pics

    Have checked my game cams and thought I would share a few. Would be nice to see some other pics to pass the time to fall. Jack
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    6A/6C Muzzle Deer

    Finally drew this muzzle tag with my son. Super excited and now that school is out we are ready to get to work. A few questions to those of you that have had this tag or have hunted the area in the past. 1. What can I expect as far as bucks? Size, numbers etc.. 2. Is there a lot of pressure...
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    Offering Help On behave of Smith33

    Just going to throe it out there! If you need help with 50, 51, 52, 6A, 6C, 15, 33, 9, 2B. PM me and I will do what I can for you! Deer, Elk, Lope, or Turkey Jack
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    Help NMDGF Web Page

    Guys, Anyone else having a hard time getting past the Firearm Eligibility form? I have tried 3 different browsers and it will not save my Yes response. Never been arrested in my life and it is extremely frustrating. Jack FIREARM ELIGIBILITY Any applicant who is a felon according to New...
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    Unit 51 Archary Elk 2nd season

    Guys, Thanks for all the help with the game cams. Going out soon to put them up. Looking at going into north east side of the unit on rd 111, I am little concerned about some of the comments on theft in the unit. Is this a good area to be far enough away from thieves? Has anyone hunted this...
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    Trail camera help Unit 51 elk

    Guys looking for a reasonable trail camera, I Would like to buy two of them. I have a bow hunt in unit 51 Elk second season and need them for scouting. Please recommend what has been good for you, and when do you usually set them up? Thanks for the help. Jack
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    A good experiance!

    So reaching out for some advice. My daughter has decided she wants to tag along with Dad and brother to hunt Elk. We all drew Bow for Elk. She is 24 years old and has had two open Heart surgeries, She is fine to hike and plays coed soccer and softball. 2 concerns 1 that she has a great...
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    Any one else have this happing before the Draw

    Stomach is upset, got the shakes, trouble focusing, cold sweats, wandering if I am I going through mid life crisis or is all this stress because of the DRAW!!! Their going to make us wait right until 10:00AM UGH!!!!!!!!!!
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    NMDGF LockDown

    Well who would have every thought we would not find a back door. WE will be waiting until the 27th for sure this year boys! Still the fastest draw in the west!
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    judging antelope

    Guys what is the best way to judge an antelope that will score good? Have unit 52 lope coming up and would like to take one worth mounting. Thanks for your help.
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    Application number is different

    Question for those of you that wrote your application number down of the backdoor review app. My number is not the same is anyone else seeing this?
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    Backdoor question

    Followed the instructions and no license # next to my elk application. However my draw order is 2nd choice, 1st, and then 3rd. Anyone else see this with no license number attached?
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    The Draw is on!!

    Can?t add a private deer to my cart! It's not even listed in the general license sales any more. Has anyone else seen this??
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    Unit 52 report?

    Any report on unit 52? Are they talking yet? Any success with the stick and string? Son and I have a hunt first week in October and I am planning one last scouting trip this weekend.. Feel free to pm me I hope your hunts have been successful. Jack
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    Unit 52 Bow Elk

    Looking to share info I have a muzzle hunt first week in October. I have scouted the unit many times and plan to go one more time in late August. Would love to share what I have learned in return for info on your bow hunt. Fill free to PM me. Jack
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    Muzzle scope help

    Guys need some advice. Looking for a scope 50 cal. I have the inline Nikon bdc xr on my tc omega and love. Just not wanting to spend another $200 on one for my sons muzzle. Any sugestions?
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    Unit 52 Muzzle ELK

    Looking for some advise from other's that hunting this unit in the past. My son and I drew a bull and cow hunt in the first week in October. Looks like Cruces Basin is the place to be. Have a few questions for those that have hunting this unit in the past. Is FR87 good enough shape when wet...
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    E-mail Game and Fish

    Here e-mail for deer and elk, here e-mail for deer and elk... Might as well try calling them... Everybody has tried everything else! LOL
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    Last youth Hunt for Elk

    Thank you NMDGF for allowing youth an opportunity to Hunt in our Great State of New Mexico. Devin my son took this fine cow Opening morning at 135 yards. He made a great stock and a lethal shot. Hope the Pic uploads. Jack
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    Youth Cow Hunt Unit 15

    Son has a youth cow Hunt day after thanksgiving would love some reports on the weather, and current conditions. Thanks, Jack
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    Unit 39 muzzle help

    Bought my son a ML tag for deer in unit 39. Never hunted there before and we are going out scouting this weekend. Can anyone give us a starting point? Not sure about this unit for deer know it is good for goats. Thanks, Jack
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    Son's First Goat

    Thanks to every one for your advice on this hunt in 52. It was a blast saw over 200 goats. We walked in about 1 mile and sat on the fence line. Son had some real tough shots at some nice bucks, and finally this smaller buck came within 150 yds Devin took him in the neck he made a great shot I...
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