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    Reloading Supplies

    90 rnds 3X fired shipped for $70.
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    Reloading Supplies

    114 once-fired Remington cases and 32 once-fired Winchester cases. $100 shipped for the RP cases and $32 shipped for the Winchester cases. Also have some 3X fired cases and probably have some unfired cases around somewhere.
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    What would yall do?

    I am unpacking an estate and there are 3 barrels that appear to be .338-06 (one SS fluted and marked .338-06 and the other 2 blued fluted and appear new). Also found a large box of .340 Weatherby ammo and brass (Norma and Weatherby). PM if you want to discuss.
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    Reloading Supplies

    Fired or new? I know I have some fired ones that I could part with.
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    Predator control Pictures

    High was $85, low was $25, and average was $39. Lower than before covid. They are using an online auction vs a live auction and that seems to have depressed prices.
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    Predator control Pictures

    A few Texas panhandle yotes. Killed more but the rest were all mangy. These go across the auction block in April.
  7. A Few Coyotes

    A Few Coyotes

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    Liking my chances more each day.

    Just returned from Namibia on the 26th. Flew Ethiopian Air. Everything went fine although with fewer travelers the connection options were not the best.
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    POLL: Who makes the best boots?

    I tried several brands and then stopped looking when I bought my first pair of Lowas. Been running them for decades now. Order 1/2 size larger than you wear and get the wides if you wear "D" or wider. Other brands failed early/often or during the season. The soles on one very expensive pair...
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    Kimber mountain ascent...

    A friend of mine sent his rifle back to Kimber and they were able to improve it significantly. Just an idea before you sell it at a loss or change out the barrel.
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    rat shot?

    I have some of the shot capsules for 38 and 44 if you reload.
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    Flying with Firearm

    Southwest is best. The others are manageable if you are patient enough.
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    Good dove recipe

    Did the bacon and jalapeno idea as a field dinner after a great day of dove hunting. They were a hit!
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    20gauge for pheasants?

    A 20 will certainly do the job. I've killed hundreds with 20 over/unders and side-by-sides. I prefer #5 shot but often shoot #6 or #4. I started my son with a 20 single shot on dove and he graduated to pheasant last year. It is all about hitting the bird and when he did his part the 20...
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    240 WBY Mag Shooters ?

    Just got one at an auction. The barrel was not marked so the rifle only brought $165. I poured a chamber cast and was pleasantly surprised to find it is a 240 Weatherby. I had a set of dies stashed way and just got two boxes of brass off of Gunbroker. Now I just need a bit of time to load up...
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    223 Short Short?

    I came across a large quantity of ammo that I cannot immediately identify. The parent cartridge is the 5.56 or .223. It has been shortened to a case length of 1.265-1.295". It is loaded with .224 caliber bullets. It appears to be a neat little round but is shorter than the standard .223...
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    Kimber 84L mountain rifle

    I have the Kimber Montana in 300 WSM and will never trade it. It was finicky but I found the right 165 gr recipe and it now shoots a shade under 3/4" all day long. I know four other guys that have them (three Montanas and a Mt Ascent) and they all shoot as good as mine. On the other hand, I...
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    Southeast Idaho Bear Taxidermist

    High Uintas Taxidermy in Coalville UT has done great work for me including a life sized mt lion. Speak with Dean.
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    Nonresident Cap Split

    It is hard to play by the rules when the rules change during the game... Maybe we should propose this approach for professional sports - might make the games more interesting!
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    UPS Insurance Scam

    A word to the wise for those who ship guns (or anything else) via United Parcel Service. I had a gun shipped by them in June and they dropped the package so hard it knocked chips out of the stock in three places as well as breaking the buffalo horn buttplate. I filed the claim and royal...
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    17 hmr for a predator gun

    Both shots were behind the shoulder with distances of about 100 and 125 yards. One was on the edge of a corn field and it ran into the corn. I followed it quite a ways in and then called it. The other was in some brushy country and same song second verse. Similar results when shot with a...
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    17 hmr for a predator gun

    Not reliably - I have shot two coyotes with the 17 HMR and lost both of them because they traveled so far in thick cover. Need to step it up to a centerfire for reliable recovery.
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    U. S. Customs and Border Protection

    Their new process is still suspended. I traveled in mid-July and had no problems. Just take your form 4457 with you as it makes re-entry much easier.
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    Coyote fur buyers?

    If you skin, stretch, and dry them properly you can send them to North American Fur Auction. Last week at the auction the western heavies averaged $108 with a high of $160. The western semi-heavies averaged $54 with a high of $92. BCPronghorn
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    Kimber Montana?

    I own one and four of my friends also have them. Four are real shooters averaging right at 5/8" with handloads. The fifth one is not very impressive running 1.5 to 2". It has been back to the factory as well. 4 of 5 is 80% odds of getting a shooter. Only accurate rifles are interesting...
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    Wild turkey

    If pressed I will pour it over a single ice cube and I can get it down but I prefer a fine single malt Scotch.
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    RE: RMEF WAIVES REVENUE FROM NATIONAL CONVENTION AND CALLS FOR INCREASED TRANSPARENCY FROM ALL WILDLIFE GROUPS Very nice development - either you are a conservation organization - or you are not. RMEF is.
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    Eastern Idaho to Reno area

    Going over there on Jan 10th if that helps.
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    transfer controlled hunt tag to a youth hunter

    +1 Nitis As I understand it, this has already passed. It appears to be another way to generate revenue, i.e. give the parents and grandparents who no longer buy hunting licenses a reason to "get back in the game".
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    Arizona Antelope Hunters 19A Muzzle Loader-Rifle Hunters

    If someone has the tag noted above, I'll vouch for Big Chino's expertise in the unit.
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    More Auction/Raffle Permit Law in the Works

    Boskee - According to the F&G meeting today, the bill was submitted Friday to be discussed yesterday or today by his brother's committee. In additon the bill contains a provision (pg 5, sec 2) specifically exempting this bill from the public ruke making process and in section 3 says...
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    Anyone get their antelope ranch assignment?

    Thanks cosmic_cowboy. PM returned.
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    Anyone get their antelope ranch assignment?

    Letter arrived today. Gard Ranch in unit 59. Anyone been there before?
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    Antelope pics

    ruthunter, Is the top buck from 19A north? BCPronghorn
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    Limit NR??

    California allows only a single NR elk tag, a single NR pronghorn tag, and a single NR sheep tag so they are likely the most restrictive. As for Idaho, welcome non-residents! NRs pay half the bill for 10% of the tags so you won't find me complaining about them. I am a nonresident in 49 othe...
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    Bet this becomes a flame.....

    RE: Pre64 Rather than focusing on raising revenue, why not cut spending? And no that would not mean cutting our game wardens - that is just the emotional threat that gets thrown out first. Kind of like the school district saying they would fire the crossing guards first if they did not get...
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    2012 sheep hunt in AK

    Best - rain gear (Sitka), boots (Lowa Sheep Hunters), treking poles, 700 page book (stuck in tent for 26 hrs straight), patch kit for Therm-a-rest (obvious reason) Worst - Badlands 4500 (both stays broke - I now use a Mystery Ranch), debating whether a ram is 39" is a sure sign it is not...
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    Wolves are NOT a problem

    Interesting that this article does not speak to how many calves were aborted during pregnacy because of the constant wolf pressure. It also does not speak to predation before the calves hit 6 months of age. Finally it does not speak to the margin of error of such a small sample compared to the...
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    Protections reinstated for gray wolf in Idaho&Montana

    So did you want me to say Earthjustice and IDF&G don't have enough members... Seriously - they have signed lots of wolf death warrants in ID, MT, WY, UT, and OR by constantly moving the goal line. Obviously wolf recovery is not the goal. Next up - sage grouse - the upland mascot which will be...
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