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  1. travishunter3006

    260 AI Savage 112

    Savage 260 AI on a 112 long action with a custom trigger and a black laminated Boyd’s stock. Comes with a 20 MOA rail. 27.5” Green Mountain Varmint Contour I’ve got brass, bullets and dies for sale, separately. This girl has eaten the lunch of five elk out to 600 yards as well as over a...
  2. travishunter3006

    Biggest Elk of 2021

    Well ladies… I managed to kill the biggest elk of 2021. Sorry. It’s already dead so none of you have a chance to beat it. The steaks, jerky, roasts and burger are so tasty and good! This big old girl decided to feed across a basin face with a few other cows. I cut around and up to close a...
  3. travishunter3006

    Paper tags

    Just got my first tag (Dutton spring bear) printed on normal paper. It’s printed crooked so the Jan-Dec tabs are offset into the perforated line. Is this a cost-saving method? Maybe now I can just make a few copies in case it’s lost or destroyed by a single raindrop? Might come in handy if I end...
  4. travishunter3006

    Unit 31 Deer Numbers

    Looking for some general advice about unit 31 for deer. My good friend and hunting buddy John drew this tag. Our friend Topgun would have accompanied him nearly every day of the season but passed away last year and John is stuck with me. The unit seems to be largely rolling sage in the south and...
  5. travishunter3006

    For Trade Taurus Tracker 44 mag

    I have a like-new stainless Taurus Tracker in 44 mag. It’s got the 4” ported barrel. I want to trade for the same gun with a 6”+ barrel. It’s going to be a hunting gun.
  6. travishunter3006

    Antlerless CC Hits

    The wife and I drew our CWMU cow elk tags!!
  7. travishunter3006

    I Stopped Shooting by Volume

    I've quit measuring my loads "by volume" and started pressuring all of my loads by weight. I'm shooting 97.2 gr of 777 under a 240gr XTP. My CVA 50 cal has killed deer and elk and done so out to 200 yards. I just wanted to get better groups and more consistency out of this gun. I began...
  8. travishunter3006

    Wyoming 2019

    I'll be heading to Wyoming again this year with deer, antelope and elk tags in my pocket. I've prepared the Savage 112 in 260AI this summer but will only be taking it along as my back up. I have killed several deer and elk over the years with the 260AI but in recent years I began dragging the...
  9. travishunter3006

    Wyoming Elk 2019

    I'll be heading to Wyoming again this year with deer, antelope and elk tags in my pocket. I've prepared the Savage 112 in 260AI this summer but will only be taking it along as my back up. I have killed several deer and elk over the years with the 260AI but in recent years I began dragging the...
  10. travishunter3006

    Is Helping Actually Helping?

    Websites and forums like MM have been tremendous founts of knowledge and resources for learning. I have made great friends and had awesome hunting experiences which were directly related and created on this Website. There are a few forums I follow that have lead to great information sharing and...
  11. travishunter3006

    Topgun and Cancer

    Many of you know Topgun by his handle on this website. Those of us who are close to him, well we call him Mike. Sometimes we call him other words not suitable for a family forum! I met Mike many years ago through this very website. He shared his experience in reloading with me and that grew...
  12. travishunter3006

    Honest Transparency

    In order to answer Tri's question... This is what will happen: Open access to where public monies are being used will bring about hefty jail terms and felony convictions for those who are misusing and abusing said funds. There is only a single reason that people don't want transparency in...
  13. travishunter3006

    Denver Hunt?

    I will be in Denver for a week in April. Now this is not an invitation to shagg the misses, but rather I'm seeking input on any hunting or fishing that one might do while in Denver or near there? Headed there via I-80 so I'll be stopping in Wyoming to hit my favorite rabbit spot. I just don't...
  14. travishunter3006

    Hog hunt wanted

    In 2018 I want to hunt Texas or any state west of Texas for hogs. I've searched Google for hog hunts but most of those seem like a sham. Any MMer advice here? Ranches to hunt? Realistic prices to expect? How many hogs to kill? I may just have unrealistic expectations as to price etc... I don't...
  15. travishunter3006

    Boulder Archery Deer/Fishing

    I'll be hitting the boulder archery deer and elk hunt this year. I'm also an avid fisherman. I was wondering if all those little lakes around bluebell have fish? I'll have a little time to fish so I figured it would make for some nice camp meat while chasing a monster buck or two.
  16. travishunter3006

    Hang 'em High!!!!! This BASS TURD cloned my CC info and took me for all I'm worth... Thank heavens I'm poor as CHIT and he only got hundreds. Drained my checking and maxed out my line of...
  17. travishunter3006

    Best Road Kill Buck

    What's the best road kill buck you've ever seen? Mine was in Ogden.
  18. travishunter3006

    ever argue with a 13yr old?

    Anybody ever argue with a 13yr old? I feel as if a preteen has hijacked the account of a fellow member. Now I won't say whose account was hacked and I would hate for any of you to TRI and find whose account I'm talking about. But I'd like to start a fund to begin the investigation and get that...
  19. travishunter3006

    Mt Dutton pictures

    My recent scouting trip proved successful. These bulls are far from any road and in the nastiest canyons. This year will prove tough. Although on size? I'm going to shoot a mature bull. I have my sights set on 330ish. Thoughts?
  20. travishunter3006

    Trapping coyotes

    looking for info on what is needed to trap coyotes in UT. PM if you prefer. I've read the furbearer regs but it left me wondering.
  21. travishunter3006

    Don't help me!

    I drew Mount Dutton and am excited to chase bulls during the archery hunt. This post is not a hand-out or 'help me' post. Looking to get pumped up with some pictures of animals killed or stories from you that have hunted the unit. I'll be scouting and hunting hard as this will be my OIL big...
  22. travishunter3006

    Doe antelope

    Has anyone received their email or a CC hit for doe antelope?
  23. travishunter3006

    My New Toy

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-04-15 AT 11:25PM (MST)[p]Just finished my new toy. I have a 260 AI with a 27" green mountain bull barrel, on a savage 110 long action and wrapped up in a Boyd's stock. Sitting atop this beauty is a Viper 6.5-20x50 vortex scope. Went to the range to fire form some 260...
  24. travishunter3006

    ATV Trails Near Lava

    Anyone know of any open ATV trails near Lava Hot Springs ID? Up hear enjoying the cabin and what little atv riding the short dirt roads provide. Looking to take the wife out on the side by side for a little spring ride
  25. travishunter3006

    Dearest MonsterMuley Trolls You've got nothin' on this kid!
  26. travishunter3006

    Savage 110/10

    I'm looking to build a target rifle off of a savage 10 or 110 action. Looking for a rifle that's been shot out in a long action as I'm building a 338-06 and will obviously be re-barreling.
  27. travishunter3006

    New Rig

    I'm excited to get this out on the road- or off road for that matter. It is a 2006 arctic cat prowler 650 xt h1. I'm looking for a soft top and sides. Anybody have any suggestions? Elkassassin, I'll probably tear up and create a few new roads but try not to "tune up" my new toy!!!
  28. travishunter3006


    Let's name all the things that are saggy! I'll start... Coil springs in my old 68 Chevy
  29. travishunter3006

    ATV Trail

    Does anyone know if you can get a fourwheeler from the bottom of providence canyon to logan peak? Looking to get some riding in before the weather kills all the fun.
  30. travishunter3006

    Jodog's Real Identity It's ok. Just let it happen.
  31. travishunter3006

    Biggest bodied little antlered deer

    What is the biggest bodied deer you have shot, seen shot or have pictures of that doesn't have the headgear to match? I always hear someone every year say "that's a big bodied two point" Post em if ya got em.
  32. travishunter3006

    Guess this deer's age

    Just got the age results back on my wife's buck. Guess the age.
  33. travishunter3006

    Live leak moose shooting

    Moose attacks snowmobiler. Interesting
  34. travishunter3006

    Kids need a good azz whoopin

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-20-14 AT 00:15AM (MST)[p] So in the comments some wack job thinks that spanking your kid is next to murder but water boarding them into submission is ok. Her comment Wow, what a divisive issue. I had the snot beaten out of me...
  35. travishunter3006

    Off Duty Officer Refuses to be Victimized And in one of the most gun controlled cities on the US
  36. travishunter3006

    Coyote Calling

    What is your usual coyote calling cadence? How long and often do you call an area? Throw up your pictures or videos and a story of your hunt if you have 'em
  37. travishunter3006

    Whats wrong with this photo???

  38. travishunter3006

    Ogden Moose Tag Holders

    Anyone with an Ogden Moose tag that is having trouble finding one... let me know! I had a really nice bull stare at me while rutting a cow at 45 yards for over 15 minutes. (He was the one rutting the cow LOL) I have video if you are interested.
  39. travishunter3006

    I'm accepting clients again

    Looks like that time of year is again upon us. The smell of dead bucks is almost in the air. I'm offering my guiding services again this year. I have found hundreds of monster bucks. I know every full-grown man will be out trying to shoot one of these bucks I have reserved for my clients, so...
  40. travishunter3006

    Mossberg 500 Muzzleloader Barrel

    I searched the archives for a similar topic but couldn't find one. My wife drew an LE Muzzy tag this year and instead of buying a new gun, I bought a muzzy barrel for my Mossberg 500. I read a million reviews across the many internet forums and review boards. I was just wondering if any of...
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