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    For Sale Semi custom Tikka 6.5 PRC

    Tikka T3X long action 6.5 PRC, Carbon 6 barrel 20" 7 twist threaded 5/8-24. Manners EH1 with mini chassis, fluted bolt, titanium bolt handle with carbon fiber knob. MT trigger spring, MT bottom metal, 10 MOA rail, bipod pic rail, 2 factory LA mags and 1LA MT mag. Scope, bipod and muffler not for...
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    CWD Slaughter begins, TOLD YOU SO.

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    For Sale Hilleberg tent and two pairs of quality boots.

    Hilleberg Anjan 2, used for 3 nights, excellent condition. $525 shipped. Hanwag Trapper Top boots, 10 1/2. Worn around my yard for about an hour, excellent condition. $300 shipped. Scarpa Ribelle HD boots, 10 1/2, Superfeet merino insoles. Worn on one hike about 5 miles, great condition...
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    Bess' ammo on sale at Midway USA

    In stock and on sale, less than $30 a box.
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    For Sale Stone Glacier Grumman jacket

    Stone Glacier Grumman jacket, large, like new. $295 shipped.
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    Wife's general buck

    Had a great Utah general buck hunt, my wife took her best buck to date and my hunting partner also took a good one. Thanks to the MM members who helped us out, it honestly made a real difference for us. We went 2/3 on good general season bucks, our 1st Utah deer hunt. My wife took her buck in...
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    For Sale Manfrotto 190X tripod and 322RC2 ball head

    Manfrotto 190X tripod and 322RC2 ball head, overall pretty good shape, used but not abused. Will come with one quick release adapter. $150 shipped.
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    SOLD Swarovski STS 20-60×80 HD

    Comes with the box, manual and everything else from the factory. Blank warranty card, Always been in a Kings Camo neoprene cover. $2000 net to me, buyer to pay shipping and insurance of their choice.
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    11/211 3rd season deer

    Going to be our 1st deer hunt in Colorado. Just a few general questions . Are there going to be a million elk hunters like I think there will be ? Is the resident deer herd in decent shape? If anyone would like to share any helpful information via PM I can exchange information on Idaho general...
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    Come on Bess

    I haven't logged in for quite a while and now that I'm back it seems like Karen is all but forgotten.
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    300 Norma

    Just seeing if anyone else is running one. I don't need anything in the way of help , just curious. If you're in the market for a new cartridge, definitely consider the 300 Norma.
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    Unit 22 Antelope

    Anybody ever see one ? I saw a doe about 5 miles west of Council today. I'd post a picture but don't know how .
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    Spring bear 31/22

    My other half drew , anyone else gonna be out there ? No help needed as it's across the road from the house, but want to wish everyone good luck and hit me up if there's anything I can do.
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    Snow machines

    Anybody here ride em ? I just picked up an affordable used one for something to do in the winter. And NO , it's not for chasing game on the winter range !
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    2017 regulations

    When are they coming out ? With all the new proposals, I want to see what gets approved and make my plans for the fall
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    Winter kill

    What are you guys seeing? I heard F&G has estimated 80% winter kill in 31 and 32 , my back yard. From what I see daily , I believe it . Dead deer everywhere, the elk seem to be doing much better.
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    Price of reproduction antlers

    A local second hand store has an awesome set of 266" mule deer reproduction antlers for sale at $1200 . Im not interested in buying them but the price seems very high for fake antlers. What do you taxidermists say ? This is just the antlers/skull plate, not a complete mount .
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    Sidney, MT

    Anybody have any information about Sidney? I'm considering a job opportunity there . I've never been to Montana but have heard great things about it .
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    Ruger #1 discontinued?

    I've heard some rumors, hope it's not true. It's been the only falling block big game single shot available, out side the reproduction Browning high Wall , for a long time. It would be a shame for it to ride off into the sunset.
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    11-211 2017

    Any suggestions? I'm considering hunting deer in 11-211 3rd season next year. I don't know anything about the unit other than some info from a friend that has elk hunted it a few times . Any other units in should consider with 5 points?
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    MM generosity

    I posted in the classifieds looking for parts to complete a rifle project. Got a PM from a fellow member who is sending me the parts , for free . There probably wouldn't be much money exchanged for the item and shipping, but that's not the point. I'm patiently waiting for my opertunity to pay...
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    Idaho gunsmith

    Need a recommendation for a good gunsmith for some custom work in western Idaho . Preferably Boise, Nampa, Caldwell area . Thanks
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    Do the archery hunters thin out later in the season? Everywhere I've been has been very crowded
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    Question about dies

    Does a Redding competition bullet seating die reference off the ojive or the tip of the bullet ? I just started loading a new lot of bullets and my OAL , as measured by my colomiter , is now .005 shorter . Haven't changed anything about the load except for the new lot of bullets.
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    Reloading scale

    My lower priced electronic scale just took a dump . Are the more expensive ones worth the money or should I just use my beam scale ? I think I may always distrust electronic scales after this .
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    28 Nosler for sale

    It's in the classifieds section if anyone is interested. Located in Weiser
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    I pulled out my Swarovski spotter today and noticed the lenses were a little tiny bit dirty . I've always kept it in a protective cover and the lenses stayed nice and clean . I have never had the need to clean this scope before and I'm nervous . I use a Leopold lense pen on my lesser glass but...
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    Win for the good guy's. . . I hope

    Some of you may remember my post last fall about getting ripped off. They cut open my safe and stole several of my guns and a ton of hunting gear Today one of the people involved plead guilty to over 30 felony charges . Sentencing is July 5th, we'll see what he gets .
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    Quitting my job and migrating

    Put in my notice today , my families migration to greener pastures will start in early May . Anyone else done it ? I'm still fairly young and don't want to be sitting in CA when Im 65 wondering , "what if".
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    Montana 1999 1st Impressions

    This is a continuation of my other thread that kinda turned into a 28 Nosler discussion . Picked up my rifle a few days ago and mounted the scope last night . 1st impressions of the rifle are not in line with the price tag . Upon inspection the casting and machine work on the action is so, so...
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    Montana Rifle Company question

    I'm considering getting a Montana Extreme X2 . Any body here have experience with their rifles ? I've never handled or fired any of their rifles , looking for any positive or negative comments before I spend my money .
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    New Quiver

    I need a quiver for my new bow , my old quiver was an Octane something or other . It worked OK but I never really liked it , what are you guys using ? Any suggestions ?
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    6.5x284 loads

    Just picked up a 6.5x284 and need opinions on powder . Im torn between H4350 and H4831 . Iv heard good reports on both , just looking for more opinions . Rifle is a 700 LA , has a 26" bbl , will be loaded in Lapua brass , CCI BR primers and 140 grn bullets . Will be mostly a target rifle with...
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    Ziess warranty

    I posted this here as the optics section doesn't get as much traffic . I have a Ziess rifle scope that was severely damaged as the result of a burglary . I am the original owner but never registered it . I have sent them an email and am awaiting their response . What should I expect ? Repair ...
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    I got ripped off

    On Tuesday 9-8-15 While I was at work thieves broke into my home . They used power tools to cut open my safe and remove my firearms . They also stole all of my familys bows and other hunting gear . The Items were stolen from the Jamestown , CA area but could be anywhere by now . If you come...
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    OTC archery elk question

    My hunting partner is trying to talk me into doing an OTC archery elk hunt this year . He is convinced we can hunt the LE units with this tag , but we would be only able to harvest a spike or cow . Most of the info I have dug up has me confused about the regs . Can someone clear this up for me ...
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    Lowa boots break-in period

    I just picked up a pair of Lowa Tibet GTX boots and was curious as to the break-in period . I know some brands recommend a minimum of 50 miles but cant seem to find any general guide lines on the Lowa's , Any recommendations ?
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    300 SAUM

    I just got a Remington model 7 in 300 SAUM , stainless , synthetic stock , 22" barrel . I understand that its not a very popular cartridge , but it was too good of a deal to pass up . I have zero experience with this round , but I am assuming it will be very similar to the 300 WSM . Anyone have...
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    Another spotter thread

    I have been reading the other spotting scope threads with great interest . My question is regarding the Swaro ATS 80 HD with the 25x50 eyepiece vs the Leica Televid APO 82 with their 25x50 eyepiece . From my little bit of price checking , the Leica is roughly 700$ more than the Swaro . I have no...
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    Possible move to Colorado

    Im considering moving from Comifornia to Colorado . Im looking for information along the lines of economics , laws , housing , schools ect that may help sway my decision one way or the other . Thanks in advance and happy holidays .
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