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  1. Sherlock

    Video: Another youth cow elk hunt with our pack goats

    Just another video of our kids (twins) on a cow elk hunt with our pack goats. This was my 13 year old daughter’s 1st elk.
  2. Sherlock

    Video: First antelope hunt

    A little video of my daughter on her first antelope hunt, including my grandson and son-in-law on their first hunt ever.
  3. Sherlock

    UT LE Late bull hunt change

    One thing often discounted in these many debates about all the ways to increase game populations is the assumption that management wants to increase game populations.
  4. Sherlock

    Calling Elk

    Calling is one strategy or tool of many. And so is still-hunting, spot-and-stalk, etc. Each tool has it’s time and place. I don’t hunt without ALL the tools at my disposal, and choose the right one for the job. Learn to call. It’s one tool and maybe the most fun.
  5. Sherlock

    Video: UT wilderness fishing and elk hunting with pack goats

    I put together a short video of our UT wilderness fishing, scouting, and elk hunting family adventures with our pack goats from the 2021 season.
  6. Sherlock

    How big…still alive?

    That’s some precise measurements! Haha. Should I give up looking for it and swing by
  7. Sherlock

    How big…still alive?

    Can’t say where exactly…my daughter might draw the tag next year, but my brother and his son videotaped this bull while late rifle hunting in AZ this year. Surprised it seemingly wasn’t broken at all. They and another group went after it but just couldn’t close the deal. Any ideas on score? Does...
  8. Sherlock

    Fathers and Sons late-elk hunt

    “I could try to hit another antler, if you want”. That made me laugh.
  9. Sherlock

    Video: Youth’s cow elk, 1st elk

    Our 14-year old got his first elk on the cow elk hunt.
  10. Sherlock

    Not Even Gross Score can help this buck!!

    He must be on a draw unit to have survived the general season.
  11. Sherlock

    Video: Kill shot on my UT gen. buck

    PM sent.
  12. Sherlock

    What are you guys seeing for deer #'s where you hunted?

    DB, congrats to your daughter. Looks happy. That said, I used to hunt the Manti back when it was good over 25 years ago. Changed a little, hasn’t it?
  13. Sherlock

    Video: Kill shot on my UT gen. buck

    Haha! Yeah, I’m famous amongst my friends and family for pulling the trigger on anything small so I don’t get tag soup. But here i hiked into a difficult and remote location (public land) searching for better buck(s) and was aiming for something just a bit bigger that area can provide.
  14. Sherlock

    Video: Kill shot on my UT gen. buck

    Found this buck and was just gonna take a pic of it for my buddy back at camp. But after getting the video going I decided that I should tag out. He tumbled and flew into a deep and tight ravine.
  15. Sherlock

    General archery bull, UT

    Was able to call in this young and lonely bull to my son for his 1st archery bull. Came into the calls on a dead run and he whacked it at 20 yards as it stopped broadside. But absolutely zero blood found. Didn’t see it on the other side of the meadow as we looked for blood where we thought it...
  16. Sweet Score for this Youngster

    Sweet Score for this Youngster

    Forum member, Sherlock, shared this photo and several others, of their backcountry elk hunt. His boy scored a dandy!
  17. Sherlock

    Video: Daughter’s 1st antelope

    Thanks Wyoming.
  18. Sherlock

    Video: Daughter’s 1st Antelope, WY
  19. Sherlock

    Road Hunter’s

    Totally understand. I’m not there quite yet. But my aches and pains remind me the clock is ticking. My pack goats bought me a little time.
  20. Sherlock

    Anybody out there with experience using Pack goats?

    Btw…for your young goats, I’d recommend a couple of Warnke’s training saddles. Even though the goats graduate to the full size eventually, I still use the training saddles while on day hunts cuz they are easy to get in/out food, water, and layers.
  21. Sherlock

    Anybody out there with experience using Pack goats?

    I asked my buddy that question and his response as follows: “I have three. They work fine. But I bought a Britchen (from those expensive aluminum saddles he sells) and added them instead of the leather strap. Works way better now. I would also suggest getting his stay put pads for them too.”
  22. Sherlock

    Anybody out there with experience using Pack goats?

    I have been packing with my goats for about 4 years. Love it! I have Mark Warnke’s Signature Series saddles and panniers. It is a big investment, but they are holding up very well after many trips and several deer and elk pack outs. I expect to use them for the next 30 years and thru 2-3...
  23. Sherlock

    Only 2 hours and 10 minutes ~~ OTC?

    Got all the way to payment and it kicked me out and told me my browser needed to be updated.
  24. Sherlock

    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    Bear hits
  25. Sherlock

    Backpacking Uintas in early June

    June in the Uintas...mosquito spray. Hard to bring enough.
  26. Sherlock

    2021 NR Deer App Unit Choices

    Put my son in for 66, 2nd with 9 points. Not expecting him to draw.
  27. Sherlock

    Elk hunting with a bear tag in Colorado

    Last time we elk hunted in CO, we sat down for 20-30 minutes to take a rest. Stood up to stretch and a bear walked up on us at 20 feet. No tag, so had to shoo it away. Scared it pretty good. That unit was OTC for bear. Similar thing happened in AZ this past November late elk hunt. Nice big bear...
  28. Sherlock

    Credit Card Hits

    Haha. I’ve been checking here instead of my cc.
  29. Sherlock

    Kill shot on Utah bull bison

    Not sure why it’s not working for you. If you click on the title, it should link to the video.
  30. Sherlock

    Video: Antelope walks into the bullet

    On my son’s 1st buck antelope hunt, a strong cross wind pushes the shot to the right. But the buck makes up for it by walking right into it.
  31. Sherlock

    Video: 650 yard kill shot

    Yup. My buddy was gonna use his bayonet, but those “flamers” on other social media say you gotta kill it with your bare hands or you’re not a real man.
  32. Sherlock

    Video: 650 yard kill shot

    If that upsets you, this one that I posted in “Youth Outdoors” will probably make your head explode... Graphic warning: death of an animal is shown from “shooting”. Not for you squeamish folks. On her first ever hunt, my daughter found her wounded antelope still alive after seemingly dropping...
  33. Sherlock

    Video: 12 year old and close range kill shot

    On her first ever hunt, my daughter found her wounded antelope still alive after seemingly dropping it at just over 200 yards. She did what was necessary:
  34. Sherlock

    Video: 650 yard kill shot

    No doubt we broke all kinds of MM’er rules shooting that dink at that range, on opening morning. My biggest regret is that we weren’t wearing flatties. And we should’ve backed up.
  35. Sherlock

    Video: 650 yard kill shot

    Bess, a little more about that bison. The 1st shot was good, thru both lungs with .338 Win Mag. But I still laid in the snow for over 10 minutes watching it and waiting for another clean shot. I have no doubt any other animal would’ve fallen over. That 2nd shot was perfect, center punched the...
  36. Sherlock

    Video: 650 yard kill shot

    I callled this “Long Range” at 650 yards. But since it’s a 300 Win Mag and not a ML, not sure if it qualifies nowadays. Regardless, it was a fun lesson for us on the effects of the cold shells on muzzle velocity and the need for a spotter at that distance...
  37. Sherlock

    Kill shot on Utah bull bison

    Hey 257W, great to hear from you. Wish we would’ve met. Pretty sure I got my bull on January 14th. Was it you folks that installed that initial bridge we took our 4-wheelers over? The bridge wasn’t there on our first trip, and then was built sometime between our next trip out there. It sure...
  38. Sherlock

    Video: My wife gets scoped by the muzzy

    While visiting some relatives, my wife shot the muzzleloader for the first time, and got scoped on the first shot. Fortunately, she was a good sport about it. She even made a second shot afterwards. We made a silly video of it:
  39. Sherlock

    Late rifle elk with pack goats

    In case you missed it in the “Elk” forum:
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