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  1. CEG

    200" Bucks & 400" Bulls

    I prefer to measure my hunts by the memories I make
  2. CEG

    Area 16 Wyoming

    Sorry for the bad pic
  3. CEG

    area 16 Wyoming Elk 2022

    type 2 is later in the season or after the type 1 tag season is over basically
  4. CEG

    In what state did you take your biggest buck?

    Got a new biggest
  5. 632ED05F-BF1E-4BDA-9273-AE2ACDBFA34E.jpeg


  6. CEG

    Area 16 Wyoming

    He did well shot a nice 330s class bull after hunting long and hard
  7. CEG

    Colorado Muley worth the 25 Points

    Is that Gross or net
  8. CEG

    2021 Youth Success Photo Contest - Let's See 'Um!

    My 2021 Wyoming buck me and my dad only had one day to deer hunt and we made the most of it
  9. F0D94239-0B77-4112-A256-1827FE6D0362.jpeg


  10. CEG

    Its for fun!!! Guess the gross score.

    mass doesn’t look great but he looks wide and has deep forks so mid 180s
  11. CEG

    Cactus buck

    that’s what my deer was this year
  12. 8E765D2E-4E44-494B-8487-0CB8E227B730.jpeg


  13. CEG

    Gross score this buck

    Mid 170s to 180
  14. CEG

    My son Beckham’s first big game animal

    Good shot
  15. CEG

    Me and my dads Wyoming bucks

    3 weeks ago
  16. 05A433B1-8F54-4E18-B2A2-FC3C7765AC79.png


  17. CEG

    Me and my dads Wyoming bucks

  18. CEG

    Let's See Those Bucks! Nice Daypack Giveaway

    Me and my dads Wyoming general bucks
  19. D415709A-30B5-4EE8-B9C8-88570CBBA7E1.png


  20. CEG

    Max points Wyoming NR

    If you just want a fun hunt go 100
  21. CEG

    Wyo preference points

    Thanks man im Pretty sure your right
  22. CEG


    top pic 200 210 bottom 160 165
  23. CEG

    Wyo preference points

    Ok so as a resident I can apply for bighorn and moose then buy a point in July and not lose any points
  24. CEG


    my family we’re never really mule deer hunters it was usual all about elk but we are starting to get in to hunting muleys for the past year where I killed a 173 mule deer buck as my first ever deer you may have seen it in a separate thread of mine but when I first guessed the score of it I...
  25. CEG

    Wyoming Buck Survives for another season

    you think you’ll take him this year
  26. CEG

    Area 24 Wyoming elk advice

    Alright thanks
  27. CEG

    Is It Enough?

    I think I’ll keep my 270 for my antelope deer and elk rifle
  28. CEG

    What will it score?

    I’d guess 160s
  29. CEG

    Area 16 Wyoming

    Yea not sure why someone would burn max points on that unit it’s a good unit but there are better ones
  30. CEG


    These are all very good tags everyone I hope you all have fun on your hunts me and my family drew a great elk tag and an good antelope tag in wyoming
  31. CEG

    Area 16 Wyoming

    Well if my friend ends up killing a monster I’ll pm you
  32. CEG

    Area 16 Wyoming

    im pretty sure it’s a type 1 but don’t quote me on that
  33. CEG

    Area 16 Wyoming

    Oh I’ve seen some of his stuff on YouTube is it that 2018 Wyoming elk hunt they did
  34. CEG

    Currently, how many points does it take a resident to draw a sheep and a moose tag approximately? Not interested in ewes or cows. Thanks.

    From what I can dig up if your lookin to just draw a tag for Moose 15 16 points for big horn 18 19
  35. CEG

    How many tags and hunts this year?

    Wyo antiolope wyo general mule deer wyo big bull tag
  36. CEG

    Wyo preference points

    Ok thank you
  37. CEG

    Wyo preference points

    My only question is will I have to buy a preference point for moose and bighorn sheep in Wyoming every year or will one automatically be given to me if I fail to draw a tag
  38. CEG

    The ONE Tag you gotta have?

    128 wyo strip Az wyo big horn sheep tag
  39. CEG

    Score guess

    I do not sorry
  40. CEG

    In what state did you take your biggest buck?

    We’ll only being 13 this is my first and only deer so far a 173 7/8 Wyoming OTC general DIY buck
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